Early English Prose Romances: With Bibliographical and Historical Introductions, Tom 3

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William John Thoms
Nattali and Bond, 1858
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Strona 244 - Doctor Faustus answered : My most excellent Lord, I am ready to accomplish your request in all things, so far forth as I and my Spirit are able to perform : yet your Majesty shall know, that their dead bodies are not able substantially to be brought before you, but such Spirits as have...
Strona 167 - ... spirit appeared to Faustus, offering himself with all submission to his service, with full authority from his prince, to do whatsoever he would request ; if so be Faustus would promise to be his. " This answer I bring thee, an answer must thou make by me again : yet I will hear what is thy desire, because thou hast sworn to me to be here at this time.
Strona 257 - Gracious lady, I have always heard that the great bellied women do always long for some dainties. I beseech therefore your grace hide not your mind from me, but tell me what you desire to eat.
Strona 245 - Faustus took hold on him, and would not permit him to do it. Shortly after Alexander made humble reverence, and went out again, and coming to the door, his paramour met him. She coming in, made the emperor likewise reverence.
Strona 14 - ... at whose instigacion and stirring (I Robert Copland) have me applied moiening the helpe of god to reduce and translate it into our maternal and vulgare english tonge, after the capacite and rudenesse of my weke entendement.
Strona 153 - Faust continued to maintain the character of a conjuror in the sixteenth century even by authority, appears from a 'Ballad of the life and death of doctor Faustus the great congerer...
Strona 289 - ... years I have followed, you shall hereafter find them in writing : and I beseech you let this my lamentable end, to the residue of your lives, be a sufficient warning, that you have God always before your eyes, praying unto him, that he...
Strona 209 - ... that it is a thing impossible ; no matter for that, it is as it is, and let it be as it will, once it is done in such a manner as now according unto your request, I...
Strona 164 - Mephistophiles the spirit, suddenly the globe opened, and sprung up in the height of a man, so burning a time, in the end it converted to the shape of a fiery man." This \ pleasant beast ran about the circle a great while, and lastly, appeared in the manner of a Gray...
Strona 162 - Characters: and thus he passed away the time, until it was nine or ten of the clock in the night, then began Doctor Faustus to call for Mephostophiles the...

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