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Things which are now more clearly and distinctly s ERM.
reported among us. From whence it follows,
that when Mofes penned the Law, the Holy
Penmen the History, and the Prophets the
Predictions of the Old Testament; though they
might all of them know that they wrote by
the immediate Direction and Command, or
at least under the Influence or Super-inten-
dency of the Holy Spirit ; yet none of them
might be aware of the principal and final
View of the Things which they indited.
Nor might the Evangelists and others that
have recorded the History and Transactions
of our Lord, either obserye or know, that in
every Circumstance, they have recorded of
him, fome ancient Type or Prediction was
fulfilled. At least we are sure that it was im-
possible for them to have thought of or in-
vented such a Scheme, as should so exactly
have tallied with another, that had been formed
so long before. Much less, sure, could. Mo-
fes, and the Prophets after him, have pro-
nounced of their own'Heads so many Prophe-
cies, without any Design, without any View,
except only the Hopes, that some one or other,
as romantick and enthusiastical as themselves,
Thould many Hundreds of Years afterwards
contrive a Story to save their Credit, and ex-

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SER M. plain their Meaning. No surely; such a

Concurrence between the Law and the Gospel, between the Old Testament and the New, muft undeniably prove that neither of them can be owing to the Invention of Men; but must both be inspired by that Holy, Divine, all-knowing Spirit, who comprizes the most diftant Times and Things in a single View, and orders all Things, when they be paft, present, or to come, to bear the Part, and keep their Order in one universal, harmonious Scheme

And what can give us greater Satisfaction and Comfort in our holy Religion than this ? For hereby we see " that the Christian " Scheme was always in the Eye and Inten" tion of Providence ; that the Substance of " it was revealed and taught from the Be “ ginning, and all the successive Revelations “ of God were pointed and directed towards « it. This shews us that we are in the fure " and proper Way of Acceptance ; in that " Way which was always proposed in the “ Divine Counsels, and in fome Measure " disclosed, though in the Fulness of Time “ it was more clearly revealed by him who

was both the Author and the Finisher of « it. Let what has been said therefore by



" all Means instruct us to hold fast the Pro-SERM.

feffion of our - Faith without wavering *,” and so long as the New Testament and the Old tally so exactly the one with the other, let us not be shocked or startled with the Cavils of any superficial or impertinent Objector, who shall fancy he can propose Difficulties in some points of no Moment; but on the contrary, let us keep our Eyes fix'd firmly upon the beauteous Harmony and Analogy which the two Testaments exhibit in the Illustration of one another ; by which we are ascertained that, in depending on them, we reft our Confidence on no less than the Truth of God.

* Dr. Berriman's Boyle's Lect. Vol. 2. p. 332, 333.

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Jesus the CHRIST.

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JOHN i. 41.
We have found the Mesas ; (which is, being

interpreted, the Chrift.)



E are foon to enter (my good Christian

the Season of Advent, a Season appointed by Holy Church to prepare us for a due and religious Celebration of the Nativity or Birth of the Blessed Jesus; of Jesus the Foundation of our Confidence and Hope; the Author, Sustainer and Ground of our Faith; the Rock of Salvation in which we trust; our only Security for our Welfare and Happiness both in this world and the


Where so much Confidence and Trust is reposed, it certainly concerns us to be well assured that it is safely placed : And to convince you that the Faith of Christians is so, (I have formerly shewed you) that Jesus on


which we depend is the Saviour, that was SERM.
foretold by the Holy Scriptures that were given
before-hand to distinguish and point him out
when he came. I shewed you at large in
five several Discourses, that all the Prophecies,
all the Types, all the Characters, which are
recorded in the Old Testament, as Marks of
the Mesñas, exactly concurred in our Jesus.
His Lineage and Family, the Place of bis
Nativity, the Time of his Birth, in a Word,
every single Passage relating to the Life,
Death, Burial, Resurrection, or Ascension of
the Messias were all completed in our Jesus,
in Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph,
ver. 45. as Philip calls him three or four
Verses below my Text, which Words I took

my Text at that "Time.-How is it poffi-
ble therefore to know the Mesas, if Jesus
of Nazareth be not He? It may perhaps have
come to pass that some of these Signs might
have concurred in others: But there was nes
ver any Person yet, excepting Jesus of Na-
zareth only, in whom they were every one
fulfilled. It being then evident to a Demonstra-
tion that Jesus is He of whom Mofes in the
Law and the Prophets did write; that He is
the Meffas whom the Old Testament foretold;
I would now make Use of the Return of this



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