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ACETAMIDE,action of nitrous Alcoholometric method by the | Analyses, mineral, 141

Antimony, electro-chemical de.
acid upon, 163
distillation of alkalinised
manganese ore, 50

posits, 227
carbimide, action of a-dinitro- spirituous liquids, 51

of superphosphates, 221

from stibnite, by nascent hydro-
chloro-benzol upon, 270

Alcohols, chemical constitution of Analysis and synthesis by the gen, evolution of, 147
Acetic and alcoholic fermentation the, 120, 129

blowpipe, 177

Apparatus, country laboratory
of fruits, leaves, and flowers Aldehyds and ketones present in blowpipe, notes on, 27

of certain plants, 142
wood spirit, 271
of butter, 254

for determination of hydrogen
chloride and compound
of thermic formation of the two of coal and peat, 233

chloral, 206

isomeric, 133

of colours fixed upon tissues, “Appendix Tables to W. Ditt-
Acid, boric, and alkaline borates, Aldol, isomeric modification of, 83 use of hydrosulphite of soda mar's Qualitative Chemical
action of upon plants, 206 Alessandri, L., and C. Conti, de- as a reagent in the, 154

Analysis" (review), 68
carbonic, contained in waters, tecting adulteration of iodide of electrolytic aniline-black, Aquarium, project of a great, 256
of lead, 154

Armstrong, H. E., thymoquinon,
chromic, with hydric peroxide, Alexejeff, w., mutual solution of of Henwoodite, 156, 172

reaction of, 19

liquids, 284
of iron deposit, 198

Aromatic bases, phthalein of
formic, volumetric determina- Alizarın, anthraflavon, and an ac- of manganese ore, 30

tertiary, 270
tion of, 32

cessory product of the manu- of peroxide of manganese, 8 carbides into formenic car.
hydrosulphurous, and persul- facture of artificial, 21

of raw sugars, commercial, 40 bides, transformation of, 184
phide of hydrogen, decoloura- artificial, and extract of madder, of water of River Houghly, 84 Aronheim, B., use of molybdenum
tion of indigo by, 250
distinctive reaction between of Weissenburg water, 73

pentachloride for the produc-
thermic researches in, 133

reds of, 184

“ Analysis, water” (review), 204 tion of organic chlorides, 271
para-xylenic, 270

dyeing with, 184
Analyst for Cheshire, 174

synthesis of tolyl-butylen, 271
pyro-tartaric, normal oxy-pyro-
nitro, 40

for Warwick, 184

Arragonite observed on the sur-
tartaric acid, and the isomery
Alkali from seaweed, 201

Analysts' Annual Note-Book" face of a meteorite, 32
of the pyro-citric acids, 284. Alkailne bicarbonates, decompo, (review), 38

on the surface of a meteoric
selenious, actior of hydracids sition of under influence of Analytical query, 164

iron, 87
upon, 51

heat and of a vacuum, 83 A dersen, M., barwood, 222 Arsenic and copper, separation
sulphuric, action of upon hy- borates and boric acid, action of Andrews, T., inaugural address

of, 174
drobenzoin and iso-hydroben- on plants, 205

as President of British Asso- and mercuric cyanide, 167
zoin, 270
sulphates, method of titrating, ciation, 97

chromium compound, 220
sulphurous, generating for use 272

Aniline-black, 174

detection of in wines artificially
as a disinfectant, 245
sulphides in dressing hides, 52 dyeing, 251

coloured, 71
and soluble sulphates, deter- sulpho-carbonates, 94

electrolytic, 21

Arsenic in Vapour of Bone-
mination of by deans of Alkalinised spirituous liquids, al- formation of, 184

Manure” (review), 68, 81, 132,
standard solutions, 9
coholometric method the
in America, use of, 195

fuming, 154

distillation of, 51

vanadium in manufacture of, 92 Arseno and phospho-cyanogen,
representation of the manu- Alkaloid found in damaged Indian Aniline introduced into the blood 203
facture of, 270

corn and mouldy maize bread, and stomach, researches on Arsine and mercuric cyanide, 167
sulphurous, as a disinfectant, 144

the action of 32

Asparagin in sweet almonds, 238
Alkaloids of the aconites, 222

new reaction of, 72

Aspirator, improved form of, 141,
tartrate, estimation of potas- Allantoin, synthesis of, 51

phenol, naphthylamin, and an- 163
sium as, 231, 242, 249
Allard, M., dyeing aniline-blacks.

thraquinon, the electrolysis | Assay of Cinchona bark, Herbe.
Acids, citric and aconitic, 270

of the derivatives of, 118

lin's method of expeditious,
Ackroyd, W., metachromatism, or report on memoirs by, relating Animal charcoal, 174

colour change, 75,

to the transparence of flames organisms, action of turpentine Astringent substances, new pro-
Aconites, the alkaloids of the, 222 and atmospheres, and the vi- and homologues of phenol, cess for titrating, 230
Actinometer, differential, 40
sibility of lighthouses with 270

Atacamite, note on, 254
Adams, J., Presence of Arsenic flashing lights, 9.

Animals and plants, equivalent Atmosphere, metallic dust in the,
in Vapours of Bone Manure' Allen, A. H., analysis of manga- substitution of mineral mat-

(review), 68
nese ore, 30, 50

ters in, 134

Atmospheres and flames, trans-
Affinity, capillary, 205

of peroxide of manganese, 8 Annaheim, M., weight of an atom parence of and visibility of
African International Exhibition, Alloy, nickel and silver, 150

of hydrogen, 284

lighthouses with flashing

Almonds, sweet, asparagin in, 238 “Annual Note-Book, Analysts'" lights, reports on memoirs by
Agriculture, Report of Depart- Alumina, sulphate of, addition of (review), 38

Allard relating to: 9
ment of, 174
in treatment of sewage, 197 Anthracen in coal-tar 94

Atmospheric electricity, absorp-
"Agriculture, Report of for State Aluminium, electro-chemical de- new derivatives of, 145

tion of free nitrogen by the
of Georgia for 1875" (review),

poslts of, 227

new method for ascertaining, proximate principles of vege-
Alvergniat (Frères), radiometers 167

tables under the influence of,
Air in mines, measuring, 25, 36
composed of laminæ of dif- new tests for, 279

Akerman, R., " Iron Manufacture

ferent materials, 83, 92
production, 210, 236, 237

Atomic constitution of bodies, 8
in Sweden” (review), 259

Amalgamation of iron and other testing, 77, 136, 291, 201, 211, theory, note on, 217
Albumen, solution of damaged,

metals, 35

227, 267

Atomicity as a principle of classi.
in pepsin, 184

American Chemical Society, 22 Anthraflavic and iso-anthraflavic fication, 46
Alcohol, amylic, of fermentation, Amidous derivatives o( hydroxyl.

acids, 173

reply to certain critical objec.
inactive, 144

amin, 153

Anthraflavon and an accessory tions by M. J. A. le Bel, 93
chemical test for, 137, 191

Ammon aldehyd, compounds de- product of manufacture of Atoms, isolated, real existence of
flame, action of palladium in

rived from, 144
artificial alizarin, 21

a matter formed of, 93
an, 269

Ammonia contained in waters, Anthrapurpurin and flavo-purpu- | Atterberg, A., derivatives from
methyl, and dimethyl acetal, 271 disappearance of, 152

rin, 131

a-dinitro-naphthalin and B-
on the brain, action of, 158

upon chlor-acetylbenzol, action Anthraquinor, aniine phenol, dinitro.naphthalin, 270
Alcoholic and acetic fermentation

and naphthylamin, the elec- constitution of some naphthalin
of fruits, flowers, and leaves | Amylic alcohol of fermentation, trolysis of the derivatives of,

compounds, 270
of certain plants, 142
inactive, 144


Aurantia, 254

of, 270




Jan, 5, 1877.

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Austen, P. T., dinitro-para-di- Bertrand, A., production of
brom-benzols, 68

electro-chemical deposits if

aluminium, 227

Betulin, contributions to the his-
BÆYER; A., compounds of tary of, 164

phthalic acid with the phe. Beuttel and Claus, MM., action
nols, 206

of cyanide of potassium upon
Baird, S. F., “Record of Science halogenated co npounds, 218

and Industry for 1875" (re- Bicarbonate of soda at 100, dis
view), 69

socialion of, 152
"Balance of Wisdom, Book of Biederman:, R., gaulterylen, 215
the," 59.

Oxymercaptans, 218
Balances, chemical, effect of flex- Binary compounds by the electric

ibility on the working of, 1.4 etilave, formation and de-
Balbiani, L., inactive amylic al. composition of, 21, 93

cohol of fermentation, 144 Binney, E. W., remarkable me-
Ballmann, H., determination of

icor, 247
lithium by means of the spec- Bischof, G., corrosion of lead by
troscope, 94

New River Company's water,
Rarhadons, tirolite of, 108

Bardy, C., and A. Riche, com-

Inns of Court pumps, 19
analysis ot TUw Bismu:h, certain new salts of,
sugais, 40

Barley in oatincal, 194

compounds, 203
Barral, J. A., report of on M.

copper and calcium, detection
Gallard's pneumatic malting ot, 16
process, 72

electro-chemical deposits of,
Baribi, A. G., movements pro- 227

duced by light and heat, and Bizie, G., galatin, 144
on radiometer, 143

Black, aniline, 174
Barth, L., ferrocyanide of tetra- dyeing, 251
methyl ammonium, 217

formation of, 184
Barilett, H.C., and G.0. Drewry, use of in America, 196

" Food and its Effects " (IC- Blake, J, Roscoelite : a vana-
view), 160

diuin mica, 40
Barwood, 222

Blatzbecker, A., and T. Zincke,
Bastian, H. C., influence of phy. benzyl-iso-phthalic acid, 270

sico-chemical forces on phe- | Blowpire, analysis and synthesis

nomena of fermentation, 71 by the, 177
Baumann, E., synthesis of hydro- notes on, 27

gen-phenyl-sulphate and its D lines specira, flame examined
homologues, 269

by, 212, 226, 237
and R. V. D. Velden, action of with spectroscope for mineral.

the turpentines upon animal Ogists, 191
organisms, 270

Bluod, action of aniline intro.
and E. Horter, action of homo. duced into the, 32

logues of phenol upon animal Blunt, T. P., rose-colour ob erved
organisms, 270

in manufacture of chlorate of
Baxendell, M., protection of poraslı, 171

buildings from lightning, 246 Bætiinger, C., ultramarine, 163
Becquerel, E, observations of Boillot, A , produciion of electric

spectrum below red ray by uffluve, 03, 216
means of the effects of phos. | Bolley, P. A., and E. Kopp,
rborescence, 82

* Manual of Chemical Ana-
and MM. Jamin and Puiseux, lysis” (review), 171.

report ou memoirs by Allard, Boltin, H. C., " Book of the
selating to the transparence

Balance of Wisdom," 59
of fames and atmospheres

" Bonc. Manure, Presence of Ar-
and the visibility of light-

in Vapours of

houses with fiashing lighta, 9 vicw), 65, 81, 132, 162
Bellamy, F., syphorment and Boralis, alkaline, and boric acid,
migration of gases, 184

action of un plants, 205
Bennett Bros., new tests for an- Boron, 206
thracen, 279

Böttinger, C., action of zinc dust
J., anthracen production, 237

on the chlorides of sulpho-
Benzhydroxamic ethylester, 41

para-bromo-benzoic acid, 271
Benzin, constitutions of the deri. Bouilhet, I., and P. Christotle',
vatives of, 142

inetallic nickel extracted from
Benzol, action of sodium on, 24

the oies of New Caledonia,
Benzyl-iso-phthalic acid, 270

Bernard, E., critique in glycae. Bcuilhon, E., magenta in wine,
mia, 109

Berthelot, M., absorption of free Bouquet de la Grye, extraction of

hydrogen under i he intiuence vanillin from the sap of the
of the electric cfiluve, 93

pne, 11
of srce nitrogen by organic Bourgoin, E., atomicity as

matters at ordinary lemper. principle of classification, 46
atures, 9

nuic on atomic theory, 217
of free nitrogen by the proxi- reply to cutical objections on

mate principles of vegeta- atomicity by J. A. Le Bell, 93
bles under the influence of Boussingauli, J., sacchusine mat-

atmospheric electricity, 205 ter contained in the petals of
chemical phenomena produced flowers, 273
by electricity of tension, 272

Brain, action of alcohol on the,
formation and decomposition of

binary compounds by the Craithwaite, W. and J., " Retro-
electric efluve, 21, 93

spect of Medicine" (review),
real existence of matter

formed of isolated atums Brazilin, formula of, 271
comparable to material Briggs, R., " Ventilation of Hall
points, 8, 93

of Representatives and South
thermic formation of ozone, 93 Wing of Capitol or Umed
formation of the two isomenc

States" (icview), 235
propylic aldehyds, 133 Briosi, G., hesperidin, 72
researches on hydro-sulphurous British Association for the Ad-
acid, 133

vancement of Science, 22, 97,
transionnation of aromatic Car-

Bromine, silver oxide, and water, Champion, P., and H. Pellet, de-
oxidation-product of glycoge:

termination of free nirigen
with, 153

in organic substances, 205
Bronze, phosphor, and phosphide equivalent substitution of mine.

of copper, applications of, 217 ral matters in animals and
Bronzes, ancient, arsenic in, 41

plants, 13+
Brown, J. T., anthracen testing, Charcoal, animal, 174

Chemical arts, development of
Brugnatelli, T., and E. Zenoni, during the last ten years, 5,

alkaloid found in damaged 13, 25, 33, 45, 55, 66, 78, 80,
Indian Coin

and mouldy 118, 139, 149, 166, 180, 189, 197,
maize bread, 144

215, 220, 233, 245
Bruning, Meister, and Lucius, balances, cffct of flexibility on

MM., method for ascertain. the working of, 14
ing anthracen, 167

decomposition as illustrated by
Brussels, Hygienic Congress at, Water, 43

lecture classes and laboratory
Buhrig, H., y reparation, atomic in: truction, 117

weight, and determination of phenomena produced by elec-
cerium free from didymium, tricity of tension, 272

questions, 91
Buildings, protection of from Society, 1. 6,7
lightning, 246

American, 22
“Bulletin of the Bussey Insiitn. German, 280
tion" (review), 90

Newcastle, 256, 282
Butter, analisis of, 254

research fund, 196)
Butylen-tolyl, synthesis of, 271 “Chemical Notes in Rhyme'
Butylic glycol, new, 63

(review), 5
"Chemical Students, Note. Book

and Lecture Notes for" (re-
CADMIUM, electro-chemical

view), 259
deposits of, 227

Chemistry, new scholarship in at
Calcium, copper, and bismuth, Owens College, 196
detection of, 16

practical, in University of Vir-
quino-acetate of, 8

ginia, 147, 108, 179, 190
sulphate of, 256

schools of, in
Calcite and quartz, oxide of iron “Chemistry, Legal, Detection
enclosed in,

at Mwyndy and Examination of Poisons
Mincs, 10

and Stains” (review), 18
Calculus in horses 151

“Chemistry, Practical, for the
Calderon, L., Tutatory powers of Use of Medical Students'
cane-sugar, TIO

(review), 89
Cameron, C. A., estimation of Chemists, organisation among,
colour in water, 77

39, 227, 238
Camphols, isomerism of the ro- Chevreul, E., capillary affinity,
tatory power in the, 92

Cane-sug-1, cellulosic fermenta- Chiappe, P., and O. Malesci, pre-
tion of, 63

paring the iodides of potas-
rotatory power nf, 160

sium and sodium, and th:
“Cane-Sugar, Disease of" (re- bromide of potassium, 154
view), 272

Chicory in coffee, new process sur
Carbimide and acetamide, action estination of, 283

of u- dinitro - chlorobenzol Chilian milerals, examination of,
upon, 270

Carlon, bisulphide of, purification Chittenden, R. H., oxidation pro-
of, 184

duct of glycogen with bro.
compounds of found in meteor- mine, silver oxide, and water,

ites, 32, 153
Carbonates, insoluble decomposi- Chlor-acetyl-benzol, action of
tion of by sulphuretted hy.

bides into formenic carbides, Sewage Committee of, 136

Pharmaceutical conference, 84

ammonia on, 270
drogen, 51

Chloral, compound of, and acetic
Carbide, aromatic, trarsforma- chloride, 206

tion of into formenic carbides, Chlorides, organic, use of molyb-

denum pentachloride for ine
Carnelly, T., high-melting- production of, 271

points, with special reference Chlorine, manufacture of, 70

to those of metallic salis, 281 reaction of under influ:nce of
Carpoi, A., certain new salisi porous carbon, 63
bismuth, 119

substitution, study of, or
process for the qualitative de- Chloro-benzol, a-dinitio, action of
tection and determination of

upon acetamide and Car-
potassa, 85, 216

bamide, 270
Capellini, G., and M. Sansoni, Chloroform, test for purity of, 191

magistery of sulphur, 154 Christoffe, P., and H. Bouithet,
Casamajor, l'., amalgamation of metallic nickel extracted
iron and other metals, 35

from the ores of New Cale-
estimation of potassium as acid donja, 50
tartiate, 231, 212

Chromic acid with hydric per.
Caspers, C., anthracen testing, oxide, reaction of, 19

Chromnium arsenic compound, 220
Cast-iron, coprer in, 78

Church, A.H., colein, 250
Capillary action and cohesion of dysodile, 155
films of water, 223

Chymistry" and force, 123
aflinity, 205

Cinchona barks, Herbelin's me-
Cazeneuve, P., metallisation of thod for expeditious assay of,
organic bodies to render them

fit to receive galvanic depo- Cinchonic alkaloids, behaviour of
sits, 9

phenol with the, 153
Cec!', C., tiichloral cyanide, 284 Clarke, F. W., "Constants of
and P. Schwebel, preparation

Nature" (review), 142
of dichioracetic acid from T., - Treatment of Ores" (re-
chloral, 284

view), 50
Cerium Tree from didymiuin, pre- Class and Beuttel, M.M., action

paration, atomic weight, and of cyanide of potassium upon
determination of. 94

halogenated compounds, 218
Cerennes, mercury in, 40

Clay in water, suspension of, 142
Chalcau, T., historical and che. Cloez, S., modifications of elæo-

mical survey of the manu margaric acid produced by
facture of Turkey red, 196

light and heat, 272












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Cloud, T. C., note on atacamite, | De Almeida, 6 0, and Guignet, | Dott, D. B., note on Dr. Davy's FAVE, M.,, probable conse;


E. A., meteoric iron rich in test for purity of chloroform, quences of the mechanical

Coal and peat, quantitative ana-

nickel, 235

theory of heat, 172

iysis of, 233

De Boisbaudran, L., chemical Douliot, E., charge assumed by Feltz, J and Bitter, L., researches

ças of the Metropolis, 223

reaction of grilium, 183, 217 the disc of the electrophorus, on the action or aniline in.

proximate composition of, 145 new process for extraction of

troducet into the blood and

mines, fire-damp in, 110

gallium: 173

Dounes, A. II.," How to Avoid th-tomach, 32

tar, anthracen in, 94

physical properties of gallium, Typhoid fever and Allied Fermentation, influence of

Cobalt and nickel, new method of 150

Diseases" (review), 181

plissicu-chemical ivrces

separating, 255

Debray, II., and Deville, II. Ste. Drewry, G. 0., and Bartlett, H. phenomena of, 71

Cockroach, phenomena of diges. C, physical and chemical C., “Food and its Effects" Ferments, origin of organic, 9

tion in, 261

properiies of ruthenium, 265 (review), 160

Ferricyanide of potassium, action

Coffee, stu ly on, I12

De Clermont, P., and Wehrlin, Dubis, M., Herbelin's method of halogens on, 217

Cohesion and capillary action of E., two new sulphuretted for expeditious assay of Ferrocyanide of tetramethyl

fiim: of water, 223

ureas, 92

cinchona barks, 261

ammonium, 217

Cohne, S., formation of ozone De Fontenay, Moutchal, and De Ducrctet, E., radiometer of Mr. Field, F., new Cornish mineral 147
by the contact of plants with Ruolz, H., applications of Crookes, 51

the late David Forbes, 200

peroxide of hydrogen, 4

phosphide of copper and phos. | Dulong and Perit, law of, 9, 21 Filters, action of on organic sub-

Colein, 256

phor-bronze, 217

Du Moncel, Th., electric trans- stances, 4, II, 24

Coleman, J. J., chemical treat- De Fonvielle, W., differential missions through the soil, 142 Filtration, rapid, 57
ment of town excreta, 125

radiometer, 32, 51, 63

Dupré, A., Heisch, C., Prof. Ditt. Tilsinger, F., borates of lithium
Colley, M. R., polarisation of intensity radiometers, ito

mar and the " Analyst," 172


electrodes, 284

De Girard, J., cause of the spon-

the Chemical Society, 6

Fire damp in coal mines, 110

Collins, J. H., new mineral from tancous alteration of an- Dura sier and Tréve, PM., dis. limits within which it is pos-

Phænix Mine, 10

hydrous hydro-cianic acid, 92 tribution of magnetism on

sible, 205

occurrence of pharmacosiderite, De Lalande, F., purpurin, 10

the surface of magnets, 217

Fires, colourel, used in pyro.

scorodite, and olivenite in De la Source, L. M., Iydrates of dynamo-magnctic phenome. techny, 139

greenstone at Terras Mine, 10 copper sulphate, 233

non, 227

Fischer, E., nydrazinic

Colour change, 75

De Luca, S,, alcoholic and acetic etching action produced upon pounds of the fatty series, 218

estimation of in water, 77

fermentation of fruits, flowers, dillerent metals by the acids, o, action of nitrous acid on

Colouration, heat, 108, 132

and leaves of certain plants,

acetanilide, 163
Colouring matters in wines,


Durin, E., cellulosic fermentation phthaleins of tertiary aromatic

determination of the nature De Montgolfier, J., isomerism of of cane sugar, 63

bases, 270

of, 238

the rotatory power of the Dyeing abiline-blacks, 251

Flam-s, luminous theory of, 152,

new class of, 143

camphols, 92

Dynainite, experiments with


"Colourist, Textile" (review), 89 De Montholon, F., and Naudin, frozen, 22

and atmospheres, transparence

Combustion tubes, platinum, 67, L., decomposition of cyanide manufacture of, 93

.)f, and the visibility of light-


of potassium, cyanide of zinc, Dysodile, 155, 195

houses with flashing lights, 9

Commaille, A., study on coffee, 142 and formiate of potassa in

Fiavo-purpurin and anthro-pur-

Commercial oils, assay oí, 154

cartonic acid, air, and pure

purin, 131

Compass with circular magnets, las drogen, 92

Fletcher, 1., Dr. J. W. Hearder,

insoluble carbonates by sul-EGOROFFN.,



FC.S., 30

“ Constants of Nature" (review), phuretted hydrogen, 50

actinometer, 40

Fleurens, 6., crystallisation of


Denman, J. L., " Wine and its Eiæomargaric acid, modifcations sugar, 0;

Cooking vessels, enamelled, 130 Counterfeits” (review), Go

of produced by light and Flight, W., Prof. Wöhler, 249

Copper and arsenic, separation of, Denayrouze, L., electric lamp heat, 272

Flowers, fruits, and leaves of


designed by P. Jabloschhofi, Electric etuve, formation and certain plants, alcoholic and

calcium, and bismuth, detection 217

decomposition of binary com- acetic fermentation of, 142

of, 16

De Parville, H., " Causeries pounds by, 21, 93

Fluid cavities, a further study uf,

in cast-iron, 38

Scientifiques" (review), 69 formation of, 83, 216


metallic, action of fatty oils on, De Puolz, H., Moutchal, and De

lamp, 217

Fluosnicales, crystalline, of iron

176, 200, 213

Fontenay, applications of transmissions through the soil, and cobalt, 134

phosphide of and phosphor. phosphide of copper and phos. 1.12

Folsom, C. F.,"Report of State

bronze, applications of. 217 phor-bronze, 217

“Electrical and Magnetic Mea- Board of Health of Massa-

sulphate, hydrates of, 238 De St. Venant, J., atomic constitu- surements, Exercises in, with chusetts" (review), 182

Wire ropes, inconvenience of tion of bodies, 8

Answers” (review), 101

"Food and its Elicets" (review).

for lightning conductors, 9 Deuchemin's compass with cir. Electricity of tension, chemical 160

Coquillion, J., determination of

cular magnets, 250

phenomena produced by, 272 Foque, M,mincialogical and go ·

hydrocarbons, no

Deville, H. Ste. C., and Debray', Electrochemical deposits of 1 logical researches the

limits within which the explo- II., physical and chemical aluminium, magnesium, cad! Lavas of dykes of Théra, 238

sion of fire da:np is possible, properties of ruthenium, 265 mium, bismuth, antimony, , Forbes, D., th:late, 260


Diainin phenylen, 250

and palladium, 227

Force and " Chymistry,"123

Cornish mineral, 117

Dichloracetic acid, preparation of, Electrolysis of the derivatives of Fontos, M., detection of magenta

Cornwall, H. B., notes on blow- from chloral, 2-4

aniline, phenol, naphthyl-

in wines, 273

pipe analysis, 27

Dickinson, J., measuring air in amin, and anthraquinon, 113 Formenic ca: bides, transforma-

Couste, c., chloride of calcium mines, 25, 36

Electrolytic aniline-black, 21

tion of aromatic cai Bides in

for watering roads, &c., 110 Didelor, J., detection of magenta Electrophorus, charge assumed to, 181

and Alessandri, L., detecting in sophistication of wines, 152 by the di«c of the, 8

Formiate of potassa, decomposi-

adulteration of iodide of lead, Didymium, preparation, atomic Ellstone, W., separation of

tion of in carbonic acid, air,


weight, and determination of arsenic and copper, 174

and pure hydrogen, 92

Cremation, report on, 261

cerium, free from, 94

Eltoft, T., " Note Book and Lec- Formic acid, voluinetric deter.

Crookes, W., experimental con- Dimethyl acetal and methyl- ture Notes for Chemical mination of, 32
tributions to the theory of the alcohol, 271

Students" (review), 259 Forster, R., dyeing with artificial

radiometer, 269, 275

Dinitro-chloro-benzol upon acet.

Emodin from the tark of the alizarin, 184

note on radiometer, 157

amide and carbamide, action Rhamnus frangula, 271

Fonvitlie, M. de, the radiometer,

repulsion resulting from radia.

of u, 270

Enamelled cooking vessels, 130


tion, 23, 165, 175, 187, 209, 219, Dinitro-naphthalin (a and B), 270 Endosmotic lixiviation, minutac- Franck, A., action of water on

229, 241, 253. 203

Dinitro-para-dibrombenzols and facture of so a ironn Scawecil

1 glass, 2/1

"Cup and Platter” (review), 160 their derivatives, 68

by, 31

Free nitrogen, absorption of by

Curie, J., and Millet, A., com- Diplato-nitraies and plato- Eruptive rocks, origin of, vitreous organic matters at ordinary

pound of chloral and of acetic

nitrates, 270

and crystaliine, 200

temperatures, 9

chloride, 206

“ Discursive Chemical Notes in Erythrogen and some of its com- Freezing machines with sulphur.

Cyanide, mercuric, action of on Khyme"(review), 5

pounds. 31

ous acid, 52

phosphine, 167

“Diseases, Typhoid fever and Estcourt, C., butter :nalysis, 254 Fremy, E., Salis formed by the

and arsine, 167

Allid How to Avoid

(re- Etching action produced upon peroxide of manganese, 8

Cyanogen, 67

View), 181

dilierent metals by the acids, Friction, simple, of soil iron

Cisinfectant, sulphurous acid as 206

against cold steelto melt it. 40

Ethide, stannous, oxidised pro- Friedburg, L, I, puntication of
DAVIES, R. P., dysodile, 195

Ditte, A., action of hydracids upon duct formed during reduction bisulphide of carbon, 184
Selenious acid, 51, 72

of stannic ethide lu, 203 Fruits, leaves, and toucis otcer-
Davis, G. E., organisation among

tellurous acid, 92, 133
Ethyl-iso-propyl-ketone, 254

tüin plants, alcoholic and
chemists, 39

Dittmar, Prof., and the "Analyst," Eucalyptus globulus, sanitary aic tic fermentation of, 144
pink liquors of chlorate of po. 130, 151, 162, 172, 183

ellects of, 272

Furndie, de compusin : 42

tash manufacture, 183

proximate composition of coal. Excreta, town, chemical treat- dission Junes and

Davy, E. W., chemical test for fas, 115

went oi, 125

and Wallis, 27

alcohol, 137

D-lines spectra flimc examined Exhibition, buth African, 16) Fuisinau, E., ultramarine, 196

Day. R. E., Electrical Magnetic by the blowpipe, 212, 226, 237 Explosive Agents, Certain" (re-

Measuremenis, Exercises in, Dumesto, M., ' examination of

view), 272


AIFFE, A., note on the radio-

with Answers" (review), ról

Chinian minerals, 13+ 1 Exilosives, carriage of, 144

incler, S3

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Jan. 5, 1877.

Galaten, 144

Halogens, action of upon ferrl. Hooghly river, analysis of, 84 Jacquemin, E., detection of ma.

Gallium, chemical reaction o, cyanide of potassiur.), 217 Horses, calculus in, 151

genta in wines, 51

183, 217

Hampe, W., boron, 206

Human corpse, natural poisonous rhodein from an analytical

new process for extraction of, | Hannay, J. B., calcium sulphate, nature of the, 144

point of view, 133



Humpidge, T. S. D., coal-gas of new reaction of aniline, 72

physical properties of, 150

eflect of temperature upon the the Metropolis, 223

Jamin, Puiseux, and E.Becquerel,

Galvanic deposits, metallisation growth of potatoes, 155 Hunaus, P., citric acid and aconi.

reports on memoirs by Allard

of organic bodies to render

Hardman, E.T., country labora-

tic acid, 270

relating to the transparence

them fit for, 9

tory apparatus, 198

Hunyadi, Janós, " Natural Mine- of flames and atmospheres,

Garnier, J., nickel orc of New flame of chloride of sodium in ral Water" (review), go

and the visibility of light-

Caledonia, or Garnierite, 40 a common fire, 90

Hurter, F., arsenic in vapours of houses with flashing lights, 9

Gaugain, I. M., influence of tcm- Hart, E., volumetric estimation bone-manure, 87

Jean, F., determination of ni-

perature upon magnetisation,

of iron, 65

Husson, C., detection and deter- trates, 41


Hartley, W. N., a further study mination of arsenic in wines method of titrating alkaline

Gaulterylen, 218

of fluid cavities, 251

artificially coloured, 71

sulphates, 272

Gautier, A., decomposition of al- Hausmann, U., contributions to Hutchings, W.M., notes on mine. new process for titrating as-

kaline bicarbonates under the

history of betulin, 164

analyses, 141

tringent substances, 230

influence of heat and a va. Hayden, F. V., new work by, 228 Hydrazinic compounds of the Jeannel, J., influence of sonorous
cuum, 83
Hearder, Dr. J. W., F.C.S., 20, fatty series, 218

vibrations on the radiometer,
Gebe and Co., of Dresden, trade

30, 32

Hydracids, action of upon seleni- 133

report, 144

Heat and light, modifications of ous acid, 52, 72

Johnson, G. S., potassium tri-

Gelis, A., use of alkaline sul-
elæomargaric acid produced tellurous acid, 92, 133

iodide, 222
phides in dressing hides, 52 by, 272

Hydric peroxide, reaction of with Jones and Walsh's decomposing
Genih, F. A., American vanadium

oxyger, combustion of organic
chromic acid, 19

furnace, discussion on, 27
minerals, 78

matters under the double Hydrobenzoin and iso-hydroben- H. C., determination of lithium
Geological and mineralogical re- influence of, 9

zoin, action of dilute sulphuric by means of the spectroscope,
searches on lavas ol dykes of colouration, 108, 132

acid upon, 270

I 22
Théra, 238

probable consequences of the Hydrocarbides, preparing con- Joubert, J., and M. Pasteur, fer-
"Geology and Physics, Elemen-

theory of, 172
densed, 174

mentation of urine, 150
tary” (review), 154

Heats of a gas, relation of the Hydrocarbons, determination of, "Journal of Iron and Steel Insti-
"Georgia, Report of Agriculture
two specific, 206

tute" (review), 22
for State of" (review), 170

Hedrick, B. S., requisite amount
Georgia, sheep husbandry in, 195

Hydrogen, apparatus for the de-

of simple friction of soft iron termination of, 163
Gerardin, M., treatment of sch.

against cold steel to melt it, evolution of antimony from

age, 28.4


stibnite by nascent, 147

Gerland, B. W., notes on vana.

KAINITE of Kalusz in Galicia.
lleighman, W., "Practical Por.

dium compounds, 2

frce, absorption of under the in-

trait Photography” (review), fluence of the electric eftluve, Keates, T. W., generating sul.

Girard, A., transformation of



phurous acid for use as a dis-

saccharose into rcductive

Hill, W.N., "Certain Explosive peroxide of, formation of ozone

infectant, 245

sugar during retining, 71

Agents" (review), 272

by the contact of plants with, | Kern, S., coloured fires used in

Gladstone, J. H., chemical de-

Heisch, C., and A Dupré, Prof.


pyrotechny, 139

composition as illustrated by

Ditmar and the "Analyst,” | Hydrogen, sulphuretted, precipi- presence of copper in cast-iron,

water, 43


tation of zinc by in presence 78

Glass, action of water on, 271 Henwoodite, 156, 172

of bisulphate of potassium, 94 quantitative analysis of coal
Globular thunderbolts, 92
Herbelin's method for expeditious weight of an atom of, 284

and peat, 233

Glucose, detection of, 154

assay of circhona barks, 261

Glycemia, critique on, 103

Hydrogen-phenyl-sulphate and Ketone, para-tolyl-phenyl-, deri.
Herland, L., process for the manu- its homologues, synthesis of,

vatives of 270
observations on io9
facture of soda from seaweed 269

Ketones and aldehyds present in

Glycerin, derivatives of, 153

by endosmotic lixiviation, 31 Hydroxylamin, amidous deriva. wood-spirit, 271

Glycogen, oxidation-product cf

Herman, W. D., platinum com- tives of, 153

Kimball, A. S., changes in the

with bromide, silver oxide,

bustion tubes, si

Hygienic congressat Brussels,170 physical properties of steel

and water, 153

Herter, E., and E. Baumann, Hygiene, industrial, prize in, 167 by tempering, 81

Glycol, butylic, 63
action of homologues of phe-

Kingzett, C. T., action of alcohol

Golu in pyrites, 94, 132, 152, 12

noi on animal organisms, 270

on the brain, 158

Goppelsræder, F., electrolysis of Hesehus, 11. N., application of
The deriuatives of aniline,

formation of ozone by the con-
the electric current to the

ILES, M. W., detection of cop
phenol, naphthylamin, and

per, calcium, and bismuth, i6 tact of plants with peroxide

study of the spheroidal state, Indian corn and mouldy maize of hydrogen, 20
anthraquinon, iis

bread, alkaloid found in, 144 limited oxidation of essential
elemeniary analysis of electro-
Hesperidin, 72

Indigo, decolouration of by hydro- oils, 127, 137,
lytic aziline-black, 21

Hesse, O., behaviour of phenol sulphurous acid and persul. Klippert, L., and T. Zincke, para-
Govi, M., cause of movements in
with the cinchonic alkaloids, phide of hydrogen, 250

xylenic acid, 270
the raciometer, 40, 51


"Industry and Science, Record Kollmeyer, A. H., “Key to Mo-
Graham, A., effects by addition
lieumann, K., representation of of" (review), 69

dern Science"(review), 271

of sulphate of alumina in the

the manufacture of sulphuric | Infusoria and nitrates, 33

Kopp, E., and P. A. Bolley,

treatment of sewage, 197

acid, 270

Inns of Court pumps, 19

"Manual of Chemical Analy.

Graz, communications from the

theory of luminous flames, 152, Insoluble carbonates, decomposi-

sis" (review), 17!

University Laboratory of, 153


Griffin, W., new gas-botile, and

tion of by sulphuretted'hy- Krafft, L., fermentation of urine,

Hides, use of alkaline sulphides drogen, 51


arrangements of apparatus

in dressing, 52

Iodine as a reagent for starch, 72 Kræmer, G., and H. Troschke,

for applying sulphuretted hy-

Hildebrand, E.C. H., rapid filtra- Iron and cobalt, crystalline fluo- methyl-alcohol and dimethyl-

drogen without smell and

silicates of, 184

acetal; aldehyds and ketones

avoiding its escape, 280 Hirn, G. A., maximum of the pos.

Greenstone at Terras Mine, oc-

other metals, amalgamation present in wood-spirit, 271

sible repulsive power of the

Kraut, R, derivatives of glycerin,

currence of pharmacosiderite,

Steel Institute, 123


sc rodite, add olivenite in, jo

reply to by A. Ledieu, 83, 110

Grimaux, E., Synthesis of allan.

deposit, analysis of, 198

Hodgkinson, W. R., and G. C.

toin, 51

preservation of from action of

Mathews, oxidised product

salt, 174

Guanin in the urine of swine, 206


ABORATORY apparatus,

formed during the reduction " Iron Manufacture in Sweden” country, 198

Guibourt, M., oil of wood, 85

of stannic ethide to stannous (review), 259

instruction, lectures and classes,

Guigaet, E., and G. O. de Almei.

ethide, 203


ca, a mercuric iron rich in

Iron, meteoric, rich in nickel, 238

and H.'c. Sorby, pigmentum

nickel, 238

oxide of, enclosed in calcite and of Graz University, communi.

rigrum, 203

and A. Telier, chemical com-

quartz at the Mwyndy Mines,

cations from, 153

phosphu- and arseno-cyanogen,

Lamaltina, L., detection of wines

position of the water of Bay


volumetric estimation of, 65

artiticially coloured, 152

of Rio de Janeiro, 239

Holmann, A. W., development of


Laudrin, E., pepper and its adul-

A., lighting by

Iso-anthrafiavic and anthrafiavic

the chemical arts during the

means of products from re-

acids, 173

terations, 154

last ten years, 5,13, 25, 33, 45, Iso-hydrobenzoin and hydroben. Laurent, M., saccharimeter or

sinous trces, 163

55, 66, 78, E6, 118, 139, 149,

Gundeiach, C., derivatives of

zoin, action of dilute sul- polarimeter, 284

166, 180, 198, 197, 215, 220, 233,

isoxylene, 40

phuric acid upon, 270

Lauin, C., new class of colouring


quino-acetate of calcium, 8

Isomeric aldehyds, theruric for. matters, 143

P. W., extraction of sulphur mation of the two, 133

Lavas of Dykes of Thera, re-

Guthrie, F., solid water, 161

from pyrites, 218

Guyaid, A., metallurgy st silver n

Isomerism of the rotatory power

searches on, 238

the moist way, 41

"Homeopathy, Errors of” (re- of the camphols, 92

Lead, corrosion of by New River

view), 70

method of separating nickel

Isoxylene, derivatives of 40

Company's water, 282
and cobalt, 255
Houzeau, A., determination of the

iodide of, detecting adulteration

carbonic acid contained in

Waters, 110

sulpho-antimonuret found

disappearance of the ammonia ABLOSCHKOFF P., electric

HALL, M., blowpipe with spec.

Arnsberg, 206

contained in waters, 152

lamp, 217

troscope for mineralogists, 91

poisoning, 196

solar rays, 31.

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