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other station have I seen so much evi lowed to think and act for herself. dence of spiritual life and activity among When a child, her parents think and act those who are called Protestants, and for her; and as soon as she is twelve or especially among the members of the fourteen years old, her parents give her church. Indeed, the Christian popula- away, virtually sell her, in marriage, to a tion generally of that city are character man she may have never seen.

As soon istically "wide awake.” Its merchants, as she is married, she is made to feel at it is said, are so sharp, that even the Jews once that she is the slave of her huscannot contrive to live in the city. Cer- band. In many cases, she is soon beaten tain it is, that there are no Jews resident by him, that she may learn her true posithere. So, when the people become tion. Often she is not permitted to speak Protestants, they are eminently working aloud in the presence of her husband, or men and working women. Yes, there of her father and mother-in-law, for many are working Christian women and girls months after her marriage, and sometimes in Cesarea. This is a very remarkable not for years. fact, and one replete with interest. On I have heard the following reason asthe Sabbath, I noticed that the women's signed for imposing this silence upon the room contained a larger number of bride. Ordinarily the sons, when they auditors than were seated in the men's marry, bring their wives to their father's

house. Sometimes there will be several Here a very important question is sug sons with their wives residing in the gested, viz: Why is it that the Cesarea same house, and living in common with women equal or excel the men in their the sons' parents. The mother-in-law readiness to receive the truth and labor often abuses these young women, and for its advancement, while the reverse of they also have frequent quarrels among this is almost universally true at the themselves. Now it is said, if these other stations ? The reason, as it seems

young women were allowed the free use to me, is found in the fact that the Cesa of their tongues, there would be no livrea women are in advance of those in ing in the house with them, such would any other city in the interior of Turkey, be the noise and confusion. I speak of in point of natural intelligence and this merely to show the servitude and mental cultivation. Many of them know social degradation of the women of this at least how to read; and this is an ac land. complishment possessed by few, comparatively, of the women of this country. woman here is still more deplorable than In most places here, it is considered use her social position, degraded as that is. Jess, and in some places a disgrace, for It has been said, that "ignorance is the & girl to learn to read. The people say, mother of devotion.” More true is it, "What profit is there in it? The girls that it is the mother of superstition. cannot become priests and teachers. If

Hence we find that the superstition of they learn to read, they will not take so the women of this country is in direct much interest in domestic affairs. 'They proportion to their ignorance. The will not make so good house-servants as

priests control them at their will. When now." This is the view ordinarily taken the gospel is presented to the people, the

women are not only not ready to receive Woman's Degradation.

it themselves, but oftentimes, with tears

and entreaties, try to dissuade their huswoman is the servant, bands from embracing it. In some places if not the real slave of man.

She is the women seem thus to be the chief never treated as his companion and

obstacle in the way of the reception and equal. She is not taught, or even al

progress of the truth.

- The moral and spiritual condition of

of this matter.

In this


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In view of facts thus alluded to, as to the 1855. “We have repeatedly been favored general condition of the female sex in Tur with the presence of Turks and Kuzzel-bash, key, Dr. Jewett proceeds to ask, “Cannot, who paid most respectful attention to the ought not, something to be done, more than preaching, and seemed to be interested in is now doing, to remove this most serious and what they heard. For several Sabbaths in soul-destroying evil ? something to educate succession, from two to five Kuzzel-bash were the women, or at least the girls, and thus present at both services." elevate them from their present degradation, Having made such general statements and place them in their proper position in respecting the condition of the work at Sivas, society,” and to urge the importance of female Mr. Parsons relates various encouraging in schools in the interior.

cidents, some of which will be published in the Journal of Missions, others are given


Waning Influence of Bishops.
General Statements.

I was informed recently, that the

bishop who sits at the monastery just ALLUDING to the fact that nearly a year has elapsed since he had “communicated any

outside the city, has been accustomed intelligence concerning the work of the Lord

to make a feast annually, and to invite, at Sivas,” Mr. Parsons gives as a reason for and in some cases coerce his people to this," the difficulty of securing a sufficiency attend, giving them to understand that, of precious moments of time for such a pur- they are expected to leave with him, in pose.” “My apology, therefore, is, not that

the shape of money, more than a full there was nothing to communicate, but that I lacked opportunity.” He refers, with grati- equivalent for their dinner. It appears, tude, to the generally good health of the that many of his people, the past year, mission families and of their people, and the utterly refused to appear at the Vank for general prosperity of their work at Sivas.

the purpose for which he invited them; The church had been diminished by the dis- whereupon he became exceedingly an mission of two to other churches and the exclusion of two; and increased by the addi

gry, made complaint to the Pasha, and tion of three by letter and one by profession, through him threatened to imprison those a young man who has gone to the Bebek who refused to come! So says a

current seminary. Others are wishing to be received. report. I have not heard, however, that “Our civil community has been increased by

any have as yet, for this cause, found the addition of seven men, and thus new avenues are opened through which to bring the

their way into prison; but I do hear, principles of Christianity to bear upon many

almost daily, things that show that the who, otherwise, would probably have remained bishop's authority over the people is not in the darkness of ignorance, superstition now what it was but a few years ago. and prejudice. One of these is a man of intelligence, wealth, and much influence.” Controversy about Pictures. From this man's testimony, he writes, “and more especially from the testimony of those

At the present time, a virulent controwho have not yet declared themselves Prot versy is in progress between this bishop estants, we have abundant evidence that the and several of the priests who officiate number is by no means small of those who, at the largest Armenian church in the in this city alone, have known and felt, that city. It appears that these priests, one. the truth is with us, and not in their church

of whom is a near neighbor to us, are or their bishops and priests; and who are even entertaining the hope that our cause

enlightened to such an extent as not will soon become so popular as to lead them only to feel that pictures of the Virgin to deem it safe to join us! They say, 'when are not to be worshiped, but also to you become strong in numbers, and have protest publicly against their use in the many rich men among you, then we too will

church. These priests read, and are declare ourselves Protestants.'” The average attendance upon public worship on the Sab- quite well acquainted with the gospel, bath, for the year ending December 31, was

and are using their influence towards forty-six ; sixteen more than the average for effecting the removal of the pictures,

and the substitution of purer worship. of those who are fully persuaded that The bishop, however, loving darkness their church system and public worship rather than light, maintains that the are very corrupt, but not " totally depictures must be used as aforetime, and, praved,are now strenuously at work

of course, vents his displeasure against in building up a new system, (a sort of the eyangelical priests as he has oppor- Eclectic,) out of what they are pleased tunity. Priest Capriel, (our neighbor,) | to denominate the good things yet to be

is most obnoxious to the bishop's wrath, found in the old church system. What probably because he is most enlightened, success attends their efforts does not yet

and most active in efforts for the reform- appear. I fear, however, that “the botation of their church worship. Indeed, tles will burst-the rent be made worse.”

he is stigmatized as “Protestant,” &c. Whereunto all these things will grow, it It appears that the priests who are at is not possible at present to divine. It enmity with the bishop, are laboring to is very evident, however, that the leaven make converts to their own mode of of the gospel is at work among the masthinking and acting, with the hope that ses in this city; and that in answer to ere-long, a number sufficient to furnish earnest, importunate prayer, and assidthem a comfortable support, will be uous, well-directed labor, many of those

induced to become their adherents; and who are now, so to speak, feeling after their labors are by no means without the truth as it is in Jesus, will yet find success. Indeed, one of the members the pearl of great price, and become of the new party, not deeming it wrong themselves, through divine grace, stars 10" do evil that good may come,” sug- in the diadem of our ever-blessed Regested that a small quantity of acid be

deemer. applied to the pictures, with a view to their destruction! The man who made

Relics Rejected. this suggestion is still connected with Within a few weeks past an itinerant the Armenian church, but often attends priest, carrying with him, as most precworship in our chapel.

ious relics, the bones of some saint, A few weeks since, our preacher, whom the people had never heard of, and Baron Yeghia, went to the church and for whose saintly character, consequently, remained some time, a silent witness of they could not vouch, came to the printhe idolatrous worship of the pictures ; cipal church of the Armenians, and but, constrained by the love of Christ, he summoned the populace to come and see at-last began to preach the gospel, and the wonderful things. He commenced was at once surrounded by attentive hear the process of removing the triple bandeis. The movement towards the preacher ages that enclosed the so-called sacred soon attracted the notice and excited the bones, (which, by the way, had never anger of the supercilious bishop, but all been broken,) and was proceeding slowly to-no purpose. The young man contin and solemly in his ludicrous undertaking, ved preaching the truth, and the priests when, lo! some of the people coolly above alluded to rallied around him, and but decidedly informed him that they began to maintain the truth of the sen had no need of any such relics; that iments he had just advanced. During they had been deceived for a sufficiently the “ no small stir” thus occasioned, long time, and with ample frequency, in baron Yeghia withdrew from the church, the very manner in which he was now

and the priests kept up the discussion on attempting to deceive them ; and that he their own responsibility.

might pack up the bones and depart!

They said moreover : “ If there were eviEclecticism.

dence of your being poor, and in need of is reported that a party, composed / assistance, we would, on your asking,

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have given you some money; but as for In September last, five of this people these bones, we have need of them no attended our worship on the Sabbath, longer.” This has occurred quite re and the next day called upon me. They cently, in the largest church in the city, declared themselves Protestants; said and but a few hundred rods from the that on account of their giving up their Protestant chapel. Verily the bones of idolatrous customs and adopting a new the saints will be obliged to run away religion, they were then suffering perse. even from the Armenian churches, ere cution ; that they had been imprisoned long; and the pictures, and crosses, and by the governor of their village, who candles, and other articles hitherto used a Turk, and is influenced thus to perse in an idolatrous manner, be made to cute them by their idolatrous Koordish follow in their track. The Lord hasten connections ; that they received the it in his time!

gospel some months ago, and were per

suaded that therein alone could true. The Bookseller-Street Preaching.

religion be found, &c. From that time Our good deacon, who acts as physi

onward, some of them were present cian's assistant and as our bookseller, is

almost every Sabbath service. One of doing a good work.

At the shop where them, a young man, bought a copy of the our books and medicines are sold, he has

New Testament in Turkish, took it tog daily discussions with the Armenians, his native village, and was again violently, and is not a little encouraged by what

persecuted. His Testament was taken his eyes see and his ears hear of the

from him, he was cast into prison, and progress of evangelical doctrines. He

then, by force, was enrolled among the says, on

two good men could find soldiery, who had been sent to fight enough to do in the market places, in against the rebellious mountain Koords the way of preaching Christ crucified. and, at last accounts, after having sufThe passers-by, almost without excep- fered all manner of cruel treatment from tion, are ready to listen attentively, and

the cavasses and others, was sent on at almost any hour, to one who holds foot, with chains about his neck, forth the doctrines of evangelical reli

Stamboul. But all this he endured gion. It is questionable whether such a

without once yielding up, or refusing to one is any more liable to interruption or

avow his faith in the gospel! Those insult than is one who attempts what is

who came frequently to our houses, solica termed “street preaching," on Boston ited, most importunately, that we would

We feel deeply our need of send them a preacher and teacher. They laborers, but, alas, can find none.

expressed a willingness to suffer still for harvest :ruly is plenteous, but the labor

their newly adopted faith-to “suffer ers are few."

even unto death,” rather than deny Him Many books, mostly Bibles and Testa

who alone is able to save. They say ments, in Turkish, Armeno-Turkish, that the number of these new converts Græco-Turkish, Greek, and Armenian, is not far from thirty houses--or about have been disposed of during the past one hundred souls. When they last year.

visited us, they said they had been The Kuzzel-bashHelp Wanted. driven from their homes, and were living At the close of his letter, Mr. Parsons

where they best could, among their kinmakes the following important and cheering dred and friends. We promised them statements respecting the Kuzzel-bash, a that we would make strenuous efforts to people whose peculiarities, and whose inter

secure the services of a preacher. esting state of mind in relation to the truth,

them. have been many times referred to by different missionaries; and then again, in a few

It was most painful to be compelled to moving words, calls for help.

send them away without a guide, with


66 The

out a companion and friend who might | Scriptures and prayer, and meetings were teach them the way of God more per appointed for Saturday and the Sabbath. fectly, and point out to them the straight

On Saturday, Mr. Richardson preached in and narrow path that leadeth unto life the morning, to a congregation of about eternal. And it is more painful still, thirty-five. Services were held again at the that up to the present time we have been chapel in the afternoon, conducted by Baron utterly unable to find a man ready to go

Krikor; and in the evening, a meeting was

appointed at the room occupied by the misamong them. Again I am constrained

sionaries, which was filled. to say, "The harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few." 66 Come over

Candidates for Church Membership. and help us !” This cry coines to our

On making inquiry, at this evening meetears with a freshness, a heart-rending ing, it was found that two men and four woearnestness, which, I fear, is not heard men wished to be received to the church. The in America as it should be heard. If following account is given of their examinathere is anything, this side eternity,

tion :

adapted to move the human soul, it is the The men were examined, and we were

mournfully say,

cry of those who, anxiously, tearfully, surprised and pleased at the satisfactory

“ Come and help us, or answers which were given by them. One we die!" * * It is a blessed, a holy, a of these men is Baron Hohannes, a goldheart-satisfying work. Angels would smith, who has a son in the seminary at gladly engage in it. Who, then, of the Bebek. The other was Baron Marderos, young men of America, dare say-God a coal dealer. He has since been called does not require, does not permit me to to suffer persecution, the immediate cause engage in it?

of which was, perhaps, this act of his in publicly professing Christ before men.

Besides the wives of Baron Abgar and ARABKIR.

his son, there were two other women, LETTER FROM MR. POLLARD, JANUARY both whose husbands had previously 14, 1857.

joined the church. One of these was so Visit to Keban Maden.

deaf, that it was impossible to examine

her in conversation. With regard to MESSRS. Pollard and Richardson, accompanied by their helper, Baron Krikor, had re

the others, we were much pleased to witcently visited Keban Maden, on the banks of

ness the intelligence and knowledge of the Euphrates, and werc greatly cheered by the Scriptures, which their examination " the encouragement which the Lord has giv- displayed. Sometimes answers to quesen to his people in that city.” Mr. Pollard tions were given in the very language of

Scripture, the most appropriate. Their We were very cordially received by examination did great credit, we thought, our native helper, Baron Bedros, and the to the ability and fidelity of our native family. He and his wife reside with his helper in instructing his people. It was father, Baron Abgar, who is also a Pro- conducted by Mr. Richardson, while testant and a member of the church, and questions were occasionally proposed by has a family of three children besides others present. The fourth woman, the Baron Bedros. His wife and his son's one afflicted with deafness, had the teswife united with the church on the fol- timony of all to her consistent and Chrislowing Sabbath, so that it may now well tian character, and Baron Bedros, who be called a very pleasant and Christian was well acquainted with her, seemed to family

. In the evening, a number of the feel that she was as worthy as the others brethren and Protestants came in, and we

to be received ; and what were we, that enjoyed a pleasant season for conversa

we could withstand this best of evidence, tion, which was closed with reading the the testimony of those who knew her


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