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as have no true Regard for Religion, "his Reward is with the Lord;" and that though He is anfwerable for his Fidelity, and Diligence, He is not fo for his Success.

May it be the conftant Endeavour of God's Minifters every where to be found faithful to their great Master, their own Souls, and the Souls of others, that (by divine Grace) they may be able to fay with the Apostle at all Times, more especially at the Hour of Death, (2 Cor. i. 12.) "My Rejoicing is this, the Teftimony of my "Confcience, that in Simplicity and godly Sincerity, not with fleshly Wisdom, but by the Grace of God, "I have had my Converfation in the. "World."



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July 20, 1774


An Extract from Archbishop SECKER'S firft Charge to his Clergy.


OD hath placed us in a Station of Difficulty and Labour; and alfo of Reproach and Contempt from great Numbers of Men: But ftill if we only learn to value our Function justly, and to love it fincerely, we shall be unfpeakably happier in discharging the Duties of it, than we poffibly can be in any Thing else. The Things, in which the World places Happiness are very Trifles. We may plainly fee them to be fuch now, if we will; and we shall fee in a little Time, whether we will, or not, that the only real Point of Moment is to have approved ourselves "good and faithful Servants" to our great Master. Let us all therefore bear in Mind continually how Matters will appear to us then; and heartily pray, and earnestly endeavour, "fo to pass through Things temporal, that we finally lofe not the Things eternal.”,


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TRACTS written by the Reverend JAMES STONHOUSE, M. D. formerly of St John's College, OXFORD; fold by J. F. and C. RIVINGTON in St Paul's Churchyard, London; -E. PALMER, in Wine-Sreet, Briftol: And to be had likewife of the Bookfellers in the Country on a fhort Notice.

RIENDLY Advice to a Patient, calculated for the Ufe of the Sick belonging to Infirmaries: Tho' the greatest Part of it is fuitable to every fick Perfon. The Twelfth Edition.


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2. Spiritual Directions to the Uninftructed in all Conditions of Life. The Thirteenth Edition.

3. St Paul's Exhortation, and Motive to fupport the weak, or fick Poor. A Sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of Salisbury, before the Prefident, Governors, and other Encouragers of the GENERAL INFIRMARY there. The Second Edition.

4. Admonitions against Swearing, Sabbath-breaking, and Drunkennefs; defigned for the Benefit of such as are guilty of one or more of these Vices. Priceid. and 6 s. a Hundred. The Seventh Edition. Twenty Thousand of thefe have been printed within the Space of two Years, by the SOCIETY for Promoting Chriftian Knowledge, and may be had by the Members on the Terms of the Society.

5.A fhort Explanation of the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, with fuitable Devotions. The Sixth Edition. Price 2 d. fingle, and 13s. a Hundred. This little Tract is principally defigned to be given away by well-difpofed Perfons to the common People, who cannot afford to buy Books, nor fpare much Time to read them: And it is hoped that it will anfwer the moft material Ends propofed by what are generally called Sacrament Books.

6. Prayers for the Ufe of private Perfons, Families, Children and Servants. The Eighth Edition. This is printed in fo cheap a Form as to fell for 3d.fingle, and 20 s. an Hundred, purposely to be given away by Parents to their Children, Mafters to their Servants, and Ministers to their Parishioners; and as it is in the Catalogue of fuch Books as are difperfed by the SOCIETY for Promoting Chriftian Knowledge, may be had by the Members on the ufual Terms.

NB. Thefe Prayers are printed in a larger Letter for the Use of fuch, as are advanced in Years. Price Sixpence.

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