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Rahway, T. Morris,
Trenton, 3d pres, ch,

. Bloomfield, Pres. ch.

10 00 26 00 51 12-510 00

601 56

Board of Foreign Miss. Ref. Dutch. ch.

C. S. Little, Tr.
Philadelphia, R. D. ch. 100; Scudder
miss, so. for Arcot m. 130;

230 00 Harrisburg, Rev. J. C, for a Chinese convert at Fuh-chau,

20 00 Manayunk, 1st pres. ch. m. C.

8 20 Mt. Pleasant, Pres. ch. :

50 00 Philadelphia, Ist do. P. 25; fem. s. s. $25; A. White, 100; G. W. Toland,

25; A. R. Perkins, 50; W. L. Rideburn, 25; Indep. pres. ch. Mrs. Chambers, 25; Calvary, pres. ch. m. C. 45,39; Union m. c. 90,89; K. M. Linnard, 30; I. I. Baker, -20; Arch st. pres. ch.5;

466 28 Springville, m. C.

2 00 Brov, 8. W. P.

10 00 Wattsburgh, Pres.ch.

5 00 Wellsboro do.

20 00—581 48

811 48

DELAWARE. Newark, W.A.C.

10 00 Bt. George's, Pres.ch.

45 00 WilmingtonHanover st. ch. m. C. 66,75; fem. miss. so. wh. and prev. dona. cons. JAMES T. BIRD an H.M. 37,50;

101 25-159 25 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Washington, 1st pres. ch. miss. asso. 323 55

VIRGINIA. Mitchell's Station, W. S.

10 00 OHIO. Columbus, Pres. ch.

15 00 Harmer, É. M. H.

1 00 Logan, É. T.R.

2 00 Nelson, C. C. F.

2004-20 00 INDIANA. Bethany, Mrs. M. S.

4 00 Gosport, Mrs. W. 1; Mr. F. 50c. ; Mrs. K. 50c.;

2 00 Spencer, Mrs. A.

2 00 Vandalia, Pres. ch. 7; Mr. and Mrs. T. 8. M. 10;

17 00—25 00

1,50; Palmer, 10;

32 00 10 00

ILLINOIS. Brighton, A family,

20 00 Chicago, 2d pres. ch. 650; ded. disc.

612 50 Danville, Pres. ch. 22; Miss C. oliett, Ist cong. ch. Mendon, Cong. ch. and so. 22,78; 8. $.for ed, in Madura, 8;

30 78 Moline, Ch. and so

26 00 Quincy, 1st cong. ch.

41 00
Rockford, La. miss. so. (of wh. for
Mrs. Bridgman's sch. at Shanghai,
25:) 53,55; zd cong. ch. (of wh. fr.
TD. Robertson to cons. WILLIAM
T. ROBERTSON an H. M. 100 ;)

441 83
Bock Island, F. H. Boyden, wh. cons.
WATT BOYDEN, of Sheffield, an

100 00-1,347 11


MICHIGAN, Adrian, 1st pres. ch. Allegan, Pres. ch. m. c. Jonesville, S. 8. for ed. in. Madura, 48,87 ; S. B. y.1; Lapeer, Pres. and cong. chs. London, Rev. W. H. South Haven, m. C.

Appleton, Cong. ch. m. c.
Delavan, do.

Milwaukie, Plymouth ch. and so.
Platteville, Cong. ch. m. C.
Racine, Pres. ch.
Summit, 1st do. m. C.

10 00
14 50
10 00
110 91
50 00
63 00
31 50-292 91

Denmark, s. 8. for Mr. Sturges, Mi-
cronesia m.

4 00
Dubuque, 2d pres. church, 34 ; J. W.
Smith, 13;

47 00
Tipton, Rev. M. K. Cross, 10; C. W.

Brundage, 10; S. D. 5 ; Mrs. M.C.
50c. ; A. J. G. 50c.; ded. disc. 50c. ; 25 50—-76 50

La Grange, Mrs. E. W.

5 00

Bowling Green, Miss T. L. Pierce,

13 50

Blountville, J. N. R. 2; R. K. l;
Bristol, Rev. J. A. R.
Dover, H. E. R.
Kingsport, J. Lynn,

3 00
3 00
4 75
10 00--20 75

Burnt Fort, H. N. B.

2 00

Fort Myers, S. Loomis,

7 00

Excelsior, Cong. ch. m. c.
St. Anthony, Ist do.

1 80 20 00

21 80

11 91

Aintab, by Rev. A. T. Pratt,
Choctaw na. Bennington, ch. 22,35; Good-

water, Miss M. E. Denny, for a child in
Mr. Bushnell's sch. Gaboon, 16; Mt.

Pleasant ch. 40,7+; Six Town, ch. 10,65 ;
Chickasaw, Ch.
Dakota, Rev. S. W. Pond,
Kohala, Sandw. Isls. A friend, to cons. Mrs.

LUCY D. GILMAN, of Hallowell, Me. an

H. M.
Montreal, Can. Jacob De Witt, to cons.

St. Andrews, C. E. Pres. ch.

89 74
15 20
10 00

100 00

100 00 35 00

361 85

23,940 72

Donations received in February,

64 00

$24,004 72

X TOTAL from August 1st to
February 28th,

$154,110 39


(See details in Journal of Missions.) Amount received in February, included in

the above sum,

$ 411 99

70 00 10 00

9 87
23 00
2 75
1 00-116 62

Boston, Ms. Clothes line hooks, fr. a friend.
New York City, 12 sets "Researches in Pal-

estine,” (3 vols. and atlas,) and 13 copies
“ Later Researches in Palestine," with

100 00


PACKET. RECEIVED IN JANUARY. MAINE.-Calais, Centre s. s. 30; Camden, cong. S. s. 17; Hallowell, cong. s. s. 26; Machias, s. s. 3,51; Paris, chil. 50c. ; Portland, Iligh st. s. s. 40; 2d par. s. s. 50; Wilton, s. s. 50c.-167 51,

NEW HAMPSHIRE.-Bath, s. s. 10c.; Concord, West par. cong. s. s. 8,55; East Jaffrey, chil. 2; Exeter, Miss E. G. 300.; M. J. 0.1; Hampton, cong. s. s. 8,10; Loudun, C. C. W.l; Mont Vernon, George S. l; Nashua, Olive st. s. s. Juv. sew. circle, 23; North Hampton, cong. s. s. 25; Raymond, cong. s. s. 7,10; Windham, s. s. 11,56.-39 31.

VERMONT.-- Ascutneyville, s. s. 2; Coventry, m. c. 3; Orwell, s. s. 13; Vergennes, cong. s. s. 1; West Charleston and Ilolland, small chil. 3.-22.

MASSACHUSETTS. — Acton, cong. s. s. 8,60 ; Boston, Park street s. s. 51,72 ; Nellie Haynes, 10c.; Boylston, children, by Rev. J. G. B. 21,80; Burlington, s. s. 6,03; Byfield, s. s. 7,52 ; Cambridgeport, 1st cong. s. s. 50,60; Cambridge, C. L. S. 10c.; Chatham, cong. s. s. 7,27 ; Chelsea, Plymouth cong. $. s. 5,60 ; Dedham, lst cong. s. s. 16; a friend, l; Fall River, Central s. s. 50; Gardner, 1st cong. s. s. 13; Georgetown, cong. s. s. 4; Great Barrington, cong. S. S. 20,40; Groton, Union ch. and so. s. s. 1,60; Greenwich, s. s. 8; Greenfield, chil. by C. C. Carpenter, 10: Harwich Port, Pilgrim ch. s. s. 4,70; Heath, Rev. E. B. E. for chil. l; Lawrence, s. D. 1,50; Lcwell, Kirk st. s. s. 14,64; Appleton st. s. s. 3; Marshfield, 2d Trin. s. s. 7; Melrose, Ortho. cong. s. s. 7; Mendon, cong. s. s. 10; Methuen, cong. s. s. 1,70; Newton Lower Falls, A. M. H. and M.O. 11. 20c. ; Newburyport, s. s. 1; Northampton, 1st par. s. s. 3,50 ; North Andover, Trin. cong. s. s. 1; North Scituate, s. s. 20c.; North Wrentham, s. s. 4,20; Paxton, cong. s. s. 1; Quincy, eran. cong. s. f. 15,10; Reading, cong. s. s. 25; Rowley, Mr. Pike's s. s. 5,81; Rutland, s. s. 3; Shrewsbury, s. s. 1,60 ; South Dedham, cong. s. s. 4,30 ; South Hadley, M. J. T. 10c.; Stockbridge, s. s. 50c.; Sunderland, cong. s. s. 6; Sutton, cong. s. s. 9; Taunton, Trin. cong. s. s. 21,57; Waltham, ortho. cong. 8. s. 25; Wayland, Grace f. and F. T. F. 2; West Newbury, 2d cong. s. s. 1,35; West Boxford, s. s. 3; Unknown, Sarah and her mother, 1,20; three chil. 300.-472 84.

CONNECTICUT.-Cromwell, s. s. 35c.; Darien, cong. s. s. l; East Hampton, chil. 2; East Windsor, 2; Fairfield, s. s. 10; Hadlyme, s. s. 51c. ; Hartford, South ch. s. s. 24; Ledyard, cong. s. s. 2; Mansfield, S. S. 4; Moosop, Central Village s, s. 6,60; New Haven, sundries, 90c.; Norwich, ist so. s. s. 1; North Haven, Centre cong. s. s. 6; North Stamford, cong. s. s. 4 ; North Woodstock, s. s. 4,80; Orange, 8. 8. 36,53; Preston, 1st so. s. s. 6; Redding, T. M. A. 70c.; Roxbury, s. s. 15; Salisbury, 0. Jewell, 1; Southington, s. s. 8; Stanwich, 6. s. penny miss. so. 3,12; Thompson, cong. S. s. 1,12; Watertown, cong. 8. 8. 18.-158 63.

NEW YORK.-Brockport, s. s. 6,50; L. R. 4; Brooklyn, Middle R. D. S. s. 11,70; East R. D. s. s. 18,50 ; Mount Prospect miss, s. s. 5lc. ; 3d pres. s. s. 1; Cohoes, pres. s. s. 8; Evans Centre station, chil. of C. T. Carrier, 1; Elmira, pres. s. s. 2; Fredonia, Baptist s. s. 1,75; Methodist brethren, 75c.; Galway, 1st pres. s. s. 4; Geneva, R. D. s. s. 7; Hornellsville, Rev. H. P. for chil. 2; Heuvelton, cong. s. s. 6,27: Irvington, pres. s. s. 10; Johnstown, pres. s. s. 6; Irid, chil. 16c.; Morrisania, cong. s. s. 80c.; Nichols, s. s. 50c. ; New York city, 5th av. South R. D. S. s. 2; chil. of J. N. Olcot, 1; Centre st. miss. sch. 2; A. L., H. L., R. M., and Z. L. Edward, 2; E. and H. Spencer, 1; Mercer st. 8. s. 3,30; Bethesda Baptist miss. s. s. 10,52; 10th st. pres. s. s. 100; Spring st. pres. s. s. 20,86; A. E. V. M. 18c.; North Granville, pres. s. s. 10; Owego, cong. s. s. 10; Potsdam, pres. s. s. 7,50; Portville, pres. s. s. 2,69; Peeksville, Infant s. s. pres. ch. 1,48; Rocky Point, s. s. 5,30; Ridgebury, Juv. miss. so. 15; Roxbury, pres. s. s. 2,30 ; Sag Harbor, pres. s. s. 23; Sand Lake, s. s. 60c.; Southampton, pres. s. s. 20 ; Shelter Island, s. s. 2,13; Suspension Bridge, s. s. 2; Tarrytown, 2d_R. D. s. 8. 8; Triangle, s. s. l; West Farms, Mrs. E. W. l;

Wolcott, s. s. 6; West Utrecht, 2; Yonkers, pres. 8. s. 5,63.-36093

NEW JERSEY. - Bloomfield, s. s. 1; Bound Brook, Ist R. D. s. s. 14,24; Deckertown, T. A. W. and E. A. P. 1; Harlingen, R. D. s. s. 20,40;

Ho boken, 1st pres. s. s. 3,70: Jersey City, s. s. 7; Mor ristown, J. D. C. l; Middletown, R. D. S. & 1 Millstone, R. D. s. s. 2,60; Newark, 2d pres. 7; 6th pres. do. 5,10; R. H. l; Orange, 1st pres. s. s. 2,50 ; Perth Amboy, Miss J. Felton, 3 ; Prince ton, Queenston miss. sch. 3 ; Schraalenburgh, R.D. S. S. 850.-74 39

PENNSYLVANIA.—Muncy, s. s. 16,40; Philadelphia, G. M. P. 10c.; Green Hill s. s. 6'; Pittsburgh, Wm. S. P. B. 1; Scranton, Welsh cong. s. s. 2,80 Summit Hill, Welsh cong. s. s. 25; West Chester, by Miss A. R. 5; Williamsport, 0. ś. pres. 8. 6. 59 30

DELAWARE.—Wilmington, Central pres. S. 25

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA.—Washington, A.C. W.3; W. T. Y. 90c.-3 90

OHIO.-Cincinnati, Charles Farnum, 20c. f 8th pres. s. s. 2; German pres. s. s. 2; Columbusilst cong. s. s. 8; Cumberland, s. s. 8,45; East Orange, s. s. 1; Homer, lst pres. s. s. 14,60; Ironton, pres 8. S. 9; Jackson, four chil. l; Marietta, Maggie Orr, dec’d, 1; Medina, 1st cong. s. s. 2; Montgom ery X Roads, chil. per Rev. N. L. F. 1; New Richmond, pres. s. s. 2; Portsmouth, pres. s. s. 3; Pa tascula, South Fork s. s. 2; Putnam, pres. s. s.6; Streetsborough, s. s. 3; Troy, pres. s. s. 3; Union 0. S. pres. s. s. chil. miss. box, 17,25; Wellington, 1st cong. s. s. 2,69; Yellow Springs, a boy, 100 Youngstown, pres. s. s. 13,40.-101 69

INDIANA.-Indianapolis, 4th pres. s. s.-8

ILLINOIS.-Augusta, Pres. 8. s. 2,50; Chicago, Edwards ch. s. s. 11,52; Crystal Lake, cong. 8. 8.55 Danville, pres. s. s. 10; Geneva, cong. s. s. 5; Freeport, pres. s. s. 16,50; Northville, Ist pres. s. 84 Pittsfield, cong. s. s. 4,98 ; Springfield, chil. of Mrs. W.3; Waltham, pres. s. s. 72c. ; Warsaw, s. s. 6,25. -69 47

MICHIGAN.--Armada, Cong. s. s. 3; Detroit,
pres. cong. and miss. s. s. by J. S. F. 36,26; Grand
Haven, M. Van den B. and P. Van den B. Jr., 2,503
Lower Saginaw, pres. s. s. 4; Stony Creek, pres, ..
S. 4,13; White Lake, per J. S. F. 2,50.--52 39

WISCONSIN.-Manitowoc, s. s. 2,50; Milwau-
kie, a miss. sch. 4; Monticello, pres. s. $. 3,10;
Neenah, s. s. 2; Raymond, T. M. E. and J. Loomis,
30c.; Shullsburg, cong. s. s. 5,50 ; Whitewatery by
T. Kinney, 3.-20 40

IOWA.-Cedar Rapids, 1st pres. s. s. 3; Den mark, s. s. 21,90; Knoxville, L. E. and M. A. 30c. ; Le Claire, cong. s. s. 1,80.-27

MISSOURI. - Cape Girardeau, a little sch. by Mrs. M. E. P. 4; Troy, chil, of s. s. 1,10; Springfield, nine chil. 2,10.—7 20

TENNESSEE.-Athens, ten little boys, 1; Green-
ville, s. s. 7.-8

KENTUCKY.-Newport, 2d pres. 8. 8.-2 25
LOUISIANA.-New Orleans, 4th pres. $. 8.-16

CALIFORNIA.-San Francisco, Geary st. 8. S.
-21 48

and M. Francis.-1

FOREIGN LANDS, &c.-Arabkir, Turkey. Ellen
Richardson, 1.-Athens, Greece. Wm. C. King, 2.
Berlin, Prussia. F. A. Dodge, 5.-Dakota Miss. Coll.
by G. A. Robertson, 7,80.-Jaffna, Ceylon. Chil. of
niiss'y, 2,50.- London, Eng: Ray Dodge, 3.-Park
Hill, Cher. Miss. Fem. Sein’y, 3; M. A. Reese,
per. Rev. S. A. W. 1.-Pine Ridge, Cherokee Na.
and E. Dwight, 1,50.--Syria. Mr. Calhoun's chii
3; Mr. Hurter's chil. l; Mr. Calhoun, 1.-Trebi
zond, Turkey. Two miss'y chil. 200.-Van Buren,
Choctaw Na. Ten chil. 1.-34

Amount received in January,
Previously acknowledged,


1,802 69

24,778 48 $ 26,581 1


Excess of Expenditure,

$ 36,189 70 The receipts, in each of the last three years, were less than in the year 1853; and less, on the whole, by some twenty thousand dollars, than if there had been no falling off. With no increase in the expenditure of the past three years, there would still have been a debt of $8,000; and $28,000 of the debt results from there having been a growth in the missions, but none in the receipts. In so vast a system of missions, should there not be a yearly growth of nine thousand dollars? Had the Spirit been poured out in Syria, India, China, as once at the Sandwich Islands, the growth and the consequent expense would have been far greater. We must pray less, or give more. The Prudential Committee could not have made the expenditures of the missions ally with the amount of contributions, except by a process similar to that which parents would find it necessary to employ to prevent the growth of their children. An annual increase of $9,000 in the receipts of the Board, would defray the cost of the nissions. Such a scope for development is essential to spiritual health.

The appropriation of $350,000 for the year 1857, involved no sudden and great expansion. Many give for current expenses more cheerfully, than for arrearages. But there are also large-hearted friends, who will gladly aid in removing the debt, without diminishng their ordinary subscriptions. They will see, too, the great importance of its being at once removed.

A separate account is opened on the cover of the Herald for the liquidation of the lebt ; so that all who desire to assist in its removal can do so; while those who prefer o contribute only towards the current expenses, will have no apprehension that their lonations will be applied to the debt.

The following note has been received, and the money paid :-“A gentleman of Boston will give $5,000 to the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Misions towards liquidating the debt of the Board, hoping that others may make up the ull amount ; this to be given without any diminution of the annual subscription.” Missionary House, March, 1857.

Boston, Ms., A friend,

$ 5,000 00
Conway, Ms., Four indiv.

35 00 Connecticut, A friend,

1,000 00
Conway, N. H., Cong. ch.

5 00 Vermont, A friend,

500 00

Cromwell, Ct., R. B. S. A Clergyman, 500 00 East Hawley, Ms., H. Seymour,

5 00 Saratoga, N. Y., R. H. Walworth,

325 00 Freeport, Me., L. Conklin, Boston, Ms., A lady,

50 00 Fall River, Ms., Dr. Nathan Durfee, Dorchester, Ms., James Clap,

50 00 Farmington, Ct., E. L. Hart, East Hampton, Ms., Samuel Williston, 200 00 Hardwick, Vt., Miss U. Stevens. New York city, C. B. Conant, 200 00 Hinesburgh, Vt, Iudly.

15 00 Woodburn, nii., Cong. ch.

53 00 Ipswich, Ms., A friend, (of 1st cong. ch.) 100 00 Albany, N. Y., A friend,

50 00 Hanover, Mich., Miss Eliza Page, A Bookseller, 500 00

10 00

Indiana, K. Boston, Ms., Abner Kingman, 500; Joseph

Marblehead, A friend,

20 00 S. Ropes, 100; a lady of Essex st. ch.

Franklinville, N. Y.

5 00 650 00 Massachusetts, A friend,

100 00 Champlain, N. Y., 1st pres. ch.

85 00 Middlefield, Ms., Rev. M. Harrington, Choctaw na., A missionary,

100 00 Monroe, Mich., Geo W. Bruckner, Dorchester, Ms., Mrs. R. Blake,

50 00 Monson, Ms., J. R. Flynt, Fitzwilliam, N. H., Dexter Whittemore,

100 00 Naugatuck, Ct., A friend, Knox Corners, N. Y., John J. Knox, 100 00 New York City, William E. Dodge, 1,000 Newark, N. J., William Myer,

50 00 Jas. C. Holden, 30; W. M. Halsted, 150 ; Westernville, N. Y., Pres. ch. 50; Miss S.

Miss I. Johnson, 10;

1,190 00 100 00

10 00

Pine Ridge, Choc. Na., A friend,
Under $50, prev. acknowledged,

472 03 Philadelphia, Pa., A medical student, 10;
W. L. Hildeburn, 10;

20 00 Since received :

Roxbury, Ms., A friend, Bangor, Me., Soc. of Inq. Theo. Seminary,


MISSIONARY PHYSICIANS. Missionary Physicians are needed at Gawar, among the Mountain Nestorians; in the central parts of the Armenian field; in the Madura mission of Southern India ; in the Zulu mission of Southern Africa; in the Fuh-chau mission in China ; and in the Micronesia mission. Physicians of unquestioned piety, sound health, a love for their profession, and a love for souls, are greatly needed in the abovenamed missions under the care of the American Board. Cannot the over-crowded profession furnish the men ?

ANNUAL REPORTS OF THE BOARD. WANTED, for use at the Missionary House in making up sets, the Annual Reports of the Ainerican Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, for the years 1822, 1823, 1824, 1825, 1826, 1828, 1829, and 1831. For most of these years there are no copies on hand, and friends who may have any of them to spare, will confer a great favor by sending them to the Secretaries, Missionary House, Pemberton Square, Boston; or to the Missionary Rooms of the Board, Bible House, New York city.

The Lists of Agents for the Publications, and of Receiving Agents of the Board, are omitted in this number of the Herald. They may be seen on the cover of the January and March numbers.

HONORARY MEMBERS. The payment of $50 at one time constitutes a minister, and the payment of $100 al Ononime constitutes any other person, an Honorary Member of the Board.

MISSIONARY HERALD. The price of the Herald is One Dollar, payable in advance, to those who receive i by mail, or those who receive it at the Missionary House.

To those who receive it through agents or carriers, WITHOUT EXPENSE TO THER SELVES, the price will be, if IN ADVANCE, One Dollar and Twenty-five Cents.

TO AGENTS who become responsible for the copies of the Herald distributed by them, and pay for the same in advance, the price will be as follows: For any number of copies over 50 and under 100, 95 cents.

over 100, 90 cents.

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