Schools and Classes for Exceptional Children

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Survey Committee of the Cleveland Foundation, 1916 - 122

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Strona 80 - An accurate and incontestible diagnosis of one of these borderline cases can be satisfactorily made only after a thorough physical examination of the patient, knowledge of the family history, personal history, especially the story of his infancy and early childhood, school history and records, social and moral reactions, sexual habits, emotional stability, associates, interests, and the fullest inquiry as to his general information and practical knowledge.
Strona 3 - Plan" is one of the 25 sections of the report of the Education Survey of Cleveland conducted by the Survey Committee of the Cleveland Foundation in 1915. Twenty-three of these sections will be published as separate monographs.
Strona 77 - A last word for those persons who desire to employ the method. Any one can use it for his own personal satisfaction or to obtain an approximate evaluation of a child's intelligence; but for the results of this method to have a scientific value, it is absolutely necessary that the individual who uses it should have served an apprenticeship in a laboratory of pedagogy or possess a thorough practical knowledge of psychological experimentation.
Strona 78 - It is without doubt the most satisfactory and accurate method of determining a child's intelligence that we have, and so far superior to everything else which has been proposed that as yet there is nothing else to be considered.4 The value of the method lies both in the swiftness and the accuracy with which it works.
Strona 79 - Where we shall draw the line between the child whom we shall call a normal child with mental defects, and a subnormal or feebleminded child who is mentally defective, is a problem which can not be solved wholly within the realm of psychology. No Binet-Simon tests, nor any other tests, will inform us as to what children we shall consider feebleminded.
Strona 80 - The Binet tests, in the hands of competent examiners, usually corroborate the results of clinical examination in the recognition of all degrees of mental defect in children under ten, and of pronounced defect in older persons. These tests are not so effective in detecting slight mental defect in world-wise adolescents and adults. In other words, the Binet tests corroborate where we do not need corroboration, and are not decisive where the differential diagnosis of the high grade defective from the...
Strona 117 - CLEVELAND EDUCATION SURVEY REPORTS These reports can be secured from the Survey Committee of the Cleveland Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio. They will be sent postpaid for 25 cents per volume with the exception of "Measuring the Work of the Public Schools" by Judd, "The Cleveland School Survey" by Ayres, and "Wage Earning and Education
Strona 19 - ... imbeciles, idio-imbeciles, and idiots. The criterion by which we distinguish the two groups of exceptional children is that of social fitness. Can a child be educated for self-support and an independent existence in the community? If so, he is socially competent. If not, he is socially incompetent. 205 A child of normal mentality may be so badly deformed that he will require certain assistance, but this does not make him socially incompetent. The fact is that a child of normal mentality must...
Strona 101 - Plans for the classes should eliminate chance methods. There should be some organization which will permit the experience of one class being an advantage to the others. For this purpose the most satisfactory method is the appointment of a supervisor who will have authority to direct all the classes. To summarize : The abilities of the pupils should determine the type of teachers who would be selected for the different classes. There seems to be no reason why the teachers of the feebleminded should...
Strona 86 - The present report is based on the proposition that competency in this field involves ability to use a wide range of psychological tests and measures and a grounding in the theory and practice of applied psychology...

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