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of our own sweet countrymen. Joe John Campbell voted for Mr. Leader. Hume made an attempt to talk, and was It was a contest between Ministers and met by cries of “Goose, Goose." How the Protestant Constitution. The batever, he managed to tell them, that they tle has been fought for the Proteshad disgraced themselves by neglect. tants of Ireland, and they have triing Leader. “Ay, and you'll follow umphed. It is meet and fitting that at the leader,” roared a great John Bull, your feet I should lay the congratulawho looked as if he had a vote for Mid- tions, which from my heart I offer to dlesex ;

and Joe turned very pale, for them upon that triumph. not the most distant chance has he or I hope you will print this letter if it any other but a good Conservative of reaches you in time ; if it answers no ever sitting again for Middlesex. other end, it will at least serve as a

It is time, however, for me to draw memento in your pages of a triumph this rambling letter to a close. I have which you ought not to omit. so much to congratulate you on in the And so, my dear Anthony, I am issue of this election, that I hardly yours, with the profoundest respect, know where to begin. Lord Palmers

A LOOKER-OB. ton and Sir Ruffian Donkey and Sir Westminster, 18th May, 1837.


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