Publications of the Scottish History Society

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T. and A. Constable, 1892 - 278
Contains the society's Report of the annual meeting, 1st- 1887-l9

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Strona 242 - Majesty's reign there be such conditions of government settled and enacted, as may secure the honour and sovereignty of this Crown and Kingdom, the freedom, frequency and power of Parliaments, the religion, liberty and trade of the nation, from English or any foreign influence...
Strona 186 - Lochaber-axe (for my informant could not exactly distinguish) on the hinder part of his head, which was the mortal blow. All that his faithful attendant saw...
Strona 137 - Aeolides laboris: linquenda tellus et domus et placens uxor, neque harum quas colis arborum te praeter invisas cupressos ulla brevem dominum sequetur: absumet heres Caecuba dignior servata centum clavibus et mero tinget pavimentum superbo, pontificum potiore cenis.
Strona 156 - I have set the king upon him," and at another time, in the further progress of the king's compliance, he triumphantly said, making at the same time a motion with his hand as if he were locking a door, " I have turned the key of the closet upon him." After various negotiations, Pulteney named the Earl of Wilmington, First Lord of the Treasury ; Sandys, Chancellor of the Exchequer ; Carteret, Secretary of State ; Sir John Rushout, Gibbon, and Waller, Lords of the Treasury ; a new Board of Admiralty,...

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