The life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Tom 2

Przednia okładka
William Hazlitt
Illustrated London library, 1852

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Strona 423 - Still as you rise, the state exalted too Finds no distemper while 'tis changed by you: Changed like the world's great scene, when without noise The rising sun night's vulgar lights destroys.
Strona 295 - Called by the wishes of the French nation to occupy the first magistracy of the Republic, I think it proper, on entering into office, to make a direct communication of it to your Majesty.
Strona 302 - French nation in prosperity at home and consideration and respect abroad. Such an event would at once have removed, and will at any time remove, all obstacles in the way of negotiation or peace.
Strona 296 - Majesty, who rule over a free nation with no other view than to render it happy. " Your Majesty will see in this overture only my sincere desire to contribute effectually, for the second time, to a general pacification, by a prompt step taken in confidence, and freed from those forms, which, however necessary to...
Strona 442 - Duke d'Enghien, who might now be convicted " of forming part of this new conspiracy, and taken "in the very act, should be that one. It was added, " that he had been seen at Strasburg ; that it was . " even believed that he had been in Paris ; and " that the plan was, that he should enter France " by the east, at the moment of the explosion, " whilst the Duke of Berry was disembarking in " the west. I should tell you...
Strona 303 - Unhappily no such security hitherto exists; no sufficient evidence of the principles by which the new government will be directed ; no reasonable ground by which to judge of its stability.
Strona 153 - But, however, affairs were not so pressing as to prevent me from leaving a party to take care of them, which was done. If I had thought such a measure as that of giving opium necessary, I would have called a council of war, have stated the necessity of it, and have published it in the order of the day.
Strona 124 - He died without pain, and by the best death, and that which is thought by soldiers the most enviable. I am keenly sensible to your grief. The moment which severs us from the object we love is terrible ; it insulates us from all the earth ; it inflicts on the body the agonies of death ; the faculties of the soul are annihilated, and its relation with the universe subsists only through the medium of a horrible dream which distorts every thing.
Strona 299 - ... maintaining, against all aggression, the rights and happiness of his subjects. For these he has contended against an unprovoked attack; and for the same objects...
Strona 151 - Accordingly they met, and found that there were seven or eight men so dangerously ill that they conceived it impossible for them to recover ; and also that they could not exist twenty-four or thirty-six hours longer; that moreover, being afflicted with the plague, they would spread that disease among all those who approached them.

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