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In necessariis, Unitas : in non-necessariis, Libertas : in omnibus, Pru

dentia et Charitas, He that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not be

lieved in the name of the only begotten Son of God. John iii. 18.





AN Introduction, briefly intimating the Occasion of the Work, and treating severally, I. Of those that deny the Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity, being, 1. Either such as disbelieve the Doctrine...

• 396 2. Or such as suspend their Faith in it

..ibid. 3. Or such as believe its Truth.......

...397 II. Of those that assert the Importance of the Doctrine, conceiving,

1. That some Scripture Doctrines are more important than others . . 399 2. That Faith in the Gospel is necessary to Salvation

. 400 3. That we are obliged to preserve it whole and entire.

ibid. 4. That in the slighier matters Christians should bear with each other; but in the necessaries, must insist upon conformity


CHAP. I. Shewing that the Doctrine of the Trinity is sufficiently clear to be admitted as a fundamental Article.....

405 1. Clear with Regard to the Matter of it 2. Clear with Respect to the Proofs on which it rests


. ibid.

CHAP. II. Shewing that the same Doctrine is sufficiently practical to be a Fundamental..

416 1. As containing a right Knowledge of God, and regulating our Worship. ....

. ibid. .ibid.

2. As forming proper Dispositions of Mind

.421 3. As raising and strengthening the Motives to Christian Practice .. 422 4. As having a close connection with the Doctrine of Satisfaction ..425 5. As having the like Connection with the Doctrine of Grace ...... 431 6. As belief is Obedience, and all Obedience practical .... · 434 But this to be understood of the main Doctrine, not of the minute Cir. cumstances or Appendages

· 437


Shewing that the Doctrine is sufficiently insisted on in Scripture to be judged a Fundamental

· 440 1. Episcopius's Sentiments on this Head considered and confuted.. ibid. 2. Limborch's Sentiments on the same examined and disproved. ... 450

CHAP. IV. Shewing that Communion ought not to be held with Persons who openly reject and impugn the fundamental Doctrines of the Gospel, and persist in so doing. Proved 1. From Scripture .....

456 2. From the reason of the thing



Objections removed, and vulgar Mistakes rectified

laid open

473 1. Objected, that insisting upon the Doctrine as important, is running into an extreme

474 Denied Retorted

.476 2. That a wicked Life is the worst Heresy. The fallacy of that saying and confuted .....

478 A Life of Heresy a wicked Life

.. ibid. 3. That Heretics may be sincere. Allowed with Distinction, and the Plea shewn to be wide and foreign ...

...485 4. That there can be no Certainty on the Trinitarian side, without Infallibility, denied

494 Certainty maintained against Papists

· 495 Against Sceptics.....

498 5. That such Zeal in this matter is Persecution and Popery - 506 Denied...

· 507 Retorted..

ibid. 6. That it is assuming Dominion over Men's Faith, &c. denied and disproved..

• 510 Retorted

511 7. That censuring others may provoke them to make Reprisals • 512 Admitted, and justified

513 The Use to be made of that Consideration


8. That none should be censured who are ready to declare their Faith in Scripture Terms .....

517 Allowed in one Sense

ibid. Denied in another....

..ibid. 9, That censuring of Heretics is encouraging sanguinary proceedings ..519 Denied and disproved


CHAP, VI. Containing the Judgment of the primitive Churches, with respect to the Importance of the Doctrine of the Trinity

523 1. Shewn froin Creeds

524 2. From Censures passed upon the Impugners of it

.537 Upon Cerinthus

ibid. Upon Ebion

554 Upon Theodotus

• 577 Upon Artemon

581 Upon Beryllus

- 582 Upon Paul of Samosata

· 585 Upon Arius ....

. ibid. 3. From the Sentiments of particular Fathers....

. 589 Ignatius.. Justin Martyr..

591 Irenæus

592 Athenagoras

. 593 Tertullian

..595 Cyprian

..596 Novatian....

. 597 Dionysius of Rome

ibid. Dionysius of Alexandria

. 598 Alexander of Alexandria


.. ibid.

CHAP. VII. Shewing the Use and Value of Ecclesiastical Antiquity in Controversies of Faith

601 1. Extremes to be avoided

604 2. The true State of the Case premised ....

ibid. 3. The Use of the Ancients explained in eight particulars.. 4. Objections answered in ten particulars




The Catholic Interpretation of John i. 1. and Hebrews i. vindicated, and shewn to be preferable to the Arian

...666 Of John i. 1.

.668 Of Hebr. i.


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