A poetical translation of the works of Horace [&c.].

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A. Millar ... in the Strand, 1747
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Strona 89 - A place among your nearer friends enroll'd. An honour this, methinks, of nobler kind, That innocent of heart and pure of mind, Though with no titled birth, I gain'd his love, Whose judgment can discern, whose choice approve. If some few venial faults deform my soul, (Like a fair face when spotted with a mole,) If none with avarice justly brand my fame With sordidness, or deeds too vile to name: If pure and innocent: if dear (forgive These little praises) to my friends...
Strona 61 - He who malignant tears an absent friend, Or, when attacked by others, don't defend ; Who trivial bursts of laughter strives to raise, And courts of prating petulance the praise; Of things he never saw who tells his tale, And friendship's secrets knows not to conceal, This man is vile; here, Roman, fix your mark; His soul is black, as is his nature dark.
Strona 88 - Causa fuit pater his, qui macro pauper agello Noluit in Flavi ludum me mittere, magni Quo pueri magnis e centurionibus orti, Laevo suspensi loculos tabulamque lacerto, Ibant octonis referentes Idibus aera : Sed puerum est ausus Romam portare docendum Artes quas doceat quivis eques atque senator Semet prognatos.
Strona 146 - Ingenio offensi aut laeso doluere Metello Famosisque Lupo cooperto versibus ? Atqui Primores populi arripuit populumque tributim, Scilicet uni aequus virtuti atque ejus amicis. 70 Quin ubi se a vulgo...
Strona 155 - For hens and peacocks are alike in taste. But say, by what discernment are you taught To know, that this voracious pike was caught Where the full river's lenient waters glide. Or where the bridges break the rapid tide: In the mid ocean, or where Tiber pays With broader course his tribute to the seas? Madly you praise the mullet's three pound weight, And yet you stew it piece-meal ere you eat ; Your...
Strona 243 - Each person there may drink, and fill As much or little as he will; Exempted from the bedlam rules Of roaring prodigals and fools : Whether in merry mood or whim He takes a bumper to the brim ; Or, better pleased to let it pass, Grows mellow with a scanty glass.
Strona 37 - Your friend is passionate, perhaps unfit For the brisk petulance of modern wit. His hair ill-cut, his robe that...
Strona 113 - Like vicious ass , that fretting bears A wicked load , I hang my ears ; While he , renewing his civilities , 'If well I know my own abilities , Not Viscus, though your friend of yore, Not Varius could engage you more ; For who can write melodious lays With greater elegance or ease? Who moves with smoother grace his limbs While through the mazy dance he swims ? Besides , 1 sing to that degree Hermogenes might envy me.
Strona 13 - This, and no more, thy mass of money buys. But, with continual watching almost dead, House-breaking thieves, and midnight fires to dread, Or the suspected slave's untimely flight With the dear pelf; if this be thy delight, Be it my fate, so heaven in bounty please. Still to be poor of blessings such as these!
Strona 4 - Deus, en ego, dicat 15 •Jam faciam quod vultis ; eris tu, qui modo miles, Mercator : tu confultus modo, rufticus : hinc vos, Vos hinc, mutatis difcedite partibus ; Eia, Quid ! ftatis ? Nolinr.

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