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Nor sin, nor death, nor hell,

Shall evermore remove,
When all renew'd in thee I dwell,

And perfected in love.



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LORD, incline thy gracious ear,

My plaintive sorrows weigh;
To thee for succour I draw near,

To thee 1 humbly pray!
Still will I call with lifted eyes,

Come, O my God, and King,
"Till thou regard my ceaseless cries,

And full deliverance bring.

2 On thee, O God of purity,

I wait for hallowing grace ;
None, without holiness, shall see

The glories of thy face:
In souls unholy and unclean,

Thou never canst delight;
Nor shall they, while unsay'd from sin,

Appear before thy sight.
3 Thou hatest all that evil do,

Or speak iniquity;
The hearts unkind, and hearts untrue,

Are both abhorr'd by thee:
The greatest and minutest fault

Shall find its fearful doom;
Sinners in deed, or word, or thought,

Thou surely shalt consume.
4 But as for me, with humble fear

I will approach thy gate,
Though most unworthy to draw near,

Or in thy courts to wait:
I trust in thy unbounded grace

To all so freely given,
And worship toward thy holy place,

And lift my sont to heaven.

5 Lead me in all thy righteous ways,

Nor suffer me to slide:
Point out the path before my face;

My God, be thou my guide!
The cruel power, the guileful art,
Of all


foes suppress, Whose throat an open grave, whose heart

Is desp’rate wickedness. 6 Thou, Lord, shalt drive them from thy face,

And finally consume;
Thy wrath on the rebellious race

Shall to the utmost come.
But all who put their trust in thee

Thy mercy shall proclaim,
And sing with cheerful melody,

Their great Redeemer's name. 7 Protected by thy guardian-grace,

They shall extol thy power;
Rejoice, give thanks, and shout thy praise,

And triumph evermore:
They never shall to evil yield,

Defended from above,
And kept and cover'd with the shield
of thine Almighty Love.

PSALM VI. 1 ORD, in 'thy wrath no more chastise,

Nor let thy whole displeasure rise
Against a child of man :
Have mercy, Lord, for I am weak,
And heal my soul, diseas'd and sick,

And full of sin and pain.
2 Body and soul thy judgments feel,
Thy heavy wrath afflicts me still,

O when shall it be o'er!
Turn thee, O Lord, and save my soul,
And, for thy mercy's sake, make whole,

And bid me sin no more.
3 Here, only here, thy love must save,
I cannot thank thee in the grave:

Or tell thy pard'ning grace:



Who dies unpurg'd, for ever dies;
The sinner as he falls, he lies,

Shut in his own place.
4 Weary of my unanswer'd groans,
Yet still with never-ceasing moans

I languish for relief:
With tears I wash my couch and bed,
My strength is spent, my beauty's fled,

My life's worn out with grief.
5 But shall I to my foes give place?
Or, in the name of Jesus, chase

My troublers all away?
In Jesu's name, I say, depart,
Devils and sins; nor vex my heart,

For God hath heard me pray. 6 The Lord hath heard my groans and tears, The Lord shall still accept my prayers,

And all my foes o’erthrow:
Shall conquer and destroy them too,
And make even me a creature new,

A spotless saint below.


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1 OW long wilt thou forget me, Lord ?

Wilt thou for ever hide thy face?
Leave me unchang'd and unrestor'd,

An alien from the life of grace! 2 How long shall I inquire within,

And seek thee in my heart in vain?
Vex'd with the dire remains of sin,

Gall'd with the tyrant's iron chain! 3 How long shall Satan's rage pregail?

(I ask thee with a falt'ring tongue) See at thy feet my spirit fail,

And hear me feebly groan, How long ! 4 Hear me, O Lord my God, and weigh

My sorrows in the scale of love;
Lighten mine eyes, restore the day,

The darkness from my soul remove.


5 Open my faith's enlighten'd eyes,

O snatch me from the gulf beneath;
Save, or my gasping spirit dies,
Dies with an everlasting death.

6 LORD, suffer not my foe to boast

His victory o'er a child of thine;
Nor let the proud Philistine's hostz

In Satan's hellish triumph join. 7 Will they not charge my fall on thee?

Will they not dare my God to blame? My God, forbid the blasphemy;

Be jealous for thy glorious name. 8 Thou wilt, thou wilt! my hope returns;

A sudden spirit of faith I feel;
My heart in fervent wishes burns,

And God shall there for ever dwell! 9 My trust is in thy gracious power,

I glory in salvation near;
Rejoice in hope of that glad hour,

When perfect love shall cast out fear. 10 I sing the goodness of the Lord,

The goodness I experience now;
And still I hang upon thy word,

My Saviour to the utmost thou. 11 Thy love I ever shall proclaim,

A mon’ment of thy mercy I;
And praise the mighty Jesu's name,
Jesus the Lord, the Lord most high!

PSALM XXXVIII, 1 MIDST thy wrath, remember love,

Restore thy servant, Lord !
Nor let a Father's ehastening prove

Like an avenger's sword.
2 My sins a heavy burden are,

And o'er my head are gone:
Too heavy they for me to bear,

Too great for me to’ atone,


s My thoughts are like a troubled sea,

My head still bending down;
And I go mourning all the day,

Father, beneath thy frown.
A All my desire to thee is known,

Thine eyes count every tear:
And every sigh, and every groan,

Is notic'd in thine ear.
5 Thou art my God, my only hope,

O hearken to my cry;
O bear my fainting spirit up,

When Satan bids me dię.
6 Lord, I confess my guilt to thee,

I grieve for all my sin ; My helpless impotence I see,

And beg support divine.
7 O God, forgive my follies past,

Be thou for ever nigh:
O Lord of my salvation, haste,

And save me, or I die.



THOU, that hear'st when sinners cry,
Though all


crimes before thee lie; Behold me not with angry look,

But blot their mem'ry from thy book. 2 Create my nature pure within,

And form my soul averse from sin;
Let thy good Spirit ne'er depart,

Nor hide thy presence from my heart. 3 I cannot live without thy light,

Cast out and banish'd from thy sight:
Thy saving strength, O Lord, restore,

And guard me that I fall no more.
4 Though I have griev'd thy Spirit, Lord,

His help and comfort still afford;
And let a wretch come near thy throne,
To plead the merits of thy Son.

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