The Peril of Home Rule

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Cassell, 1911 - 148

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Strona 87 - Can any sensible man, can any rational man suppose that at this time of day, in this condition of the world, we are going to disintegrate the great capital institutions of this country for the purpose of making ourselves ridiculous in the sight of all mankind, and crippling any power we possess for bestowing benefits through legislation on the country to which we belong...
Strona 79 - Parliament, but no man has the right to fix the boundary to the march of a nation. No man has a right to say to his country " Thus far shalt thou go and no further...
Strona 88 - To have two representative legislative assemblies or Parliaments in the United Kingdom would, in my opinion, be an intolerable mischief ; and I think no sensible man can wish for two within the limits of the present United Kingdom who does not wish the United Kingdom to become two or more nations, entirely separated from each other.
Strona 98 - It is impossible," the admiral said, " for a military man or a statesman with appreciation of military conditions, to look at the map and not perceive that the ambition of the Irish separatists, realized, would be even more threatening to the national life than the secession of the South was to that of the American Union.
Strona 78 - None of us, whether we be in America or in Ireland, or wherever we may be, will be satisfied until we have destroyed the last link which keeps Ireland bound to England.
Strona 106 - ... money from Patrick Ford, a known advocate of crime and the use of dynamite, but that it has not been proved that the respondents or any of them knew that the Clan-na-Gael controlled the league or was collecting money for the parliamentary fund. It has been proved that the respondents invited and obtained the assistance and cooperation of the Physical Force party in America, including the Clan-na-Gael, and in order to obtain that assistance, abstained from repudiating or condemning the action...
Strona 101 - I would not have taken off my coat and gone to this work, if I had not known that we were laying the foundations by this movement for the recovery of our legislative independence.
Strona 113 - Defenderism soon ceased to be either a league for mutual protection or a mere system of religious riot. It assumed the usual Irish form of a secret and permanent organisation, held together by oaths, moving under a hidden direction, attracting to itself all kinds of criminals, and making itself the organ of all kinds of discontent. It became to a great extent a new Whiteboy movement, aiming specially at the reduction and...
Strona 81 - I remember when Parnell was asked whether he would, on behalf of the United Nationalist nation that he represented, accept as a final settlement the Home Rule compromise proposed by Gladstone. I remember his answer. He said : ' I believe in the policy of taking from England anything we can wring from her which will strengthen our arms to go on for more. I will accept the Home Rule compromise of Gladstone as an instalment of our rights, but I refuse to say that it is a final settlement of the national...
Strona 90 - The repeal of the Union we regard as fatal to the Empire, and we never will consent to it — never, though the country should be surrounded by dangers...

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