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How to use this little Book to the greatest advantage with very Young Pupils.

Let the Master, or Nursery Maid, at first, READ the lesson of the day four or five times in French in a loud and distinct manner to his or her pupil, and lastly once only in English, which may easily be done by the help of the vocabulary, found at the foot of each page, taking one or two lessons daily or weekly.

The Child should not be shown a new lesson, until he fully comprehends the one before him.

The Pupil should not be allowed to look at the Book until he can thoroughly understand the meaning of every word as it is spoken or read to him; then, and not till then, should he, under any circumstances, be permitted to see the book, because it is intended to teach him sounds, and not the signs by which those sounds are represented in print.

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No. 1.-Le Lever. (The getting up.)

Bon jour, papa.

Bon jour, ma fille.

Où est votre livre de prières ?

Le voilà, mon cher


Voulez-vous répéter votre leçon, ou collecte? Oui je suis prête, papa, si vous voulez m'entendre.

Que dites vous? Vous êtes prête-dites vous ?

Approchez-vous, ma bonne.


Bon, good; jour, day; ma, my; fille, daughter (or dear); où, where; est is; votre, your; livre, book ; le voilà, here it is; ma, my; chère, dear; voulez-vous, will you; répéter, say; votre, your ; leçon, lesson; ou, or ; oui, yes; je suis, I am; prête, ready; que,what; dites-vous, do you say; approchez, come near.

No. 2.-Le Coucher. (The going to bed.)

Bonne nuit, ma petite;

Où est ma chandelle?

La voici; et voilà la mienne.

Voulez-vous monter?

Où cela? dans votre chambre ?

Oui; dans ma chambre.

Allez vous coucher immédiatement.

Avez-vous soupé, Elise ?

Je ne soupe jamais, madame.

Dormez bien, Sophie.

Fermez votre porte.


Nuit, night; petite, dear; chandelle, candle; la voici, here it is; la mienne, mine; monter, go up; où, where; cela, that; dans, in; chambre, room; allez, go; vous coucher, to bed; immédiatement, directly; avez-vous, have you; soupé, taken supper; soupe, to take supper; jamais, never; dormez, sleep.

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