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The following list includes those who have been appointed Receiving agents by the Prudenty Committee, and also the Treasurers of auxiliary and co-operating Societiss. MAINE RHODE ISLAND


Providence, William Coggesla!! Charleston, James Lager
Batte, Rev. J. W. Ellingwood
Beat Centre, Rey. G. W. Cressey


ALABAMA Hailureil, B. Nasou

Deep Rirer, Fra Stich


Molate, Wiliam I. Ledyawl
Norwidgetrock, Cats in Selden
Portland, Francis Blake
Hartford, A. o. lianmond

Latelje, George C. Woodruff
Stro, 5. L: Goodale
Dansfield, %. Stor

Augusta w. Cs din

So ranneth, 8. W. Mercer
NEW HAMPE New Haret, F. 1. Jarmazı
Ciaremoni, E. u. Goddard


A. Tosinsend, Jr.
Concord, G. Hutchins
New London, Charles Butler

New Orleans, Moses Greenwood Dover, E. J. Lane

Norwich, F. A. Perkins
Exeter, Francis Grant

Rochrille, E. B. Preston
Keene, D. W. Buckminster
Thompson, J. B. Gay

St. Louis, Anson Comstock Nashua, J. A. Wheat

Wilton, Charles Marvin Plymouth, W. W. Russell


Columbia, Rev. William Mack

Brattleboro', F. Tyler
Albany, William B. Sprague, Jr.

Burlington, E. A. Fuller
Auburn, I. F. Terrill.

Ashtabula, 0. H. Fitch
Chelsea, L. Bacon
Buffalo, James Crocker

Cincinnati, George L. Weed
Middlebury, A. Wilcox
Catskill, Doct. J. Doane

Cleveland, T. P. Handy
Montpelier, G. W. Scott
Cherry Valley, D. H. Little

Elyria, Elijah De Witt
Royalton, C. B. Drake
Delhi, Rev. D. Torney

Hudson, Rev. H. Coe
Rutland, James Barrett
Geneva, G. P. Mowry

Marietta, Sala Bosworth
St. Albans, C. F. Safford
Gouverneur, H. D. Smith

Norwalk, C. L. Latimer
St. Johnsbury, E. Jewett

Ithaca, J. B. Williams
Windsor, J. Steele
New York, Almon Merwin

Plattsburgh, Lawrence Myers Chicago, William H. Brown
Rochester, Eben. Ely

Jacksonville, Rev. L. M. Glover Boston, S. A. Danforth

Salem, A. Eldredge
Great Barrington, James Sedgwick
Syracuse, Samuel Mead

Greenfield, Lewis Merriam
Troy, C. P. Hartt

Ann Arbor, W. C. Voorheis
Groton, Curtis Lawrence
Utica, James Dana

Detroit, Edward Bingham
New Bedford, H. Coggeshall
Watertown, Adriel Ely

J. S. Farrand
Newburyport, J. Caldwell

Westfield, Chau.co.S. H. Hungerford Kalamazoo, D. A. McNair Northampton, William H. Stoddard

Marshall, Charles Gorham S. W. Hopkins


MO oe, William H. Boyd Phillipston, C. Sanderson

Philadelphia, Henry Perkins Pittsfield, H. G. Davis

Randolph, Ebenezer Alden

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Milwaukie, Ira E. Goodall
Salem, C. M. Richardson
Washington, L. Coyle

Springfield, C. O. Chapin


San Francisco, Edward P. Flint Uxbridge, W. C. Capron

Baltimore, Rev. Elias Heiner, Tr. Ware, William Hyde

B. F. M. G. R. C.

OREGON TERRITORI. West Barnstable, W. Crocker

Oregon City, Rev. Geo. H. Atkinson Worcester, William R. Hooper


CANADA WEST. Wrentham, Rev. W. L. Ropes Richmond, Samuel M. Price

Toronto, Peter Freeland

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MISSIONARY HERALD. The price of the Herald is One Dollar, payable in advance, to those who receive by mail, or those who receive it at the Missionary House.

To those who receive it through agents or carriers, WITHOUT EXPENSE TO THE SELVES, the price will be, if IN ADVANCE, One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents.

To AGENTS who become responsible for the copies of the Herald distributed them, and pay for the same in advance, the price will be as follows: For any number of copies over 50 and under 100, 95 cents.

over 100, 90 cents.


JOURNAL AND YOUTH'S DAYSPRING. The JOURNAL MISSIONS AND YOUTH's DAYSPRING, issued monthly, is a fami missionary paper, being designed for parents and children; and it will be made up the best available materials. For a single copy the price is 25 cents a year: copies, sent to one order, will be furnished for $i; 16 copies, for $2; 24 copies, for & 40 copies, $5; and so on for any number of copies. All payments are to be made advance.

GRATUITOUS CIRCULATION OF THE JOURNAL. Churches are authorized to order, if they please, to be sent gratuitously, os copy of the Journal for every THREE DOLLARS contributed by them to the funds the Board, until the number shall be sufficient to supply every family in the congregati with a single copy. Orders should be sent on with the donations, or as soon after may be, with specific directions as to the manner in which packages are to be forwarden Orders should be addressed to

AUGUSTUS DURANT, Missionary House, 33 Pemberton Square, Bostoru

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