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And my


& my doghter Maldle Eurel a prim' cou’ed in blew
doghtir Elizabeth' a chaplet of Perle with double rooses and
my doghtir Lore a tyre with double Roses of Perle ; and Robť
flitzhugh my son a Ryng with a Relyke of saint Petre fingre
and geg: a paire of bedes of gold And my s'uantz my clethyng
as my gownes and my kirtelles And yong Elyzabeth ffitzhugh
my goddoghter a book cou’ed in grene with praiers yr inne
Elizabeth darcy+ a girdyl of blak gylded and Mariory Darcy a
narow girdel gylde And I wyl yat myn howsehold s’uantz haue
departed ema'g theym aftre discrecione of myn executoures a c

And I wyl yat ye stuffe of alle myn howses of offices as kychyn panetre and buttre and suche othir remayne to my son Si Will. And ye residewe aftir my dettes paied whilke I wyl & charge and pray al myn executoures to be first paied and doone afore all othir thyngs aftir my enterment I wyl be putte to marying of Childre vnmaryet als wele of my thryd parte of my lords good as of othir soo yat yf ye goode wol suffice my son Geffray haue a cl.; and ayther of my two doghters cc marc' and yong Elizabeth ffitzhugh my goddoghter a c marc' And for to fulfylle all yis my wyll aforesaid I ordeyne and make myn executoures my son Sř William my son Sr Geffray and

my son Robert Xp'ofre Boynton and William Katrykrø praiyng and chargyng hem yat yai doo for my saule as my truste is in hem and as yai wol answare to fore god And I wyl yat ayther of Xp'ofre Boynton & William Katrick haue a sylver Cuppe cou'ed or eiles v marc'.


[Ibid.) In Dei nomine, Amen. Decimo die Decembris. Anno Domini M.cccc.xxv11.° Ego Elizabeth Fitzhugh Domina de Ravenswath compos mentis et sanæ memoriæ condo testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis lego animam meam Deo Omnipotenti, Beatæ Mariæ matri suæ, et Omnibus Sanctis, ac corpus meum sepeliendum in Abbathia Jorovall’: et volo

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1 Maude, wife of Sir Wm. Eure, of Witton Castle, Knt.

? Elizabeth, married to Sir Ralph Grey, of Chillingham Castle, in Northumberland. The two are commemorated by a splendid monument in Chillinghamı Church, in its original colouring, glittering with all the heraldic blazonry of Fitz. hugh, and its quarterings.

3 Evidently a name of childish endearment. 4 Probably her grandchildren. 5 One of the Boyntons of Sedbury, three miles lower down in the valley.

6 William Catterick, of Stanwick, whose female descendant and representative carried Stanwick to the Smithsons.

quod Voluntas mea, sicut ordinatur in Testamento meo priùs, facto, sit fideliter implenda. Insuper volo, et est voluntas mea, quod debita mea solvantur; et illis plenarie solutis, do et lego Elizabeth' Fitzhugh et Loræ Fitzhugh filiabus meis residuum omnium bonorum meorum. Dat' apud Wytton,' die et anno supradictis. [Proved at Auckland, before Bishop Langley, 29 Dec., 1427.]


In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Thomas Ryhale, compos mentis, languens in extremis, condo Testamentum meum in hunc modum. In primis do et lego meam animam Deo, Beatæ Mariæ, et omnibus sanctis ; corpusque meum sepeliendum in le Sentorgarth infra precinctum et septa Monasterü Dunelm. scitum et situatum. Item volo quod Rector Beatæ Mariæ in Ballio boreali, qui est Rector meus, habeat mortuarium meum ratione obitûs mei sibi debitum. Item Thomæ Ryhalle capellano, cognato meo, portiforium meum, una cum parvâ togâ meâ fururatâ sanguinei coloris. Item eidem Thomæ quatuor virgatas panni sanguinei coloris. Item domino Johanni Ronkhorn capellano mjor virgatas panni non aptatas, de blodio mixto. Item Johanni filio Matildis de Yarum defunctæ unam parvam peciam argenti, j tunicam, j hyngeler deauratum, j cingulum, cum pari cultellorum deargentatorum. Item do et lego burgagium meum in Alvertongate in Dunelm, officio Sacristæ Ecclesiæ Cath. Dunelm. Item aliud burgagium meum in vico Sancti Egidii officio Bursariæ Ecclesiæ predictæ. Item aliud burgagium meum in novo Elvet officio Hostillarii Ecclesiæ Cath. Residuum veroRoberto Berhalgh, Willielmo Berhalgh, et domino Thomæ Ryhale cognato meo, quos ordino executores. Testibus domino Galfrido Langton Rectore Beatæ Mariæ in Ballio, Johanne Walworth et Thomâ Layland. Dunelm. in vigil. Paschæ 1427.

| Witton Castle, the residence of her daughter Lady Eure, where she probaa bly died.

% This person was a Public Notary, in great practice at the period.


(Reg. LANGLEY, fol. 137.) In Dei nomine, Amen. Ego Johannes Newton, Rector Ecclesiæ parochialis de Hoghton, Dunelmensis dioceseos, sanæ mentis, condo testamentum meum in hunc modum, die nono mensis Novembris, Anno Domini MoccccmoxxvII. In primis, lego animam meam Deo, Mariæ, et omnibus Sanctis, et corpus meum ad sepeliendum in choro ecclesiæ de Hoghton, sive in Ecclesiâ Hospitali de Shirburn, secundum voluntatem et disposicionem executorum meorum. Item lego pro expensis funeralibus secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego pro convocacione amicorum, parochianorum, et pauperum, die sepulturæ meæ, secundum discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego dictæ Ecclesiæ de Hoghton unum thuribular' argenteum, deauratum, unam cuppam argenti deauratam coopertam pro reservacione corporis Christi, unam Legendam integram de usu Sarum, tria processionaria de usu Sarum, duas capas de Chekery pro Rectoribus Chori. Item lego domino Ricardo Elvet decano Leycestr’ unum librum vocatum Crisostimum super Matheum. Item lego magistro Willielmo Tart Rectori Ecclesiæ de Whykton, unum ciphum argenteum cum coopertorio. Item lego domino Nicholao Hulme unum librum de duodecim capitulis Ricardi Ermet. Item lego Nicholao de Staumford meliorem utensiliorum, medietatem aulæ et coquinæ meæ, juxta discrecionem executorum meorum, cum uno integro lecto de rubeo et nigro worsted singulo, et cum lez costeres ejusdem, simul cum matras, linthiaminibus, lodicibus, et coopertoriis, juxta discrecionem executorum meorum. Item lego Willielmo Norman unum lectum de worsted paled de rubeo et nigro cum lez costeres Curtyns ejusdem sectæ. Item lego Magistro Georgio de Radclyf unum librum vocatum Beliall. Item lego Matildæ Stuyche nepoti meæ unum ciphum argenteum sine coopertorio, xij cocliaria argenti. Item lego uxori Willielmi Medocroft unum armilausam de Sangwyn in grayn duplicatam cum tartaryn blodio. Item lego Johanni Esyngton capellano unum suppellicium novum de holandcloth, et unum librum vocatum Vita Christiana. Item lego Johanni Tarte capellano unum suppellicium ejusdem panni et unum togam penulatam. Residuum

ad solvendum debita mea, et pro salute animæ meæ Capellanis pro animâ meâ celebraturis, famulis, parochianis meis, et aliis pauperibus

1 Originally of the diocese of Lichfield-Master of Sherburn Hospital, 19th Jan., 1409, and Rector of Houghton-le.Spring. For his character see Hutchinson's Durham, II., 592.

Executores Willielmus Tart Rector Eccles. de Whykham, Ric. Burton, Will. Norman et Thomas Essh capellanus - Supervisor Rev. in Christo pater Thomas Dunelm. Episcopus.—[Prob 28 Jan., 1427–8.]


(Reg. LANGEY, fol. ] In Nomine Patris et Filii, et Spiritûs Sancti, Amen. The thursday next before yoleday in ye yeer of our lord M.cccc.xxix I Roger Thornton yelder makes and ordeynes my testament and my last wyll in yis form folowyng yat is to say I com’end my soule to ye mercy of god and my body to be beryet beside my wyfe in Alhalowekyrke of Newcastle Also I wylle yat eu'y prest seculer beyng at myn entierment baue to pray for my saule and to be at my dirges and forthbryngyng j noble Also I wille yat c. be spended and delt at myn entierment yanis of Roger my son Also I gyf to the vicare of seint Nicholas kyrk for forgetyn tendes cs. It' to ye Kirk of seint Nicholas for repac'on and eno'ments yerof xl m’rcz also to Alhalowe kyrk in lyke fourme xx' It' to seint John kyrk iiij fothers leed It to seint Andrewkyrk ij fothers leed It to ye Chappell of seint Thomas vpon Tynebrygg vj fothers leed It' to repac'on of Westspittell ij fothers leed lť to ye Walknoll repac'on of yeir kyrk ij fothers leede It' to ye repac'on of ye nunnes of Newcastell ij fothers leede It’ to ye lepremen of Newcastell xls It to rep’ac'on of Tynebrygge of Newcastell c mrc' if so bee yat ye mair and ye comyns will relesse me alle acc'ons as I yat neu' hindret yaim nor noght awe yaim at my wetyng, but yis I desir for eschewyng of Cla

It' to ye mesondieu of sint kateryne of my foundacion for yair eno'ments xx' It' to my Chauntry of seint petirs in alhalowe Kirk for ye eno'ments yerof x' It to ye Chapel of Wytton by ye water vj mre It to eu’y hows of almouse ordeynet for bedrydens in NeweCastle j marc whilk shal be


said som’e yat shal be spendet vpon myn entier


parcel of

Roger Thornton, an opulent Newcastle merchant- Bailiff of Newcastle in 1397- Member of Parliament for the town in 1399, 1410, and 1416— Mayor nine times in 27 years—founder of the Maison de Dieu upon the Sandhill-of the Chantry of St. Peter, in All Saints' Church_builder of the Westgate and the Town-hall-died Jan. 1429–30. The slab which covered the grave of him and his wife, splendidly enriched with brass, is still preserved in All Saints' Church, Newcastle. Fora further account of this person, see Hodgson's NorthUMBERLAND under NETHERWITTON.

to ye

ment It'm to ye repa'c'on of yose tenementes yat I haue gyun to ye foresaid mesondieu and to ye said Chauntry xl' ll' I wylle yat xxx prestes syng for me two yeers next after my discesse ilk prest hauyng for his sould by yeer viij mrc' It'm I wylle yat cccc marc' whilk yat ye priour and Couent Hexham awe me bee dispendet vpon bygging of yeir Kyrk if yei wol make greable seurtez yat it shal soo be deuly doon

It I gif hous of Blauncheland ij fothers leed It'm to Brenkburn ij fothers leed It’m to Coketeland j fother leed It'm to rep’ac'on of ffarnelande ; fother leed It'm to ye nunnes of halyston j fother leed It' to eu'ylk ord’r of ye ilij ordres mendicants of Newcastell to pray for my saule x marcs to be departet to eu'y freer conuentuell by yanis of my son

It I wyll yat ye recluse of Newcastell and S henr' ffenwyk and Si henr' Lincoln prestes be p'cel of ye xxx prestes for ij yeers and after ye said two yeers I wyll yei iij singe for me taking eu'y prest of yaim ij seculers viij mr'cz and ye recluse yeerly vj mrc' to c mr'cz be dispendet if yei lif soo longe and elles to be dispendit for my saule by yanis of my Son It' I forgif to ye hous of Gysburn xxx' whilk yei awe me beside ye c yat I haue gyuen yaim afore yis tyme so yat yey fynde me a prest p'petuall synggyng for me in yeir hous like as yeir couenant is maid It I wyll yat c mr'cz be forgyuen emongs my poer ten’ntz by yanis of my son to yaim yat may nat wel pay It I gif to ye Couent of Yarom and to ye Couent of hertylpole to pray for my saule x mr'cz to ayther hous to be dep'ted emong hem by yanis of my son It I gyf to ye rep’ac'on of ye stepil of ye mynster of duresme j fother leed It to eu’y monk of Chartyrhouse at Mountgrace to pray for my saule a noble It' to eu’y monk of Newemoyster a noble It to eu’y monk of Tynmouth a noble It to eu’y monk of Whitby a noble It' I gyf to Sr Thomas Pityngton vicar of hertburn cs It to Sr John ffenwyck x' It' to Si William harwod xx' It’ to margaret my su’nt in peny and in peny worth vjxx and x mr'cz And also for terme of hir lyfe yat hous in Bradechair yat Nichol Baxster dwelleth Inne It to Roger Corbett iiij' And also yat he haue terme of life ye almous of ye mesondieu so yat he dwelle not yereinne It to hawlay my s’unt xls It’ to John Gofden xx$ It to Robert hall my s’unt xls of ye dette whilk he awe me It' to John desbrugh ij'. of dette whilk he awe me

It' to Thomas yat was my

s’unt a noble It’ to Agnes Hume xx® It' to Agnes ward xx* It' to Ellen ward xxs

It to Ellen ward xxss It to Maryon wann xx It to old Gillot xx* It' to Johannet Pryddowe xxs It to Sc Henr' lincoln a m'rc It' to Willia' mawe if he make trewe reknyng xx* It to Thomas Gentylman xxs It'

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