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Synod of Diamper.

Publication of the Synod, Page Dec. II. Excommunication to be


ipfo fullo incurr'd by fuch as have been call'd to the Synod, and depart without the Metropolitan's Leave: Alfo a Command to all to offer any thing tending to the Honour of God, and the Reformation of the Church of Malabar, P. 102. Dec. III. All differences about Preheminence in the Church, to be decided by the Metropolitan, P. 103.




The Speech at the opening, p. 97.
Decree I. For the extirpation of

feveral Errors, Herefies and
Schifms out of the Church of
Malabar, for Acknowledging
the Pope as Supream, and for
beginning the Synod in order to
a Reformation thereof, p. 100.

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Dec. IV. Confeffion, Mafs, and
the Sacrament to be celebrated
for the Succefs of the Synod,in
what manner.
P. 103.
Dec. V: Junro's prohibited during
the Seffion,


P. 104.


The Metropolitan's Speech, p. 105
Dec. II. That the Synod make
profeffion of Faith according
to the Council of Trent, and
take an Oath to follow it in
all things, p. 106. The Profeffion
and Oath of the Faith, p. 107.
Dec. III. All Priefts, Deacons, and
Sub-deacons of the Bishoprick
to take the fame Oath, and
that none be admitted to holy
Orders' without it, P. 119


Dec. I. Errors in Faith Condemn-:
ed, and a Rule for rectifying
thereof, laid down in XIV.
P. 120
Dec. II. Faults and Defects in the
Syriack Tranflation of the new
Teftament, condemn'd, and or-
dered to be reftored, p. 133
Dec. III. To the fame purpose,
P. 135.
Dec. IV. Condemns three Hea-
thenifh Errors frequent among
the Chriftians of Malabar, viz.
Tranfmigration, Fate, and, That
every Man may be faved by his
own Laws, all which are good and
lead to Heaven,
P. 137.
Dec. V. Condemns this Herefy,
namely, That it is a grievous

Sin fo much as to speak or think of the Paffion of Chrift, &c. P. 139 Dec. VI. Condemns the Errors of the Neftorians against our Lady, P. 140 Dec. VII. That the Law of St. Thomas is one, and that of St. Pe ter another, Condemn'd, p. 142 Dec. VIII. Orders Excommunication of any one that fhall name the Patriarch of Babylon Univerfal Paftor or Had of the Catholick Church, or any other, except only the Pope of Rome, P 144

Dec. IX. All Days fet apart for the commemoration of Neftorius, or any of his followers, prohibited, and Roman Saints order'd to be commemorated in lieu thereof, P. 145 Dec. X. The Church of Angamale new Chriften'd and dedicated to St. Hormifda the Martyr; it having before been dedicated to St. Hormufio the Neftorian Heretick, p. 150

Dec. XI. The Apostles Creed reftored as in the Roman Church Dec. XII. Chriftian Children perp. 151 mitted to be taught Reading and Writing by I-fidel Schoolmafters with fome Limitations, Dec. XIII. Chriftian Schoolmasters P. 151 prohibited the Setting up of Pagods in their Schools, p. 153 Dec. XIV. Prohibits all Chriftians to keep, tranflate, read, or hear read to others, any Heretical Books, whereof a great many are mentioned, p. 154


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Dec. XV. Errors and Herefies in
the Common-Prayer and Brevi-
aries ordered to be corrected
and purged,
P. 167
Dec. XVI. All Perfons command-
ed to deliver their Syrian Books
to the Metropolitan and Francif-
co Roz, to be Corrected, &c.
P 171
Dec. XVII. None but fuch Priefts

as are Licens'd and Conform
to the Doctrine of the Trent
Council, fuffer'd to preach,
P. 173
Dec. XVIII. All Priefts that have

delivered any Errors or fabu-
lous Stories in their Sermons
are ordered to recant them
publickly upon pain of Excom-
P. 174
Dec. XIX. Makes Void all Oaths a-
gainft yielding Obedience tothe
RomanChurch under pain of the
greater Excommunication, p.175
Dec. XX. Contains the Profeffion
of the Synod,
P. 177
Dec. XXI. The Synod refolves to
be governed in all things by
the laft Trent Council, p. 178
Dec. XXII. Submits to the Inqui
P. 179
Dec. XXIII. All Perfons who fhall
A&t, Speak, or Write against
the Holy Catholick Faith, to be
profecuted and punish'd by the
P. 181

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Dec. IL. All Baptized according

the old Forms to fubmit them" felves to the Metropolitan at his Vifitation for his Directions, P. 189 Dec. III. Orders all Priests to make enquiry who have not been Baprized through any Default,and to baptize all fuch privately, without taking any Fees, p. 190 Dec. IV. To the fame Purpose

P. 191 Dec. V. Children to be Chriftened on the 8th. Day,with some Limitations, p. 192 Dec. VI. The Error Condemn'd of not Baptizing the Infants of Excommunicate Parents, p. 194 Dec.VII. Exhortation to allParents, and fuch as are prefent at Womens Labours, not to fuffer an Infant to die without Baptifm. Allowance to any Man, woman, or Child, that knows the Form, to Baptize fuch.in cafe of eminent Neceffity. How the Child is to be order'd if it recover, P. 194 Dec. VIII, Chriftian Daia's or Midwives recommended, and Vicars exhorted to inftru&t them in the Form of Baptifm, p. 196 Dec. IX. Infidel Slaves ordered to be Baptized, P. 197 Dec. X. Chriftians not to be fold to Infidels for Slaves, P. 197 Dec. XI. Forbids Auguries, p.199 Dec. XII. Foundlings how to be ordered, P. 200 Dec. XIII. Converts how to be order'd, P. 200 Dec. XIV. Holy Oils commanded, with the manner of using them,

P. 201


Dec. XV. Commands the ufe of God-Fathers and God-Mothers in Baptifm, not used before, p. 202 Dec. XVI. Prohibits Old Teftatament (fome few excepted) and Heathenih Names to be given to Children, ordering (thofe of the New according to the Chriftian Oeconomy, p. 204 Dec. XVII. Orders Children to be called by no other Names than thofe they were Chriftened by, P. 206 Dec. XVIII. Commands that Children be Christened in order as they are brought to Church, without any diftinction of Persons, P. 206 Dec. XIX. Commands the build. ing of Fonts. P. 207 Dec. XX. Register-Books to be used in all Churches, and their Ulfe, P. 208 The Doctrine of the Sacrament of Confirmation, P. 209 Dec. I. The Sactament of Confirmation commanded to be used, P. 213 Dec. II. Denounces Excommunication against all those that speak against it or vilify it, p. 214 Dec. III. God-Fathers and GodMothers of what Age, to be ufed in Confirmation or Chrism as well as Baptifm, P. 216



The Doctrine of the Holy Sacrament of the Eucharift, p. 217 Dec. I. The Holy Eucharift when to be Celebrated, P. 220

Dec. II. All Chriftians above the Age of 14 commanded to Receive this Sacrament once a Year at leaft, p. 222. Dec. III. None to Receive before Confeffion to a Lawful Prieft, P. 223 Dec. IV. Commands to Receive Fafting with fome Limitation, P. 224 Dec. V. The Sacrament to be received as a Viaticum in danger of Death. The Vicar that fuffers any to die without it, though his Fault, to be fufpended for fix Months, P 225 Dec. VI. Women with Child to Confefs and Receive a little before their time, p. 226 Dec. VII. Priefts to Communicate once a Month at leaft in their Surplice and Stole, P. 227 Dic. VIII. Priests not to Receive the Sacrament before Confeffion, nor fay Mass having any fcruple of Mortal Sin, P.227 Dec. IX. Deacons and Subdeacons when to Receive the Sacrament, The Doctrine of the Holy SacriP. 228 fice of the Mafs. P. 228 Dec. I. Directions for faying Mafs, and many things inthe Chaldean Miffals to be rectified, p. 231 Dec. H. The Mials of Neftorius, Theodorus, and Diodorus to be burnt, P. 245 Dec. III. A grand Error of the Neftorians condemn'd, p. 246 Dec. IV. The Roman Mafs to be translated into Syrian, and used on particular Occafions, &c.

P. 247.

Dec. V. Who to handle the Holy
P 248

Dec. VI. Permits the Stole to none
but Deacons,
P. 248
Dec. VII. Orders Stamps to be
made in all Churches for the
p. 249
Dec. VIII. Orders what Wine is
to be used in celebrating the
p. 250.
Dec. IX. The King of Portugal to
fend a Pipe and an half, or two
Pipes of Mufcatel Wine for the
Ufe of the Sacrament, and how
to be used,
F. 250
Dec. X. Stones of the Altar to be
confecrated by the Metropolitan,
p. 252
Dec. XI. Holy Veftments to be pro-
vided by the Metropolitan out of
the Alms of the Parish, p. 253
Dec. XII. All Perfons, not ha-

ving lawful impediment, com-
manded to hear a whole Mass
every Sunday and Holyday,if,&c.
P. 253
Dec. XIII. Dire&s how often to
hear Mafs, to be capable of
the Bleffing, and fuch as hear it
not fo often as directed, to be
Excommunicate, p. 255
Dec XIV. Prohibits Heathen Mu-i
ficians to remain in the Church
after Creed or Sermon is ended,
p. 256
Dec. XV. Exhorts all to procure
Maffes to be faid for the Souls
of their deceased Friends,p.256


Of the Holy Sacrament of Penance
and Extream Unction, p. 261
Dec. I. Non-Confeffion declared a
Mortal Sin,
p. 265
Dec. II. All Perfons to come to

Confeffion from Eight Years old and upwards, P. 268 Dec. III. All Mafters of Families admonifhed to cause all in their Families to Confefs, P. 269 Dec. IV. Confeffion injoin'd upon probable Danger of Death, or any great Sickness, P. 270 Dec. V. Obliges Women with Child to Confefs, P. 271 Dec. VI. Orders how thofe are to be confeffed that have the SmallPox, P. 272 Dec. VII. Exhorts to frequent Confeffion, P. 272 Dec. VIII. Who to take Confeffions, P. 273 Dec. IX. Abfolution upon Confeffion how to be Adminiftred, and by whom, P. 274 Dec. X. Directs in what Cafes Confeffors may abfolve Penitents,

P. 275 Dec. XI. Excommunication and Abfolution when proper, P. 277 Dec. XII. Priefts Confeffors to have a written Licence from the Prelate, P. 278 Dec. XIII. Confeffors that underftand the Malabar Tongue, to be made Ufe of, and why, P. 281 Dec. XIV. None can abfolve in

the Sacramental Court but fuch as took the Confeffion, p. 281 Dec. XV. The Sacramental Form

of Abfolution, not to be used as a Prayer, but in its proper Place, P. 282 The Doctrine of the Sacrament of Extream Unction, P. 282 Dec. I. The ufe of the Extream Unition recommended, with directions therein, P. 285 Dec. II. Confeffors to Inftruct Sick


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