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vpon gods behalf commande yt it be yerelye geven to the most poore and nedye through the hole p'ishe wth out respecte of anye p’son as they will answere at ther uttermost p'ell for doynge the contrarye. And I will that the same shalbe geven at suche dayes and tymes as the foure nobles is appoynted to be geren weh my welbeloved wif haith geuen out of Cocken as the specyall writyngs concernynge the same and also forti shyllyngs yerelye to Master Gylpyns scole will testyfye and bere recorde. The rest of the aforesaid, tenne pounds wch shalbe geven for thencrease of the hundreth pounds before mencyoned whis forty shillyngs I will that the same be genen into the towne Chamber of Newcastell aforesaid and yt the Clarke of the said Chamber and the chamberlaynes for ther tyme beynge shall eu'y yeare by and provyde as moche made white or russet as will make sexe longe gownes for sex aged men And I will y the same be geven to suche as be moste nedye and least able to helpe them selves wthout all regarde or respecte of any p’son either for loue frenshipe or for hatred or malice that they shall haue or bere to anye as they will answere for the same at the laste daye. And I will that the saide gownes be geven euerye yeare betwene martms and Christmas Also I geve to Jhon Robynson of Chester one busshell of rye. Also I gyue to Willm Fo... yf he be my servant at the houre of my

deathe vjo. viija. ou' and besydes his wages. Also I gyue to "Thomas Coots one busshell of rye and one bushell of pease over and besyds all yt he haw me. Also I gyue to Mr Barnarde Gylpyn p’son of Houghton one old angell. Also I gyue to the Church of Houghton xx". Also I gyue to Sr Rychard sklater Curate of Houghton iij* iiij". Also I gyue to my gossop John blarton and my comother his wif vjø viijd. and one lode of wheat. Also I gyue to John Browne of Durham my barber one bushell of wheat and one bushell of rye. All the rest of my goods cattell corne Jewells and all my leases whatso eu' they be the lease onlye of Newton excepted the wch I will shalbe bestowed in man' and forme as I haue declared in the former p'te of this my last will and testament and all other my goods what so evr it be My funeralls detts and legases beynge justlye and trewlye paid I frely gyve them to my welbeloued Wif Issabell frankelevue whome by these p'sents I do fullye ordeyne institute and make my full and sole executrixe to vse the same as she shall thynke moste mete and convenyent to the honor and pleasure of God and to the saluacion of her owne Soule. - Also I will & desyre my derelye belovyd wif ye she will not fore get certen other of myne acquayntance & freynds wch I have not remembred as yonge Edwarde Carre Annes frankeyne John Tod and other

poore in

my frends weh she shall thynke mete to be remembred wth some tokens as she shall thynke good hyrsellfe : but specially I wyll pray & desyre hir even vpon gods behalf to be good and favorable wth my two brethren Thomas frankeleyne & Harrye even as my hole trust is in her. And because I will make all thyngs as playne as I canne so y nothinge be done vaynleye and yt no blayme be laid to my saide wif for doynge les ye some wolde thynke should be done for me I will and vpon gods behalf do charge and com’ande yt no funerall pompe be done abowt my corpes at the tyme of my bureyall bút yt the same be laid in the churche or churche yeard whether they seme good wthout stone or anye other thynge vpon the same : but by cause my said wif haithe many frends childer and Kynsfolks wch p’aventure wolde murmure yf nothynge were done for me I will therefore ye My saide Wif shall make a dynner for them and others such as she shall seme good to haue so ye the anye wise be not fore gotten; amonge wch hir frends and myne wch shall come to my buryall I will and in gods behafe do charge and comannde that some honest and substancyall men to take vew of all my goods cattall corne leases and Jewells or what so eu' it be ye was myne and the same beynge p'fytelye vewed & dyscretlye consydered vpon I will yt they shall praise the same and eu’y p'te & p'cell ther of to the full value to the best and vttermost of ther Knowleage: And I will vpon

Gods behafe most hertlye desyre my derelye belovyd Wif that she will brynge 'to lyght all such thyngs as were myne that the same may be praysed accordynge to this my last wyll and testament as I doute nothynge but she will for God have the praises and most hartye thanks be geven to hym therefore ther is enoughe to do all these thyngs wehall and an honest porcyon for her besyds yf all thyngs be trewlye brought to the lyght lyke as my full hope truste and confydence is yt shall. Also I will yt my Cosyn Mr thomas Gower and his Wif shalbe remembred wih suche tokens as my Wyf shall thynke mete In Witness werof to this


last Will and testament I have sette my hand and seale before these Witnesses as here after folowithe Wm Jenyson-Richarde Sclaitter, Curett- James Carr-John Blarton.

[Pr. 1572.]


the xxv day of february yeare of our lord god 1573 I richard Kitching clerke Vicar of Whittingham seeke in body but whole in soule & of p’fitt memory

thanks be to almighty god maketh this my last will and testament in manner and form folowing fyrst I bequithe my soull to almyghti god & my body to be buried in the queare of whittingiame Also I giue to ye Jnco’bent two cowbords a sidbord an almerie in the hytowre carts wans & all other implements wangeare in ye hye tour v stand beds a bruing cawdorn in the fornac the lantern boxs' wthout any troble Also I gyv vnto nycholas tindall the elder gray mare also I guie to annas graye a cowe & to nycholas tyndell the youenger a qui Also I give to thomas kytchyng ye gray horse Also I giue to John kytchyng my brothers son the read bawson horse Also I giue to Jhon Tindals wyf the worst of the iiijo fetherbeds wth the clothes belonging therto Also I gyv to Jane tyndell another of the fetherbeds wth the clothes belonging therto injer stotts Also I gyv to John kytchyng the son of Rychart kytchyng a cow & to annas dotesone a nother cowe Also I gyv to the forsayd John Kytchyng the best brass pott. Also I gyve to his brother olyver the secownd brass pott Also I give to John Kytchyng my best goune forred wth cunne & to dorratte Kytchynge å nother of my gownes Also I gyv to robert Kirbe a gowne a Jacatt a dowblett & a payr of hosse Also I gyv to John Wolson a fetherbed wth the clothes beloning therto seven oxen I gyv to Annas gray a gonne and to Jane Wolso a fring pane thre pecs of pouder vessell a chafendishe & a candelstike & bed coveringe iij par of shets iij towells inj pilloberes and a lininge bordeclothe ij corches and a lininge aprone & a pair of silver croks and other two pair of crouks of letten iij rings Also I make executors of this my last Will and Testament Jane Wolson she to pay my detts & discharge my legaces and for movabls she to vse as she shall think most expedient for hur discharge & for ye healthe of my soull I giue to richard houdsons children a qui to John Kichinge a silver spone Also I giue to robert claveringe a cawdron, in witnes herof will'm heron george henmerrs richard warrey

warrey Also I make sup’vices of this


last will & Testament to se my executor maintaines her right robert claveringe Witnesses Richarde satterwik Jhon gibson roger aicheson thomas aicheson. .


INVENTORY 14 Aug. 1573. Inter alia, His APPARELL. Twoo Jacketts xs. Twoo dubletts xs. Twoo paire of hosse x'. Foore shirtes xiij®. mnijd. One hatt, one blake Spanish cappe vs. One Jacke vj®viija: One Steale Cape ij*. Foore speares and foore lance staves viij. S’m iij'. vs.

| Lent books, in a duplicate.

ccxcii. RICHARD SALVIN, CLERK. The Inventarie of all the goodes of Sr Richard Salvine clarke that he had the day of his deathe. 1573. In gould and money iij'. His app'ell xl. A capcase, a cloth bag wth certain stuff therein x!. Item xx' wch was geven hym by his laite broth' Jerrerd salven deceassed, in the custodie of Jerrard salven of croxdaill the elder gentleman S’m xxxvi.

CCXCIII. DAVID TAYLOR, CLERK, VICAR OF BOLHAM. In the name of god Amen the xvijth day of the moneth of Marche in the yere of our lord god one thowsand fyve hundreth threscore and thirtene I David Tailor, Clerk, vicar of Bolham in the countie of Northumb'lande being sicke in bodie but of whole mynde & in good & p'fect remembrance praise be to Almightie god do make & ordayne my testament contayning herein my last will in maner and forme folowing. first I com'ende my soule unto Almightie god my creator & redemer and

my bodie to be buried in the parishe churche yarde of Bolham aforesaide. Item I do geve and bequeath vnto the said churche of Bolam iij. iiij. in moneye. It'm I will that myne executors hereunder named shall trulie paie all my debtes it any suche be by me owing vnto any man.

It'm all other my goods moveable and vnmoveable landes te'nts houses leases rents and chatels wth all other my debtes & writinges whatsoeuer which ar due & belonging vnto me I do gyve and for ever bequeath unto my servant & cosyn Will’m Tailor sonne of John Tailor late of prestwick yoman deceassed and to Elyonor his wief, & to their heires & assignes for ever And I do make & ordayne the same Will’m Tailor & Elyonor his wief my lawfull true and full executors of this my last Will & Testament And also I do make m? Will’m ffenwick of wallington & M' Alexz. heron of meldon gent the sup’visors of the same my testament. It'm I will that my cosin Will’m Tailor aforesaid shall have the tuition and keeping of my syster & of my sisters sonne Robert Lee. Also there is owing vnto me at the day of my deathe these debtes folowyng emonge some others Inp’mis m' will’m ffenwick of wallington is indebted vnto me xl'. It'm my ladie

ffenwick iij'. x. It'm mr John Raymes vij. ij". It'm Robert Grenwell xx*. It'ın widow Jnskip for one white mare xxx'. It'm will’m Cookson inj'. xiij®. mjd. for one silver peece. It'm there is more owing by the same Will’m Cookson for one yeres rent due to haue been paid the same yere that he was prisoner in the towre vpon Tyne brig or xls It’m I vtterlie revoke & disannull all former willes by me heretofore made & I will that this my present testament shalbe of force & effecte for ever

These being witnesses whose names ar subscribed Mr John Raymes M Alexander Heron George Raymes Xp'oter Twyddal Mathew Anderson Raf Potts George Ditchborne and others.

THE TRUE INVENTORIE of all the goods Debtes and cattalls of David Tailor Clerk late vicar of Bolham in the Countie of northumb'lande deceassed priced the 24 day of Maj Ano D'ni 1574 by Will’m heppell — Willm Holborn-Raffe Potts, and Thomas Cooper.

Inp’mis vj oxen vj!—ix kye vij' iiij®—inj stottes liijs inja-riij stirks liijs iiijd — xxxij olde shepe inj! xvj$—xij hogs xvje – in hard corne iij' ijs vjdin otes xxvje vije—all his corne growing on ye earth x'-ihe wayne and appurtenances xx_his rayment xxvjo viij"—the ymplemts or houshold stuff iij' vj. S'ma tolis xlv? injø vja.

DEBTES due to the testator. There is owing to him by Mr Robert Raymes upon a gage or pledge xiij inja —there is owing unto him of seperate and of desperate debtes, as in his Testament more playnly appeareth by sundrie p’sons xyl vj«_Sma of ye Debts xvi xiij' xd. Suma tolis of all goods & debts foresaid lx' xviijs inja. Debtes due by the testato'. It'm to will’m Taylor xiij' vjø vijd- to his man s'vant vijo injato his woman s’unt ijs vja—to Will’m Rydell xviija. S'ma tolis xiij' xvijs xja.


(AUKLAND.] In the name of God Amen In ye yeare of our lorde 1573 And the 30 of September I margerve Brantingham of the p’ishe of St. Andrewes in the countye of durishme singlewoman sicke in bodye but of p’fecte memorye do make this mye last will and testament In manner and forme folowinge vz. #first I gyue and surrender mye spirit and soule to the hands of Almightie god mye most gratyous and mercifull creator and maker wth this assurance yt. it shall be right pretious in his sight, by the merits deathe and passion of christ Jesus mye

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