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s E R M. be'ing a Prophet and knowing that God had sworn 'with an Oath to him, that of the Fruit of his Loins he would raise up Christ in the Flesh *, (i. e. he would raise him up again from the Dead) to Jit on his 'Throne; he seeing this before, spake of the Resurrection of Christ, that His Soul was not left in Hell, neither did his Flesh fee Corruption, The very Time of whose Resurrection was not only typified by Jonah's being three Days and three Nights in the Whale's Belly, Jonah i. 17. Mat. xii. 40. but also foretold in Words by Hofeah, After two Days he will revive us j in the third Day he will raise us up. And therefore our Belief of that Article is jn the Nicene Creed properly expressed in the Words of St. Paul, The third Day he rose again according to the Scriptures.

Nor is the Ascension of our Blessed Lord Jess^ clearly foretold than his Resurrection: Thou haft ascended on high, thou haft ledCap~ tivity captive, thou haft received Gifts for Men, Pfal. lxviii, 18, is by St. Paul shewn to be spoken of the Ascension of Jesus Chri/i, And those other Words of the Pfalmist, The Lord said to my Lord, ft thou on my Right Hand, until I make thine Enemies thy Footstools Pfal. ex. 1, at once prove his Ascension

# for tb? rendering and Interpretation, see Knatchbull.

into Heaven, and his Enthronement there in s E3 M. regal Glory.

I might now further, had I Time for it, proceed to shew that all the Consequences that were to attend the coming of the MeJJiah, came exactly to pass after the coming of Jesus j such as were the overthrowing of Idols, and the calling in of the Gentiles to the Faith j the disowning of him by the Jews, and the Judgments that should come upon them, because of their rejecting him; such as the Destruction of their City and Temple, and the Dispersion of their Nation amongst all People. But the Time not permitting me to branch out into any more Particulars, I (hall make one Observation, which must serve for. all; and that is this, viz.

That it appears evidently from what I have faid in this and some preceding Discourses, that all the Prophecies, all the Types, all the Marks, by which the MeJJiah was to be known when he came, exactly concur in our Jesus. His Lineage and Family, the Place of his Nativity, the Time of his Appearance, the Manner of his Birth; in a Word, every single Passage relating to his Life, Death, Burial, Resurrection, and Ascension of the Christ were all compleated in Jesus of Naza1 tetb:

S E R M. reffo . How is it possible therefore ever to 1discover or find out the Christ, if Jesus of Nazareth be not he? For find out any other Person, if you can, excepting Jesus, that ever laid any Claim to the fulfilling them. They therefore who will not be fatisfied by what has been offered, have no Mind, I fear, to be convinced by any Arguments whatever. Thinking it needless therefore to add any more, 1 shall only draw an Inference or two from the Whole, with "which I shall conclude.

And, in the first Place, I think we have Reason to adore the remarkable Providence and Goodness of God, in making those unhappy People, the Jews themselves, an Evidence of the Truth, which they would endeavour to destroy. For the great Numbers of this People which are still remaining j the Dispersion of them in almost every Nation of the Universe; and yet theirfirm and uniform Adherence to the Rites and Customs of the Mosaick Law, have furnished every Age and Country in the World, with the strongest Arguments for the Christian Faith. For their Numbers, in the first Place, furnish us with an unexceptionable Cloud of Witnesses, that attest the "Truth of .the Old Testament. ,-'' For

For they are the Remainders of a People, s E R w. who had existed as a Nation for Thoufands, of Years before Jesus was born; and who have ever since stood out against Jesus being the Christ; and yet they have been the Preservers of our Archives, the Keepers of those Holy Books and Prophecies, to which we as well as they appeal, to try the Point in Question between us. The Law and the Testimony are what God himself refers us to, Isai. viii. 20. And by these, we Christians are willing to be decided.—And as thus the Numbers, so the Disperfion of the Jews adds Strength to our Evidence; since by that Means, they bear their Testimony to the Credit of the Writings we appeal to, through all the Parts of the known World; which Testimony, in the last Place, their Adherence to their own Religion, and the Aversion to ours, make the more unquestionable. Whereas had the whole Body of the Jews been converted to Christianity, we should have been apt to have used the Books of the Old Testament, like the Books of the Sibylls, and, because they foretel Jesus so clearly, have condemns them as forged after the Events are faid to have happened. An Attempt not pbliquely aimed at, by the impious Opposers


S E R M. 0f the Christian Faith. But very weak sure, i however malicious, must all Attempts of that Nature prove, if we reflect in the second Place on. the strong and irrefragable Confirmation, which this comparing of the Prophe-. cies of the Old 'Testament'; with the Completions of them in the,New Testament, affords us, not only for the Truth and Veracity, but also for the Divine Inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. For tq what else, than to such Divine Inspiration^ can it possibly be ascribed, that "Writings, compiled in such distant Ages and Periods of the World, should relate Matters so exactly corresponding, and so beautifully agreeing and tallying with one another in the minutest Circumstances, in Circumstances, which it is very probable, that those who wrote and transmitted them to us, did not themselves so clearly understand. For so Daniel is represented as inquiring of the Angel into the Meaning of the Prophecies delivered by himself: And St. Peter assures us of the Prophets in general, (who prophesied of the Grace that was to come unto us,) that they enquired and searched diligently, what it •was that the Spirit of Christ, which was in them, did stgnify; and that it was not unto themselves, but unto us, that they mini/lred the

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