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To the Editors of the Boston Daily Advertiser:

Mr. Martin has made beautiful English verses out of Horace's perfect Latin; but Horace, you know, was not an English poet English had not bcen invented when he wrote. It is remarkable how our translators overlook that circumstance. Rhyme would have annoyed an ancient poet very much, as his chief difficulty was to avoid it. I remember but two instances of it even in Aristophanes (where you might expect to find anything), and even then I do not know whether the comic poet introduced it on purpose or by accident. Accordingly I could never see why Englishmen are ev rlastingly doing Herace into rhyme.

The more self-denial that any one practises
The more he can get from the gods--I, accordingly,
Naked and happy, the wealthy abandoning
Desert, to those who wish for nought.

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More glorious in owning a moderate property,
Than if they said that I hid in my granaries
All that is reap'd by the toiling Apulian,
And yet felt poor with vast estates.

A brook of pure water-with acres a few of them
In wood-and crop that is almost a certainty,
Elude the magnificent ford of rich Africa,-
To make my lot the happier..

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Although no honey the bees of Calabria
Produce me? What if in no Laestrigonian
Clay jar my wine ever mellows? or Gallia
Is growing no rich fleece for me?

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Au Than by uniting with fields of Mygdonia

Alyattes' dominions.-To men wanting many things
But he is well off to whont
Many are needed.

God deals enough, with sparing hand !

Yet,-feel I never importunate Poverty;

Nor would you not give me more if I wanted it!
And I can better enlarge a poor revenue
By just contracting my desires.

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