A Classical Dictionary: Containing an Account of the Principal Proper Names Mentioned in Ancient Authors and Intended to Elucidate All the Important Points Connected with the Geography, History, Biography, Mythology, and Fine Arts of the Greeks and Romans. Together with an Account of Coins, Weights, and Measures, with Tabular Values of the Same

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Harper & bros., 1886 - 1458

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Strona 250 - ... feet high. In the side of the pile, a little below the summit, is very clearly to be seen part of another brick wall, precisely resembling the fragment which crowns the summit, but which still encases and supports its part of the mound. This is clearly indicative of another stage, of greater extent.
Strona 204 - God, the immortality of the soul, and a future state of rewards and punishments have been esteemed useful engines of government.
Strona 140 - Yet, instead of the simplicity of style and narrative which wins our belief, an elaborate affectation of rhetoric and science betrays in every page the vanity of a female author. The genuine character of Alexius is lost in a vague constellation of virtues; and the perpetual strain of panegyric and apology awakens our jealousy, to question the veracity of the historian and the merit of the hero.
Strona 248 - ... thickness. On the top of the arches were first laid large flat stones, sixteen feet long, and four broad : over these was a layer of reeds, mixed with a great quantity of bitumen, upon which were two rows of bricks, closely cemented together with plaster.
Strona 129 - Ampbldrömla, a festival observed by private families at Athens, the fifth day after the birth of every child. It was customary to run round the fire with a child in their arms ; whence the name of the festivals.
Strona 89 - He was chosen tribune of the people, and praetor, under Nero, and, unhappily, in the commotion which followed the accession of Galba, lost his mother as above mentioned. By Vespasian, whose cause he espoused, he was made a patrician, and governor of Aquitania, which post he held for three years. The dignity of consul followed, and in the same year he married his daughter to the historian Tacitus. He was soon...
Strona 248 - In the upper terrace, there was an engine, or kind of pump, by which water was drawn up out of the river, and from thence the whole garden was watered. In the spaces between the several arches, upon which...
Strona 296 - The public assemblies were held there, and the officers of state chosen, and audience given to foreign ambassadors. It was adorned with statues, columns...
Strona 107 - At a distance from the court, this great philosopher instructed him in all the branches of human knowledge, especially those necessary for a ruler, and wrote, for his benefit, a work on the art of government, which is unfortunately lost. As Macedon was surrounded by dangerous neighbours, Aristotle sought to cultivate in his pupil the talents and virtues of a military commander. With this view he recommended to him the reading of the Iliad, and revised this poem himself.
Strona 80 - At the age of 7 years, the boy was again received by his repentant father, and sent to Syracuse to learn the trade of a potter, where he continued to reside, being admitted by Timoleon into the number of the citizens. He was drawn from obscurity by Damas, a noble Syracusan, to whom his beauty recommended him, and was soon placed at the head of an army sent against Agrigentum. By a marriage with the widow of Damas, he became one of the most wealthy men of Syracuse.

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