Prostate Cancer

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Your author decided to write this book about Prostate Cancer when one of his best friends suffered from this disease. He took extensive chemotherapy which extended his life, but made living difficult. His body was saying make me live longer, but his mind was saying I should die, living is too painful to continue. His mind finally won-out and he died. This book used Internet to learn about the symptoms of Prostate Cancer and the latest therapies used to extend the life span of people suffering from this cancer. One promising technology is the use of Nanocells which are injected in the patient's blood stream. These nanocells seek out the cancer cells and destroy them, thus curing the patient. I learned studying Nanotechnology research for another book that people investigating the applications of Nanocells had injected such synthesized cells into mice and the cells had sought out the cancer cells and destroyed them, thus curing the mice. If Bioscience researchers can do the same thing for humans, then there is hope for eradicating Prostate Cancer.

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Overview and Factors
Screening for Prostate Cancer
Enlarged Prostate Gland
Warning Signs of Cancer
Complications of Prostate Cancer
Treatment Care for Patients
Living Managing for Patients
Support Resources for Patients
Latest Research to Eradicate Cancer
Appendix A Research Centers for Prostate Cancer
Appendix B Glossary for Cancer Research
Personal Risk of Cancer
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Jon Schiller received the BS in Physics from Caltech and the PhD in EE & Math at USC. He worked at Autonetics division of Rockwell from 1956 thru 1974. He has authored more than 20 books ranging in topics from Options Trading to action novels such as Multihulls and documentaries such as Global Change.

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