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chromic, with hydric peroxide,
reaction of, 19

formic, volumetric determina-
tion of, 32
hydrosulphurous, and persul-
phide of hydrogen, decoloura-
tion of indigo by, 250
thermic researches in, 133
para-xylenic, 270

pyro-tartaric, normal oxy-pyro-
tartaric acid, and the isomery
of the pyro-citric acids, 284
selenious, action of hydracids
upon, 51

sulphuric, action of upon hy-
drobenzoin and iso-hydroben-
zoin, 270

sulphurous, generating for use
as a disinfectant, 245
and soluble sulphates, deter-
mination of by means of
standard solutions, 9
fuming, 154.

representation of the manu-
facture of, 270

sulphurous, as a disinfectant,


tartrate, estimation of potas-

sium as, 231, 242, 249
Acids, citric and aconitic, 270
Ackroyd, W., metachromatism, or
colour change, 75
Aconites, the alkaloids of the, 222
Actinometer, differential, 40
Adams, J., "Presence of Arsenic

in Vapours of Bone Manure'
(review), 68
Affinity, capillary, 205
African International Exhibition,

Agriculture, Report of Depart-
ment of, 174
"Agriculture, Report of for State
of Georgia for 1875" (review),

Air in mines, measuring, 25, 36
Akerman, R., "Iron Manufacture
in Sweden" (review), 259
Albumen, solution of damaged,
in pepsin, 184

Alcohol, amylic, of fermentation,
inactive, 144

chemical test for, 137, 191
flame, action of palladium in
an, 269

methyl, and dimethyl acetal, 271
on the brain, action of, 158
Alcoholic and acetic fermentation
of fruits, flowers, and leaves
of certain plants, 142

Alcoholometric method by the

distillation of alkalinised
spirituous liquids, 51
Alcohols, chemical constitution of
the, 120, 129

Aldehyds and ketones present in
wood spirit, 271

thermic formation of the two
isomeric, 133

Aldol, isomeric modification of, 83
Alessandri, L., and C. Conti, de-

tecting adulteration of iodide
of lead, 154
Alexejeff, W., mutual solution of
liquids, 284

Alizarin, anthraflavon, and an ac-

cessory product of the manu-
facture of artificial, 21
artificial, and extract of madder,
distinctive reaction between
reds of, 184

dyeing with, 184
nitro, 40

Alkali from seaweed, 201
Alkailne bicarbonates, decompo
sition of under influence of
heat and of a vacuum, 83
borates and boric acid, action of
on plants, 205
sulphates, method of titrating,

sulphides in dressing hides, 52
sulpho-carbonates, 94
Alkalinised spirituous liquids, al-

coholometric method by the
distillation of, 51

Alkaloid found in damaged Indian

corn and mouldy maize bread,

Alkaloids of the aconites, 222
Allantoin, synthesis of, 51
Allard, M., dyeing aniline-blacks.


report on memoirs by, relating
to the transparence of flames
and atmospheres, and the vi-
sibility of lighthouses with
flashing lights, 9

Allen, A. H., analysis of manga-
nese ore, 30, 50

of peroxide of manganese, 8
Alloy, nickel and silver, 150
Almonds, sweet, asparagin in, 238
Alumina, sulphate of, addition of
in treatment of sewage, 197
Aluminium, electro-chemical de-
posits of, 227
Alvergniat (Frères), radiometers
composed of lamine of dif-
ferent materials, 83, 92
Amalgamation of iron and other
metals, 35

American Chemical Society, 22
Amidous derivatives of hydroxyl-
amin, 153

Ammon aldehyd, compounds de-
rived from, 144
Ammonia contained in waters,
disappearance of, 152

upon chlor-acety! benzol, action

of, 270
Amylic alcohol of fermentation,
inactive, 144

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of Henwoodite, 156, 172
of iron deposit, 198

of manganese ore, 30

of peroxide of manganese, 8
of raw sugars, commercial, 40
of water of River Houghly, 84
of Weissenburg water, 73
"Analysis, water" (review), 204
Analyst for Cheshire, 174
for Warwick, 184
"Analysts' Annual Note-Book"
(review), 38
Analytical query, 164
Andersen, M., barwood, 222
Andrews, T., inaugural address
as President of British Asso-
ciation, 97
Aniline-black, 174
dyeing, 251
electrolytic, 21
formation of, 184

in America, use of, 195
vanadium in manufacture of, 92
Aniline introduced into the blood

and stomach, researches on
the action of 32
new reaction of, 72
phenol, naphthylamin, and an-
thraquinon, the electrolysis
of the derivatives of, 118
Animal charcoal, 174

organisms, action of turpentine
and homologues of phenol,

Animals and plants, equivalent
substitution of mineral mat-
ters in, 134
Annaheim, M., weight of an atom
of hydrogen, 284
"Annual Note-Book, Analysts' "
(review), 38

Anthracen in coal-tar 94
new derivatives of, 145
new method for ascertaining,

new tests for, 279
production, 210, 236, 237

testing, 77, 136, 91, 201, 211,

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Aromatic bases, phthalein of
tertiary, 270
carbides into formenic
bides, transformation of, 184
Aronheim, B., use of molybdenum

pentachloride for the produc-
tion of organic chlorides, 271
synthesis of tolyl-butylen, 271
Arragonite observed on the sur-
face of a meteorite, 32
on the surface of a meteoric
iron, 87

Arsenic and copper, separation
of, 174

and mercuric cyanide, 167
chromium compound, 220
detection of in wines artificially
coloured, 71

"Arsenic in Vapour of Bone-
Manure" (review), 68, 81, 132,

Arseno and phospho-cyanogen,

Arsine and mercuric cyanide, 167
Asparagin in sweet almonds, 238
Aspirator, improved form of, 141,

Assay of Cinchona bark, Herbe-
lin's method of expeditious,

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Atomic constitution of bodies, 8
theory, note on, 217
Atomicity as a principle of classi-
fication, 46

reply to certain critical objec-
tions by M. J. A. le Bel, 93
Atoms, isolated, real existence of
a matter formed of, 93
Atterberg, A., derivatives from
a-dinitro-naphthalin and B-
dinitro-naphthalin, 270
constitution of some naphthalin
compounds, 270

Aurantia, 284

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lightning, 246

"Bulletin of the Bussey Institn-

tion" (review), go
Butter, analisis of, 254
Butylen-tolyl, synthesis of, 271
Butylic glycol, new, 63

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Calcium, copper, and bismuth,
detection of, 16
quino-acetate of, 8
sulphate of, 256

Calcite and quartz, oxide of iron
in, at Mwyndy

Mines, 10

Calculus in horses 151

Calderon, L., rotatory powers of

cane-sugar, 110
Cameron, C. A., estimation of
colour in water, 77
Camphols, isomerism of the ro-
tatory power in the, 92

Cane-sugar, cellulosic fermenta-

tion of, 63

Cast-iron, copper in, 78
Capillary action and cohesion of
films of water, 223
affinity, 205
Cazeneuve, P., metallisation of
organic bodies to render them
fit to receive galvanic depo-
sits, 9

Cech, C., trichloral cyanide, 284
and P. Schwebel, preparation
of dichloracetic acid from
chloral, 284

Cerium free from didymium, pre-

paration, atomic weight, and

determination of, 94

Cevennes, mercury in, 40

Chateau, T., historical and che-

mical survey of the manu

facture of Turkey red, 196

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ammonia on, 270

Chloral, compound of, and acetic

chloride, 206

Chlorides, organic, use of molyb-

denum pentachloride for the

production of, 271

Chlorine, manufacture of, 70

reaction of under influence of

porous carbon, 63

substitution, study of, 11
Chloro-benzol, a-dinitro, action of
and car-

upon acetamide
bamide, 270
Chloroform, test for purity of, 191
Christofle, P., and H. Bouilhet,

metallic nickel extracted
from the ores of New Cale-
donia, 50

Chromic acid with hydric per-

oxide, reaction of, 19

Chromium arsenic compound, 220

Church, A. H., colein, 256

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physico-chemical forces on
phenomena of, 71

Ferments, origin of organic, 9
Ferricyanide of potassium, action
of halogens on, 217

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Gaulterylen, 218

Gautier, A., decomposition of al-

kaline bicarbonates under the
influence of heat and a va-
cuum, 83

Gehe and Co., of Dresden, trade

report, 144

Gelis, A., use of alkaline sul-

phides in dressing hides, 52

Genth, F. A., American vanadium

minerals, 78

Geological and mineralogical re-

searches on lavas of dykes of
Théra, 238
"Geology and Physics, Elemen-
tary" (review), 154
"Georgia, Report of Agriculture

for State of" (review), 170

Georgia, sheep husbandry in, 195

Gerardin, M., treatment of sew-

age, 284

Gerland, B. W., notes on vana-

dium compounds, 2

Girard, A., transformation of

saccharose into reductive

sugar during refining, 71

Gladstone, J. H., chemical de-

composition as illustrated by

water, 43

Glass, action of water on, 271

Globular thunderbolts, 92

Glucose, detection of, 154

Glycemia, critique on, 103

observations on 109

Glycerin, derivatives of, 153

Glycogen, oxidation-product of

with bromide, silver oxide,

and water, 153

Glycol, butylic, 63

Gold in pyrites, 94, 132, 152, 172

Goppelsræder, F., electrolysis of

the deriuatives of aniline,

phenol, naphthylamin, and

anthraquinon, 18

elementary analysis of electro-

lytic aniline-black, 21

Govi, M., cause of movements in

the raciometer, 40, 51

Graham, A., effects by addition

of sulphate of alumina in the

treatment of sewage, 197

Graz, communications from the

University Laboratory of, 153

Griffin, W., new gas-bottle, and

arrangements of apparatus

for applying sulphuretted hy-

drogen without smell and

avoiding its escape, 280

Greenstone at Terras Mine, oc-

currence of pharmacosiderite,

sc rodite, add olivenite in, 10

Grimaux, E., synthesis of allan-

toin, 51

Guanin in the urine of swine, 206

Guibourt, M., oil of wood, 85

Guignet, E., and G. O. de Almei-

da, a meteoric iron rich in

nickel, 238

and A. Telier, chemical com-

position of the water of Bay

of Rio de Janeiro, 238

Guillemaire, A., lighting by

means of products from re-

sinous trees, 163

Gundelach, C., derivatives of

isoxylene, 40

quino-acetate of calcium, 8
Guthrie, F., solid water, 161
Guyard, A., metallurgy of silver n
the moist way, 41
method of separating nickel
and cobalt, 255

HALL, M., blowpipe with spec-
troscope for mineralogists, 91


Heat and light, modifications of

eleomargaric acid produced

by, 272

Oxygen, combustion of organic
matters under the double
influence of, 9

colouration, 108, 132

probable consequences of the

theory of, 172

Heats of a gas, relation of the

two specific, 206

Hedrick, B. S., requisite amount

of simple friction of soft iron

against cold steel to melt it,


Heighman, W., "Practical Por

trait Photography" (review),


Hill, W. N., "Certain Explosive

Agents" (review), 272

Heisch, C., and A. Dupré, Prof.

Dittmar and the "Analyst,"


Henwoodite, 156, 172

Herbelin's method for expeditious
assay of cinchona barks, 261
Herland, L., process for the manu-

facture of soda from seaweed

by endosmotic lixiviation, 31
Herman, W. D., platinum com-
bustion tubes, 81

Herter, E., and E. Baumann,

action of homologues of phe-
noi on animal organisms, 270
Hesehus, M. N., application of

the electric current to the
study of the spheroidal state,

Hesperidin, 72
Hesse, O., behaviour of phenol

with the cinchonic alkaloids,

Heumann, K., representation of

the manufacture of sulphuric

acid, 270

theory of luminous flames, 152,

Hides, use of alkaline sulphides
in dressing, 52

Hildebrand, E. C. H., rapid filtra-

tion, 57

Hirn, G. A., maximum of the pos-

sible repulsive power of the
solar rays, 31
reply to by A. Ledieu, 83, 110

Hodgkinson, W. R., and G. C.

Matthews, oxidised product

formed during the reduction

of stannic ethide to stannous

ethide, 203

and H. C. Sorby, pigmentum

nigrum, 203

phospho- and arseno-cyanogen,


Hofmann, A. W., development of

the chemical arts during the

last ten years, 5, 13, 25, 33, 45,

55, 66, 78, 6, 118, 139, 149,
166, 180, 158, 197, 215, 220, 233,

P. W., extraction of sulphur

from pyrites, 218

"Homeopathy, Errors of" (re-

view), 70

Houzeau, A., determination of the

carbonic acid contained in

waters, 110

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of Graz University, communi-
cations from, 153,
Lamaltina, L., detection of wines
artificially coloured, 152
Laudrin, E., pepper and its adul-
terations, 154

Laurent, M., saccharimeter or

polarimeter, 284

Lauth, C., new class of colouring

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