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which will itself explain the views of those sacred gift, and to record the humble hope who offer it. This Bible was presented that its divine precepts may ever be to me, at Lewin's-Mead Chapel, Bristol, on the and to her with whom on that occasion 1 morning of her marriage, Nov. 8th, 1860, was so happily united, the guide and the to Lady Bowring, by Unitarians of both comfort of our coming days. hemispheres, friends and admirers of her “I remain, my dear Sir, with every Husband, with sincere wishes for their sentiment of respectful esteem, yours very united happiness.


JOHN BOWRING. Sir John Bowring, addressing the gentle- “To Wm. Wansey, Esq., Bognor.” men of the deputation, said, with deep emotion, “Believe me, I feel too much and too deeply to give adequate expression ELECTION OF MR. J. 0. LAWRENCE A8 to the thoughts and feelings which rush through my mind. On this day, and on

Some of our readers may not be aware this occasion, speech fails me to express that Mr. J. C. Lawrence, the zealous Sethe emotions by which I am moved. I cretary of the London District Unitarian will take an opportunity, when I am more Society, has just been elected an Alderequal to it, of putting on record some of man of the city of London for the ward of those thoughts and feelings, and will only Walbrook. The contest between him and say now that I thank you most warmly, Mr. Linklater,-in politics a Tory, in refor myself and Lady Bowring, for all your ligion belonging to the orthodox body, kind wishes, and for these most valuable

was a very severe one. Mr. Lawrence's testimonies of your regard.”

opponents worked the "religious question" The whole proceeding excited the deepest as much as possible to their advantage, interest throughout the congregation; and and inquired of the electors whether they at the close of the ceremony many eagerly would vote for a Unitarian. This induced pressed around the altar to inspect and several to withhold their votes, though admire the splendid gifts. We have received from Mr. Wansey for previously promised on behalf of Mr. Law.

But in spite of all the bigoted oppublication the following interesting letter, position raised on religious grounds, the the promised acknowledgment:

close of the poll shewed a majority of nine “Hotel du Louvre, Paris, votes for Mr. Lawrence. We rejoice at

Nov. 12, 1860. the result, as it is a triumph of liberal “My dear Sir,--In the history of a long principles, both in religion and politics, and eventful life, no circumstance has oc- over bigotry and intolerance; and we concurred of more touching interest than that gratulate Mr. Lawrence on the attainment which you associated with the memorable of a sphere of civic rank in which he may ceremonial of Thursday last.

find full scope for the exercise of his intel“Such a mark of the kindness and affec- ligence and public spirit in the promotion tion of my Unitarian friends, coming in so of Reforms as much needed, perhaps, on acceptable and appropriate a shape, could the one as on the other side of Temple not fail to awaken the strongest emotions Bar. To Dr. Cumming it may possibly of pleasure and gratitude.

afford another sign of the “Coming Deso"To yourself and to those you repre- lation”—and as good a one as some of his sented, allow me to convey the expression other “signs" -- that two Unitarians, of and to request the communication of the the same name and family, should now be deep emotion with which I received the found in the Court of Aldermen!

OBITUARY. Sept. 22, at the North Shore, Sydney, Oct. 27, Mr. ROBERT MUIR, for many FREDERICK PIPER, Esq., of the firm of years the zealous superintendent of the Levicks and Piper, son of Rev. H. H. Piper, Sunday-schools of the Church of the Divine formerly of Norton, near Sheffield. Unity, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Many inthe conscientious zeal of Mr. Muir in the and his death was calm, evincing the peace performance of the duties of the Sunday that passeth understanding. The simple school, and urged upon others to follow in Unitarian faith, the faith once delivered the footsteps of the departed.

fluential members of the church and a Oct. 14, at Belfast, Rev. Geo. HUTTON, large number of children belonging to the aged 54.

schools followed him to the grave, to shew

their affectionate respect to his memory. Oct. 24, at Liverpool, Lisa BEATRICE On the following Sunday morning, Rev. JOHNSTON, third daughter of Rev. W. H. William Newton conducted a funeral serCHANNING, aged 5 years and 7 months. vice in the church, in which he spoke of HALSEY. Miss ELIZABETH NORRIS, of Newport, Isle

to the saints, was found amply sufficient

to sustain and to cheer in the last hour. Nov. 5, at Edgbaston, Birmingham, The meek and humble servant of the Lord aged 78, Mr. WILLIAM READ, a native of has gone to his grave like a shock of cora Gloucester and many years an inhabitant in its full season. His departure bas left of Cheltenham, and a member of the Uni- an aching void in our hearts, but we are tarian congregation in that town. From consoled by the thought that it is "well Toryism and Trinitarianism he changed, with him."

T. B. when past middle life, to Liberalism and Unitarianism. He married first a daugh- Nov. 8, Sir CHARLES FELLOWES, aged 64. ter of a beneficed clergyman, and after. wards into a respectable Herefordshire Nov. 10, at Woodcote, near Liverpool, family. His four surviving children, two R. RATHBONE, Esq., aged 72. by each wife, know that in all the relations of life he was a kind and useful man. His Nov. 16, at Lampeter, in the county of eldest son is minister of Salem chapel, Cardigan, Rev. JOHN JEREMY, in the 78th King's Lynn.

T. J. R. year of his age. Nov. 8, at his residence, Freazeley, near Nov. 17, aged 65 years, at the house of Tamworth, John Lakin, Esq., in his 81st her son-in-law, the Rev. C. W. Robberds, year. Venerable alike for age and charac- Oldham, JUDITH ANN, the beloved wife of ter, this excellent man passed through a the Rev. T. C. HOLLAND, and sister of the long life in the quiet exercise of the vir- late Rev. J. G. Robberds, of Manchester. tues that adorn the Christian name and profession. Of him it may be truly said, Nov. 24, in the neighbourhood of his that in simplicity and godly sincerity he residence, Queen Square, Bloomsbury, the had his conversation in the world. He Rev. Dr. CROLY. He had only left home was the oldest member of the Tamworth a few minutes, and was seen walking apUnitarian society, and from his youth up parently in good health, when he staggered, had attended the chapel services there, fell, and almost immediately expired. He never being absent save from circumstances had been rector of St. Stephen's, Walbrook, beyond his control. His piety was fervent, for 25 years, and was much respected by steady and rational, the will of God being his flock. the actuating motive of his whole life;


Oct. 1, at the Octagon chapel, Colegate ATKINSON to Miss Ann GREENHAIGĖ, both Street, Norwich, Mr. W. R. Brock, Bed- of Swinton. ford-Cross Street, Unthanks Road, to Miss Nov. 2, at Belfast, by Rev. Dr. MontM. LEEST, Upper Walk, Market Place. gomery, Rev. JAMES M'FERRAN to JANE,

Oct. 23, at the Unitarian chapel, Knuts- widow of the late James CAMPBELL, Esq., ford, by Rev. H. Green, M.A., Mr. Wil- Belfast, and daughter of Rev. Jas. Carley, LIAM HOLLAND Cash, of Bridgwater, to

Antrim. Sarah Ann, daughter of Mr. Wm. WOOD, ham, by Rev. Thos. Cooper, Mr. CHARLES

Nov. 8, at the Old meeting, Framling, of Broadheath, Altrincham, late of Knutsford.

TURNER to MARY, only child of Mr. Daniel

both of that place. Oct. 27, at the Presbyterian chapel,

Nov. 8, at Bridport, by Rev. J. Lettis Stand, by Rev. T. E. Poynting, Rev. JOHN Short, ThomAS MUMFORD to ELIZABETH DAVIES, M.A., of Wootton-under-Edge, to

Nov. 26, at the Unitarian chapel, Belof Wight.

per, by Rev. Rees L. Lloyd, Mr. WILLIAN Oct. 28, at the Unitarian chapel, Swin- NEWBOLD to Miss Ann BOOTH, both of ton, by Rev. C. C. Nutter, Mr. WILLIAM Belper.


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