The Revenge of the Philistines: Art and Culture, 1972-1984

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Free Press, 1985 - 445
"Kramer, former New York Times art critic, has assembled a collection of his reviews along with a smattering of essays. In his hymn to New York's renovated Museum of Modern Art, he notes that its "formalist outlook tends . . . to lead to a false sense of orthodoxy." Yet these reviews, which rigorously apply his own formalist standards of what constitutes modern art, miss out on much of what is vital and meaningful in today's highly variegated art scene. Kramer is appalled by political art, most of which, he argues, lacks artistic merit; he doubts whether any great art can be political. In surveying the '80s' rebirth of realism, he reassures us that many new realists are not antimodernist or antiabstractionist. One piece agonizes over whether Saul Steinberg should be considered an artist. A somewhat condescending essay on Max Ernst sets him above the "muddled narcissism" said to mar many other surrealists. Other subjects range from Rodin to Walker Evans; selections were culled from the New York Times, New Criterion (which Kramer edits), Commentary and elsewhere."--Publishers Weekly via

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Art and Culture in the 1980s
Revivals and Revisionism
The Andre Meyer Galleries at the Met
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Kramer, former art critic for The New York Times, is editor and, with Samuel Lipman, founder of The New Criterion. Before moving to the Times in 1965, he served as editor of Arts Magazine and associate editor of The New Leader.

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