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means, that if you try to be good, and suffer the Lord to regenerate you, you may be always learning more and more about this science of correspondence, and about all other things by the help of this science; and when you die, you will go to heaven, and there you will be learning more and more about these things forever, and will be forever the wiser and the happier for what you learn. .

I said, just now, that the ten commandments were always laws, which could never pass away, and which all men must obey if they would be good and happy. Now, you may read in your Bibles, that the Israelites were commanded to make an ark, or chest, and cover it with pure gold, and put a crown of gold upon it, and put into it the stone tables on which the commandments were written; and place the ark, with the commandments therein, in the inmost place of the tabernacle, and afterwards of the temple; and this inmost place was called the “holy of holies;” that in. the journeys of the Israelites from Egypt to the Holy Land, the ark went before them; that when they became rebellious and wicked, it was among

their punishments to have the ark taken from them, and to be subdued by their enemies, and afflicted; that they repented, and the ark was restored to them, and they returned to their obedience, and were delivered from their enemies.

This was because the Jews were a representátive church, and all this represented and signified something, and what it is we learn by the science of correspondence. And it is this; that the ten commandments are most holy; that they must be carried by you, in the inmost of your minds; that you must think of them with reverence; that while they are with you, and in your recollection, and in all your actions, and go before you in your life, then you will prosper and be happy. But if you become evil and disobedient, your enemies, that is, the evil spirits whom the enemies of the Jews represented and signified, can take these commandments away from you; can take them out of your recollection, and make you careless about them, and forgetful of them; and then you will surely suffer greatly, and be very misera


ble, until you repent, and the commandments hold their proper place in your minds. .

The Christian church we commonly call the First Christian church. Because, if we called it only The Christian church, it would seem as if there was no other Christian church. But this last New Church is also established by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and by Him alone. This is therefore a Christian church; and we call the other the First Christian church, to distinguish it from this. This we call the New Jerusalem, or the New Jerusalem Church, because it is prophesied of in the book of Revelation, chapter twenty-one, verse ten, under the name of the New Jerusalem. The book of Revelation, in its spiritual sense, which the science of correspondence will hereafter enable you to understand, treats, all the way through, of the decay and passing away of the First Christian church, and of the establishment of the New Jerusalem.


We have endeavored to understand the corresa pondence and signification of the sun, the moon, and the stars; and then we tried to apply this signification to passages of the Bible, in such a way as might help us to understand them better. These passages led us to consider the way in which one church passes away, and another is established in its place. In this way we came to speak of the New Jerusalem; that is, of the New Church which is now being established upon earth. And it was remarked, that one of the things which makes this New Church to differ from all other churches, is, the knowledge which is given to it concerning the science of correspondences; and that this knowledge is of great use in teaching us what to be, and how to live. As we have learnt from this science the correspondence and signification of the sun, the moon, and the stars, and have found this signification to help us in understanding some of the texts of the Bible, we will

now see whether we can learn from it anything which it is useful for us to know, as to what we ought to do, or to be.

In the first place, then, let us remember, that the heat of the sun corresponds to the heat that is in our souls; that is, to the warmth of our feelings, or to our affections, or loves. And that the light of the sun corresponds to the light that is in our minds; or to the truths we learn, the knowledges we possess, all the thoughts we have, and whatever there is in us belonging to the understanding.

You know it is possible to have light without heat, or heat without light. In winter, when the sun shines very brightly, but the weather is painfully cold, we have light with but little heat. And in a warm night, or in a dark cellar, with blinds and window-shutters closed, it might be as hot as it was dark; and then you would have heat without light. But you can easily see, that it would be much better to have heat and light together.

Suppose you have heat alone, and little or no light. Then you can see nothing; you grope about, feeling your way; or you sit still, fearing to

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