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making it publick; which was to fatisfie the World, That there has albeen a confiderable vifible Church upon Earth, that never believed the Doctrines of the Pope's Supremacy, Purgatory, Tranfubstantiation, Adoration of Images, Auricular Confeffion,&c. To which good End, if this Treatife fhould any ways contribute (as I am perfuaded it muft) I am then secure, that for that Reafon alone you will pardon any MiStakes I may have made in putting it together; as also the Prefumption of inviting you to read it, by prefixing your great Name to it; a thing I Should never have ventured to have done, bad I not found by experience your Lordship's Candor and Goodness to be equal, to the known exactness of


your Fudgment. I beg your Lordship's Bleffing, and am,


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Principal Matters contained in the HISTORY


Church of Malabar.


Bd-Jefu or Hebed, who, p.13. Sent by the Chaldean Bifhops with the Submiffion of their whole Church to the Pope, the Council of Trent then fitting,

ibid. Abebi, a famous Amazon comes to Goa, her Character and Bufinefs, P.43 Aleixo de Menezes, Archbishop of Goa, p. 39. defirous to reduce the Chriftians of St. Thomas to the Obedience of the Roman Church, and to that end treats with Jacob, Mar Simeon's Vicar General, p. 41, 42. Writes to


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Mar Abraham, &c. ibid. Makes the Arch-Deacon of the Serra, Vicar Apoftolical of the faid Diocefs, in Conjunction with Francifco Roz and the Rector of the Jefuits College of Vaipicorta, against the Pope's exprefs order, p. 44. Refolves to go in Perfon to the Serra, and why, P 46, 52. Writes a Letter to the Arch-Deacon, p. 47. Blam'd for imploying the efuits, makes ufe of a Francifcan Friar to go to the Arch-Deacon, and why, p. 51. His Defign upon Cunable, p. 52, 53. Complimented by the Magiftrates of Cochim, p. 53. He recommends the Bufinefs of Cunable

Cunable to them, p. 54. His be[haviour to the King of Cochim, P. 55. Applies himself to the reduction of the Chriftians of St. Thomas, p. 56. Paniquais oppofe him, p. 58. His reception at Vairicotra, P. 59. His Sermon and Text, p. 59, 60. Tells them the News of Purgatory, p. 60. Refolves to hinder the Malabar Chriftians to pray for the Patriarch of Babylon, p. 61. Excommunicates all that do, ibid. Caufes the Arch-Deacon and Caçanaves to Sign the Excommunication, ibid. His obftinacy herein, p. 63. Confirms fome Boys at PaTH, p. 66. Goes to Mangate but stayed not, and why, p.67. Denyed Entrance at Cheguree, ibid. Dehorted from his Enterprize, ibid. He difcourfes to the Chegureans of the Pope's SuReceived premacy, p. 70. friendly at Canhur, and why, p. 71. Sails for Porcod, and is kindly received, and why, ib. Complimented by the King of the Country, who defires to be admitted a Brother in Arms to the King of Portugal, P 72. The Arch Bishop's Anfwer, ib. Breaks his Promife, ibid. Goes to Coulson, and why, 71, 72. Sends to the Captain General to come and demolish it,p. 73. A touch of his Treachery and Cunning, p. 73, 74. His high Pofts, p 74. A Reflection upon him, p. 75. He difappoints the Queen of Changanate, ibid. Sails to Cochim, and why, ibid. Goes to Molandurte, p. 76. The King of Cochim jealous of him,

ibid. The Arch-Bishop Excommunicates him, ibid. Sails for Diamper, p 78. Defigns to confer Orders, and when, ibid. Writes to the Arch-Deacon to to affift at the Solemnity, with the Arch-Deacon's Answer, ib. Ordains 37 at Diamper, P. 79. Goes to Carturte, and what happened in the way, p. 8o. Gains Itimato, Mapula and Itimane Mapula, two Brothers, to his fide, ibid. His Anfwer to the Queen of Pimenta, p. 81. A pleafant Scuffle betwixt him and a Caçanar, p. 82, 83. Refolves to depofe the Arch-Deacon,but is perfwaded to deferr it for Twenty Days, p. 83. Names Thomas Curia, a Kinfman of the Arch-Deacon's,to his place, ibid. Makes another Ordination, p. 84. Intends a Solemn Proceffion, wherein a Sorcerer undertakes to kill him, but is prevented, p. 84, 85. Invited to the Nercha, p. 85. But defires to be excufed, p. 88. They fend him his Portion home, and what it was, ibid. Applauded for his Charity, ib. Confirms a great many at Nagpili, ibid. A Reflection, p. 87. Goes to Molandurte, and what happened there, p. 87. The difference between him and the King of Cochim touching the Chriftians of Molandurte, p. 87,

8. Returns to Diamper, p. 89. Is angry with the Chief Regidor, ilid,and go. Preiches,Confirms, and acquaints them with his having excommunicated the ArchDeacon, p. 90. Carturte, MoLandurte, Diamper, and several other

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