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THE volume here presented to the reader,
is upon a construdion totally different from
that of a work upon the principles of po-
litical science, published by the same author
four years ago. -
The writer deems himself an ardent lover

of truth; and, to increase his chance of .

forcing her from her hiding-place, he has been willing to vary his method of approach,

There are two principal methods accord

ing to which truth may be investigated. The first is by laying down one or two fimple principles, which seem scarcely to be exposed to the hazard of refutation; and then developing them, applying them to a number of points, and following them into a variety of inferences. From this method of investigation, the first thing we are led to hope is, that there will result a system consentaneous to itself; and, secondly, that, if all the parts shall thus be brought into agreement with a few principles, and if those principles be themselves true, the whole will

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