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ALTHOUGH the editor is well aware that there are several editions of Horace which are highly and deservedly esteemed, he yet believes that many teachers have felt the want which he has himself experienced, and which he has here endeavoured to supply, that, namely, of an edition of this valuable author, which should be better adapted to the requirements of students; which should explain all real difficulties clearly and concisely, and yet call upon the student for research and perseverance; which should, in a word, incite him to study, and not relieve him from the necessity of it. If the editor has succeeded in this, his principal object, he will be amply satisfied with the result of his labors, and will consider it of comparatively small importance if, according to the judgment of abler scholars, he has in some instances failed to elucidate the author's real meaning.

There is, perhaps, no author who has received so much attention from critics, and in whose works there are nevertheless so many passages respecting the true interpretation of which there is a great diversity of opinion. In these cases, the present editor has not hesitated to affix that which has appeared to him to be the true sense; but has at the same time generally directed attention to other interpretations, leaving it to the judgment of the intelligent teacher to adopt the one which shall seem to him to rest upon the most solid foundation.

NEWPORT, R. I., January 1st, 1850.


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