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sy nest.

rock, &c.

must be duly aware of the value afford a rich treat to every lover of a quotation, which is at once of hard words, and of the new in point, and which from its cast system of the English language. of composition is in no danger Thirdly, to nurses. Often of exciting the suspicion of pla. have our ears been assailed, and giarism. These essays are admir- sensitive” feelings wound. ably adapted for the purpose. ed to the quick by the frivolous Take an example on the thesis, prattle, which these well-mean6 Omnia vincit amor."

ing characters deal out to their " Two birds had built themselves a mos. infant care.

No sooner does the

dear little creature shew sympThen with sweet friendship on the neigh- toms of impatience, on account

boring tree They play'd: and 0! what love, what of the pricking of a pin, or the ecstacy!

want of a dinner, than it must Soon in the nest I saw some eggs were

be soothed by such strains as, laid, O'er which one bird her brooding wings

“ See saw sacchara down, display'd.

Which is the way to London town, &c." All day I watch'd them from the arbor

“Rock-a-by baby in a tree top, green, Till young birds had nestled, where the When the wind blows, the cradle will

eggs had been. The old birds now appear'd with joy

“Queen Bessy, she crept and crept into a elate;

spout, More glad they flutter'd ; 0! their happy

And she crept and she crept, but she

could not creep out, &c.” state ! And ever were they busy on the wing, Fresh seeds and insects in their beaks to

-a set of rhymes, which are bring

calculated to convey very little Sweet was each morsel to the chirping knowledge, either moral or phi.

things, Each day in creased the feathers on their losophical, to the infant mind. wings.”

Let mothers give it in charge to We would secondly recom

the nurse to discard these frivoli, mend these essays to foreigners. ties, and to adapt to such tunes Much time and labor would be as may seem in her wisdom the saved by persons ignorant of the

best, those moral essays in the language, if they could learn the work before us, of which chil. meaning of two words at once.

dren are able to comprehend the Mr. Fellowes' publication prom.

force. Thus, ises, in this view, to be of great

“Dear girl, said Arthur, when with glee,

He took his Mabel on his knee, utility. Examples of the 6 cal. How blest thus to be lovd by thee, lida junctura,” as Horace some- For thou art every thing to me.” (p.50.) where expresses it, crowd up

This may serve as a good sub. on you almost in every page. stitute for Here

yoll shall not only dis.
wind-gods” and “6

“ Where does my lady's garden grow.nymphs,” but “tear-drops” and and it is a fortunate circumstance “flower-flags,” and “


that the same tune will answer ers" and "zephyr-train," and for both. solove-charms, " and "

Fourthly, to that class of in. tual,” and “well-a-day," and sipient men and women who may heavenly-pure,”

" and a bun. be termed the sentimental. Tliis dred others, whose permutations class of mortals is always in love. and combinations cannot fail to Like Ella, in the last essay of VOL. II. New Series,






Yet even

open hostility with the word of dency as this is, he is too weak God, and the eternal interests of to be very noxious. man? Real virtuous love is in Mr. Fellowes has doubtless his no way connected with these admirers, and some happy famispurious feelings and sickly sen. lies may perhaps be found, in sibilities. Milton has displayed

which the elder branches are singit with all its beauty, and it has ing in tragical chorus, that pa. an advocate in every rational thetic stanza, bosom; but if for this


"A boat upset by the fierce winds stitute the insipient sensations” Coastward the wild waves roll'il ; of a Strangford, a Moore, or a- The moon-beam glimmering on the keel We beg pardon of Mr. Fel.

Some dire disaster told." (p. 30.) lowes and our readers, for being The good maiden aunt talks thus grave, where gravity may of Cupid the “ love-gud ;” and be thought a little misplaced. every little creature in the house, De minimïs non curat lex. And that has the gift of a tongue, is though Mr. Fellowes deserves vociferating the history of to be suspended for publishing Arthur and Mabel.” a volume so profligate in its ten.




hope, eventually turn out for the good of the mission, and the general diffusion of christian knowledge

through the country, They could The following extract from the scarcely have employed better means monthly letter of the missionaries for making the people doubt of their for December, will interest our read. present religion, than what they have ers, and all the friends of the mis. done, by prohibiting them from read. ; sion :

ing our books, and threatening them, "Since the month of July, 579 if any of these should be found in copies of the tracts have been circu. their possession. The gospel aclated, in the following proportions : cording to Matthew, is highly priz. 1. Of the advice of a Friend to a Mo. ed, and well understood. The time, hammedan, (consisting of 52 pages we trust, will speedily arrive, when octavo,) 88 copies. 2. The Princi. all our efforts will be crowned with ples of the New Testament, (14

Satan seems to tremble for pages octavo,) 214 copies. 3. Let. his honor. ter in Defence of St. Paul's Apos - “ The missionaries met on the tleship, (7 pages octavo,) 50 copies. 19th, (December) when it was stat. 4, The Catechism (56 pages, octa- ed, that Omar (slave to Kubal, a sulvo,) 116 copies. 5. St. Matthew's tan in the village,) had long continu. Gospel, (50 pages folio,) 111 copies. ed stedfast in his attachment to us, We intend soon to print the third notwithstanding all the persecution edition of the second tract.

which he had met with from his “The tracts appear to have excit countrymen ; that he had, more than ed considerable attention and inqui- 18 months ago, declared to several ry among the people, and are the of the missionaries his belief in chris. subject of much conversation among tianity, and his determination to prothe chiefs, The hostile measures fess it, that he had earnestly besought which they have adopted, will, we them individually to assist him in


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