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in which the horrid abfurdities of all, who, ⚫ under pretence of being more rational in reli⚫gion, reject the counfel of God, are exposed in

a moft masterly manner §.'- Such is the character of the Author, among those who know his abilities; and fuch the efteem which this performance of his has obtained.

The ftyle of the English translation, which, on account of its many inaccuracies, represented the work to great difadvantage, the Editor has attempted to correct; and, where it did not affect the argument, he has abridged the book, that the fize and price of it might be reduced. He has also taken the liberty, in fome places, of throwing in an additional thought; with a view, either to elucidate the Author's meaning, or to enforce his argument. How far his endeavours to render the book more generally known, and the translation of it more agreeable, may obtain the approbation of the religious public, he cannot pretend to fay. He is not, however, without a pleafing perfuafion, that many will read the work with delight and profit-that many, who "love "our LORD JESUS CHRIST in fincerity," will rejoice to fee his Divine Dignity fo well defended, againft the infinuating artifices of pernicious error, and the bold attacks of open blafphemy. And it is his ardent prayer that GOD OUR SAVIOUR, to whom the Author dedicates

§ Exam. of Dr PRIESTLEY'S Address on the Lord's Supper, P. 22, 23. Note.

dicates the work *, would condefcend to use it as a mean of his own glory, and of the church's good. To Him, therefore, "WHO IS OVER ALL, "GOD BLESSED FOR EVER," it is once more commended.

* See the paragraph which concludes the work.

Goodman's Fields,
January 1, 1777.

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for paricide, read parricido.
for lead, read led.
for wherof, read whereof.
for Pharoab's, read Pharaoh's,
after bell, a colon,

Page 31. line 15.
Page 75. line 35.
Page 223, line 19,
Page 236. line ult.
Page 252. line 32.
Page 286, line 29. for other, read the other.


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Mr John Button

Mr Tho. Bradley, fen. Kirkby

Mr Edward Browning, Deal
Mr George Bagfter

Rev. John Conder, D.D. Hackney
Rev. William Clarke, A. M.
Sutton-Rev. William Crabtree, Bradford
William Cooper, M.D.
Mr George Carrick

Mr Matthew Coles, Luton
Mr John Coles, Luton
Mr Wm. Christian, Sheepshead
Mr John Clarke, Weft-Leak
Mr Robert Chalmers
Mr Richard Clifford
Mr James Coller, Deptford
Mr James Colraine
Mr Richard Crabtree, Haworth
Mr Thomas Cramp
Mr John Colebrooke
Mr Henry Cotton

Mr Robert Chalk, Deal


Mr George Birley, Northampton
Mr John Bower, Farsley
Mrs Mary Bedford, 3 Copies

Mr James Bean

Mr Samuel Blythe

Mr Thomas Booth, Cranbrook
Mr John Bowers
Mr William Branton, Hull
Mr Samuel Browne, Homerton
Mr Thomas Burford
Mr Samuel Burford

Mr Samuel Burford, Stratford
Mr Richard Booth, Chatham
Mr Sam. Baskerville, Cirencefter
Mr Edward Burford, Stratford
Mr Nathaniel Barnet, Hoton
Mr John Bailey, Northwinfield
Book-Society, Sutton-Ashfield

Mr Matt. Butcher, jun, Sutton-Mr Benjamin Cox


Mr Leader Cox, Brixton. Caufe.
way, 6 Copies
Mr Thomas Clarkfon
Mr Thomas Cox
Mr James Cooper

Mr William Covell, Margate
Mr John Crofskill

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Mr Abraham Jackson Mr Silvanus Jenkins

Captain Thomas, Keddey
Mr Ifaac Kirkby, Wifall
Mr Shadrach Keighley, Bradford
Mr Henry Keene, 2 Copies
Mr John Keyfall
Mifs Knott, Northampton..


K. Rey. John Knott, Eythorn Rev. John Knott, Chatham Rey. Kello, Hertford Mr Joshua Kettilby, Dudley Mr Alexander Kilgour Mr John King Mr William Kerr

[blocks in formation]

Mr Jofeph Luck



Mr George Luckland, Idle Mr Daniel Lloyd

MrWm Jacques, Long-Whatton
Mr John Jeffries
Mr John Infield

Mr Richard Jeve, Student at Ho- Mr John Mills, Sheepshead


Mr Thomas Lawrence, Hitchin
Mr John Lade, Ripple
Mrs Miriam Lawrence
Mifs Elifabeth Leake

Mr Richard Langton

Mr George Lawrence, Newark
William Mafon, Efq;
Rev. John Martin
Rev. Samuel Medley, Liverpool,
6 Copies

Rev, Benjamin Mason, Dudley
Rev. Moseley, Grittleton &
Rev. David Mill, Montrofe
Rev. Benjamin Morgan
Mr John Mears
Mr John Marfhall.

Mr John Magford, Little Sandford



Mr Robert Milnes, Long ‹Col
Mrs Mayor

Mrs Mary Morris

Mifs Deborah Marfome, Hackney..

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Mr Francis Millar, Chesterfield;}*

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Mr Jofeph Marthall, near Bradford a Mr William Morley


Mr John Morley

Mr Nathaniel Martin


Mr James Matravers
Mr John Miller

Mr Mailer Myhill, Finchingfield

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