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S42. Their doctrine of justification whom were the Remonstrants of Holis not popish, 188, 196, 218, 227. land, 105, 121--124. God hath now They are not against meditation,350. raised up a few illiterate men to be Their worship cannot be interrupted, dispensers of this truth, 125, 126, 353. And what they have suffered, 171, 172. This doctrine showeth 353_-356. How they vindicate li. forth the mercy and justice of God, berty of conscience, 482, 483. They 127, 144, 145. It is the foundation do not persecute others, 486. Their of salvation, 127. It answers to the adversaries confess that they are whole tenour of the

gospel promises found for the most part free from the and threats, 127. It magnifies and abominations which abound among commends the merits and death of others ; yet they count those things Christ, 127. It exalts above all the vices in them, which in themselves grace of God, 127. It overturns the they extol as notable virtues, and false doctrine of the Pelagians, Semimake more noise about the escape Pelagians, and others, who exalt the of one Quaker than of a hundred light of nature, and the freedom of among themselves, 488, 489. They man's will, 127. It makes the salvadestroy not the mutual relation that tion of man solely to depend upon is betwixt prince and people, master God, and his condemnation wholly and servant, father and son, nor do

and in every respe

to be of him. they introduce community of goods, self, 128. It takes away all ground 490. Nor say that one man may not of despair, and feeds none in security, use the creation more or less than 128. It commends the Christian reanother, 491.

ligion among infidels, 128. It showeth

the wisdom of God, 128. And it is Ranters, the blasphemy of the Ranters established, though not in words, yet

or Libertines, saying, that there is by deeds, even by those ministers that no difference betwixt good and evil, oppose this doctrine, 128. It dero239.

gates not from the atonement and Reuson, what need we set up corrupt sacrifice of Jesus Christ, but doth

reason, 45. Concerning reason, 55, magnify and exalt it, 134. There is 137, 138.

given to every one (none excepted) Rebekah, 340.

a certain day and time of visitation, Reconciliation, how reconciliation with in which it is possible for them to be God is made, 1984-204.

saved, 126, 146-152. The testimony Recreations ; see Plays.

of Cyrillus concerning this thing, 151. Redemption is considered in a twofold It is explained what is understood

respect; first, performed by Christ and not understood by this day, 130, without us; and secondly, wrought in 131. To some it may be longer, to us, 194, 195. It is universal ; God others shorter, 130. Many may outgave his only begotten Son Jesus live their day of visitation, after which Christ for a light, that whosoever be there is no possibility of salvation to lieveth in him may be saved, 104, them, 130. Some examples are al152-154. The benefit of his death leged, 131. The objections and those is not less universal than the seed of places of scripturewhich others abuse, sin, 103. There is scarce found any to prove that God incites men necesarticle of the Christian religion that sarily to sin, are easily solved, if they is so expressly confirmed in the holy be applied to these men, after the scriptures, 112--119. This doctrine time of their visitation is past, 130, was preached by the fathers (so call 145. There is given to every one a ed) of the first six bundred years, and measure of the light, seed, grace, and is proved by the sayings of some, 119 word of God, whereby they can be -121. Those that since the time saved, 126, 127, 145, 158—166. of the Reformation have affirmed it Which is also confirmed by the testibave not given a clear testimony how monies of Cyrill, and others, 156_ that benefit is communicated to all, 165. What that light is; see Light. nor have sufficiently taught the truth, Many, though ignorant of the outward because they have added the absolute history, yet have been sensible of the necessity of the outward knowledge loss that came by Adam, which is of the history of Christ; yea, they confirmed by the testimonies of Plato have thereby given the contrary party and others, 182, 183. Many have a stronger argument to defend their known Christ within, as a remedy to precise decree of reprobation, among redeem them, though not under that

denomination, witness Seneca, Cicero, nor sound reason, 4, 60, 83. They and others, 182—184. Yet all are are evident and clear of themselves, obliged to believe the outward his. nor need they another's testimony, 4, tory of Christ, to whom God bring 60, 61. They are the only sure, eth the knowledge of it, 135.

certain, and upmovable foundation Reformation, wherein it is not placed, of all Christian faith, 62. Carnal

269, 270. Mechanic men have con Christians judge them nothing neces. tributed much to it, 312. What hath sary; yea, they are hissed out by the been pernicious to it, 433.

most part of men, 18, 19. of old Relation ; see Quakers.

none were esteemed Christians, sa ve Religion, the Christian religion; see those that had the Spirit of Christ;

Christianity.--How it is made odious but nowadays he is termed a here.

to Jews, Turks, and Heathens, 431. tic, who affirms that he is led by it, Remonstrants of Holland ; see Armi 43. The testimonies of some con

nians, Redemption.—They deny ab cerning the necessity of these reve. solute reprobation, 55. How we lations, 20-22, 43, 44. By whose differ from them, 141. They exalt and what devices they have been too much the natural power and free brought out of use, 125. will of man, and what they think of Rerenge; see War, 529—551. the saving light, 169. Their worship Rule of faith and manners; see Scripcan easily be stopped, 354.

ture. Reprobation; see also Redemption.— Rustic, the poor rustic's answer given

What absolute reprobation is is de to the proud prelate, 279. He scribed, 105, 106. Its doctrine is brought a philosopber unto the Chrishorrible, impious, and blasphemons, tian faith, 297. 106-110. It is also so called by Lucus Osiander, 122. It is a new Sabbath, 332, 339. doctrine, and Augustine laid the first Sacraments, of their number, nature, foundation thereof, which Dominicus, &c. how much contention there hath Calrin, and the synod of Dort main been, and that the word sacrument tained, 106, 107, 122, 123. Also Lu is not found in scripture, but borther, whom notwithstanding Luther. rowed from the heathens, 390, 391. ans afterwards deserted, 192. It is 421. Its definition will agree to many injurious to God, and makes him the other things, 392. Whether they anthor of sin; proved by the sayings confer grace, 459. of Calvin, Beza, Zanchius, Paraus, Salvation, without the church there is Martyr, Zuinglius, and Piscator, 107, no salvation, 260. 108. It makes the preaching of the Samaria, the woman of Samaria, 438. gospel a mere mock and illusion, 110. Sunctification; see Justification. It makes the coming of Christ, and Saxony, the elector of Sarony, of the his propitiatory sacrifice to have scandal he gave to the Reformation, been a testimony of God's wrath, by being present at the mass, 383. 110. It is injurious to mankind, and Sceptic, 296. makes his condition worse than the School, without the school of Christ nocondition of devils, beasts, Jews thing is learned but mere talk, and under Pharaoh, and the same which a shadow of knowledge, 20, 21, 22.

the poets applied to Tantalus, 111. Whether public schools be neces. Revelation, God always manifested him

sary, 295. self by the revelations of the Spirit, Scriptures of truth, whence they pro4, 28, 29, 60. They are made seve ceeded, and what they contain, 6.), ral ways, 4. They have been always 66. They are a declaration of the the formal objects of faith, and 80 fountain, and not the fountain itselt, remain, 4, 31–46. And that not 65, 66. They are not to be esteemonly subjectively, but also objec ed the adequate primary rule of faith tively, 47-49. They are simply ne and manners, but a secondary, and cessary unto true faith, 4, 18,52, 62. subordinate to the Spirit, and why, They are not uncertain, 50, 51, 52. 65—90, 283. Their certainty is only Yea, it is horrible sacrilege to accuse known by the Spirit, 65, 66, 262. them of uncertainty, 43, 44. The They testify that the Spirit is given examples of the Anabaptists of Mun to the saints for a guide, 65, 78, 79, ster do not a whit weaken this doc 83–89. Their authority depends trine, 52, 56, 57, 59. They can not upon the church, or council, nor never contradict the holy scripture, upon their intrinsic virtue, but upon

the Spirit, nor is it subjected to the called Death, 103. Original sin, of corrupt reason of men, but to the this phrase the scriptures make no Spirit, 65, 81. The testimonies of mention, 103. By virtue of the saCalvin, the French churches, the sy. critice of Christ we have remission pod of Dort, and the divines of Great of sins, 135, 193, 194. Forgiveness Britain at Westminster concerning of sin among the Papists, 189, 190. this thing, 66, 67. The contentions A freedom from actual sin is obof those that seek the certainty of tained, both when and how, and that the scriptures from something else many have attained unto it, 230than the Spirit, 66, 67. Divers opi. 250. Every sin weakens a man in pions of the fathers (so called) con his spiritual condition, but doth not cerning some books, 67, 68. Con destroy him'altogether, 232. It is Curning the taking away, and the one thing not to sin, another thing not corruption of some places; the trans to have sin, 244, 245. Whatsoever lation, transcription, and various lec is not done through the power of tions of the Hebrew character, and God is sin, 351. of the Greek books, the interpreta. Singing of Psalms, 386. tion of the Septuagint, concerning Socinians, see Natural Light.Their the Hebrew books, and of admitting rasliness is reproved, 39, 40. They or rejecting some books,77–79. Of think reason is the cbiet rule and the difficulty of their explanation, 81, guide of faith, 39, 40, 54. Albeit 82. Augustine's judgment concern many have abused reason, yet they ing the authors of the canonical do not say, that any ought not to books, and concerning the trans use it; and bow ill they argue against scription and interpretation, 79. The the inward and immediate revelause of them is very profitable and tions of the Holy Spirit, 53–55. Yet comfortable, 68, 81. The unlearned they are forced ultimately to recur and unstable abuse them, 81. There unto them, 63. They exalt too much is no necessity of believing the scrip. their natural power, and what they ture to be a filled up canon, 88.

think of the Saving Light, 169. Many canonick books, through the Their worship can easily be stopped, injury of time, lost, 88. Whether 354. it can be proved by scripture that Son of God; see Christ, Knowledge, any book is canonical, 88, 89. They Rerelation. were some time as a sealed book, Soul, the soul hath its senses, as well as 295. To understand them there is the body, 23. By what it is strengthneed of the help and revelation of ened and fed, 350, 434. the Holy Spirit, 20—22. No man Spirit, the Holy Spirit; see Knowcan make himself a doctor of them, ledge, Communion, Recelation, Scripbut the Holy Spirit, 20—22.

tures.-- Unless the Spirit sit upon the Sect, the Ignatian sect loveth litera heart of the hearer, in vain is the dis

ture, 295. They call those that are course of the doctor, 21, 35. The sent unto India apostles, 308.

Spirit of God knoweth the things of Seed of righteousness, 349. The seed God, 28. Without the Spirit none of sin ; see Sin, Kedemption.

can say that Jesus is the Lord, 21, Self.denial, 349.

28, 29. He rested upon the seventy Semi-Pelagians, their axiom, Facienti elders and others, 32. He abideth

quod in se est Deus non denegat with us for ever, 37, 38. He teachgratiam, 122.

eth and bringeth all things to remem. Servant, whether it be lawful to say, I

brance, and leads into all truth, 39, am your humble servant, 498.

40, 45–48, 65, 66. He differs from Servetus, 480.

the scriptures, 39, 40. He is God, Shoemaker, he disputes with the pro 39, 40. He dwelleth in the saints, fessor, 296.

40–46. Without the Spirit ChrisSilence ; see Worship.

tianity is no Christianity, 41, 53, 67. Simon Magus, 315.

Whatsoever is to be desired in the Sin; see Adam, Justification. It shall Christian faith is ascribed to bim,

not have dominion over the saints, 70. 41. By this Spirit we are turned The seed of sin is transmitted from unto God, and we triumph in the Adam unto all men, but it is imputed midst of persecutions, 41, 42. He to none, no not to infants, except quickens, &c. 42. An observable they actually join with it by sinning, testimony of Calvin concerning the 91, 99-102. And this seed is often Spirit, 43, 44, 66. It is the foun

tain and origin of all truth and right · cide, 54. It is not a sufficient ground reason, 60. It gives the belief of for faith, 459. the scriptures, which may satisfy our Translations ; see Bible. consciences, 66. His testimony is Truth, there is a difference betwist more excellent than all reason, 66. what one saith of the truth, and that He is the chief and principal guide, which the truth itself, interpreting 76. He reasopeth with and striveth itself, saith, 20. Truth is not hard to in men, 146. Those that are led by be arrived at, but is most nigh, 20. the Spirit love the scriptures, 80, Turks, among them there may be mem262. He is as it were the soul of the bers of the church, 260, 261. church, and what is done without bim is vain and impious, 296. He is Vespers, 333. the Spirit of order, and not of disor. Voices, outward voices; see Faith Mider, 303. Such as the Spirit sets racles, apart to the ministry are heard of the brethren, 305. It is the earnest War, that it is not lawful for Chrisof our inheritance, 75.

tians to resist evil, nor wage war, Spiritual iniquities, 344. Spiritual dis. 490, 529—541. cerning, 469.

Washing of feet, 445, 446. Stephen spake by the spirit, 42. William Barclay, 476. Suffering, how Paul filled up that which Woman, a woman may preach, 305,

was behind of the afflictions of Christ; 312. Luther also, 271. how any are made partakers of the Word, the Eternal Word is the Son; sufferings of Christ, and conformable it was in the beginning with God, to his death, 242.

and was God; it is Jesus Christ, by Superstition, 327, 328. Whence super whom God created all things, 26, stitions sprung, 344, 389, 420.

132. Wbat Augustine read in the Supper ; see Communion Bread.-1t writings of the Platonists concerning

was of old administered even to lit. this Word, 184. tle children and infants, 460.

Works are either of the law, or of the

gospel, 220; see Justification. Tables, 451.

Worship, what the true and acceptable Talents, one talent is not at all insuffici. worship to God is, and how it is of.

ent of itself; the parable of the ta fered, and what the superstitious and lents, 151, 159. Those that improved abominable is, 327, &c. The true their talents well, are called good and worship was soon corrupted and lost, faithful servants, 219. He that im 398. Concerning the worship done in proved well his two talents, was no. the time of the apostacy, 333, 376. thing less accepted than be that im Of what worship is here handled, proved his five, 231.

and of the difference of the worship Tulk; see Plays.

of the old and new covenant, 329, Taulerus was instructed by the poor 330, 357-359. The true worship

laick, 285. He tasted of the love of is neither limited to times, places, God, 333.

nor persons, and it is explained how Testimony; see Spirit.

this is to be understood, 330, 331, Theseus, his boat, 311.

363–365, 373——376, 405, 406. Con. Thomas of Kempis, 334.

cerning the Lord's day, and the days Tithes were assigned to the Levites, upon which worship is performed,

but not to the ministers of this day, 332, 353. Of the public and silent 313, 314.

worship, and its excellency, 334 Titles, it is not at all lawful for Chris 366. Of preaching, 366—372. Of tians to use those titles of honour,

prayer, 372-386. Of singing of majesty, &c. 489, 493—503.

psalms, and music, 586, 387. What Tongue, the knowledge of tongues is sort of worship the Quakers are for, landable, 294, 295.

and what sort their adversaries, Tradition, bow insufficient it is to de. 388.

C. aud C. Whittingham, College House, Chiswick.

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