Chemical News and Journal of Industrial Science, Tom 111

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Chemical news office., 1915
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Strona 105 - In our century, science is the soul of the prosperity of nations and the living source of all progress. Undoubtedly, the tiring daily discussions of politics seem to be our guide. Empty appearances! What really leads us forward are a few scientific discoveries and their application.
Strona 105 - ... cultivates by a proper application of the various species of manure, and it is by means of a knowledge of this science that he is enabled to pursue the metals through the various forms they put on in the earth, separate them from substances which render them useless, and at length manufacture them into the various forms for use and ornament in which we see them. If such are the effects of chemistry, how much should the wish for its promotion be excited in the breast of every American ! It is...
Strona 80 - But when growing developments began to claim the help of good engineers, there was no difficulty whatsoever in supplying them, nor in making them cooperate with the scientists. In fact, since then, Germany has solved, just as successfully, some of the most extraordinary chemical engineering problems ever undertaken, although the development of such processes was entered upon at first from the purely scientific side. In almost every case, it was only after the underlying scientific facts had been...
Strona 81 - Agriculture furnishes us these proteid- or nitrogen-containing bodies, whether we eat them directly as vegetable products, or indirectly as animals which have assimilated the proteids from plants. It so happens, however, that by our ill-balanced methods of agriculture we take nitrogen from the soil much faster than it is supplied to the soil through natural agencies. We have tried to remedy this discrepancy by enriching the soil with manure or other fertilizers, but this has been found totally insufficient,...
Strona 81 - We shall examine later the reasons why this pioneer enterprise proved a commercial failure ; but to these two American inventors belongs, undoubtedly, the credit of having furnished the first answer to the distress call of Sir William Crookes. In the meantime many other investigators were at work at the same problem, and soon from Norway's abundant waterfalls came the news that Birkeland and Eyde had solved successfully, and on a commercial scale, the same problem by a differently-constructed apparatus.
Strona 82 - ... as well as nitric acid or nitrates. It should be pointed out also that ultimately the production of ammonium nitrate may prove the most desirable method so as to minimize freight; for this salt contains much more nitrogen to the ton than is the case with the more bulky calcium salt, under which form synthetic nitrates are now put into the market.
Strona 187 - It may be stated that in general the more extended and final the hydrolysis the more available the nitrogen of the compounds formed, since, as has been shown, the final products of hydrolysis are utilized by the plant as such and are at the same time more readily changed into ammonia by bacteria, etc., than are the intermediate compounds produced by partial hydrolysis.
Strona 66 - Until then, she had mainly impressed the world by the barbaric, wasteful splendour of her opulent kings, at whose courts the devotees of science received scant attention in comparison to the more ornamental artists and belles-lettrists, who were petted and rewarded alongside of the all-important men of the sword.
Strona 66 - Thenard and Dulong in Paris. But the British were not slow to avail themselves of the new opportunities in chemical manufacturing so clearly indicated by the first successes of the French. Their linen bleacheries in Scotland and England soon used an improved method for bleaching with chloride of lime, developed by Tennant, which brought along the manufacture of other chemicals relating thereto, like sulphuric acid and soda. The chemical reactions involved in all these processes are relatively simple,...
Strona 124 - Frazer will begin a course of two lectures at the Royal Institution on the belief in immortality among the Polynesians ; and on Thursday, March 18, Dr.

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