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do gyve vnto my sonne John tompson my best gune It’m I do gyve vnto an more a new whytt cote wth a chist to kepe hir gear

Also I will & bequieare mo Anthony mydleton of kepeyeare to be the sup’visor of this my last will & testament in considerac'on thereof I do gyve vnto ye said Mr Anthony mydleton a gylted sylver reinge for a tocking laste of all I do quieth vnto my welbeloved doughter An tompsonn all my goods moveablye & vnmoveablye whome I ordayn and make my Soll executrix my debts discharg & paid In wytnes whereof 1 the said michiell Tompson haue setto my Syng as followithe Wyttnessis of this will & testamant henry fairehalleps Robert Braideshawe John farbyk Edward wrytter.

gyve & be

CCLX. GEORGE SMITHE, OF DURHAM. Aug. 20. 1570.-- my bodye to be buried in the churche yeard of the northe baley on the est syde of the thorne trea

INVENTORY 25 Jul 1571. Inter alia One cupbord carved vinj-One gowne of london blew furred & faced wth black conye xxvj'. viija. One gown faced wth fox xxvj". viija.

viijdOne gown faced wth fewnes xx”. One old gown faced wth blake coney x'. One gowne faced with Shanks xvj”. One dublett of chaingable saircenett iij”. iiijd &c. One coveringe of baltkyn lynid wth blew buckeron xiij®. inja. One lairg coveringe with Images vij". One chist cou'd wth blake ley' x® One litle coffer cou'd wth blake ley' & banded wth yron inje. One silke hatt xxd. Certeyn old books ijo.- One old ryall, two old nobles & vs in gold inj' xvjø. 8d. In cheike a syds sjø. 1 gunne

In spanishe money xxxiij". vja. S'm tot. bonor. xxvij. iij. viija. Debts To his hostes baker for one quarters bord xxvjø. viija. To his Landerer viija. . The fun'rall expences xxxvs.

Rem' clare xxj' iiij®.

hole grots

CCLXI. LIONELL SNAWDON, OF BRADFURTH, LABORER. The Inventarie of all & singler the goods and cattalls moveable & vnmoveable wch lionell Snawdon late of Bradfurthe in ye countye of Yorke laborer deceased had & was owner vpon wthin the Dioc' of Durh'm at the day of his deathe

ffyrst at Coltp’ke in Northu’berland as ffolowth. Item ij kye wth yr calvesinj-vj yowes & lambes xxvs. viija_whether sheip viije —inj dynmont sheep xije -a lining sheite ije vjd-A stott that ye said lionell lent John Brown xvj. S’m vij' is.ija.

John Snawdon Alderma' of morpethe owth ye said lionell for one fatt oxe xxiije-wydgit ffenwicke of Sta’ton for one speir staff ije vụijd— Roger ffenwicke of Stainton haithe a sword of ye said lionells worthe vs_Richard ffenwike of the same owethe the said lionell in borrowed money vj'. S'm xxxvij'. viija. S'm tolis ix'ija.

CCLXII. THOMAS NEVELL, OF RABIE, GENT.' THE INVENTARIE of thomas nevells goods quike and dead laite of Rabie gent sene & p'ised the xijth of februarie Ano 1570 by thes iiijor honest me' henrie thompson will’m Crawfurthe John Todd and John Bailes.

Imp’mis ij kye iij' & one meyre xx_i_herd corne & oits vnberied xlvjs viija-certen brasse vessell & certen puder vessell wth ij latten candlestiks xijs--one reckin croke, j spete j cressett one kettle, ij cawdrons, one rosting yro', one paire of tongs vizje-one cupbord xiiije --one kirne, one scuttle, iij aile potts, ij barrells one busshell, one meat table, wth ij skeills & vij bourds iiijs vjd. All bis rayment, j lyn sheit, one harden sheit, one codwaire xx*—one old bedd clothes, two bourds, one secke & one poike iijo vja-one harden paist sheit, one harden leven clothe painted clothes j arke, one lode saddle, one tonne, iij old tubbs and A kytt xvs vija—A gannr & ij henns xxjd.One bed clothes in rabie mill ijs iiijd. A morter to braye spice in one haye spaid, one pottinger, & one ledder flackett wih certen wood vessell iiij iijd-one litle hatchett one axe vją_sex acres of herd corne in cleatlam feild iiij! S'm xiiij' xijs xd. DETTS that he was owing the said daye and yeare ffyrste to John tod and w'm tod of Rabye for two children por cons of goods as more plainlie shall appeare by one obligac'on iiij' iijs iiijd & for rent of the saime vnpaid xxx-cxiij iiija—for the quenes rent in rabie üije, vje.--for the quenes rent in shotton iiijs ij$_for, rent in cleatlm to the dean of Durh’m & the chapiter yr xxxiij. iiiją-for ye rent of Rabie myln xliijs viija-to John wodm's miln' of the same for iij q’res waigs xvj®—to edward wedderell for his waigs x-to lancelot em son for h's waigs iij'—to ailes litle for hir q're waigs ij vjų to mr John Killinghall for A whye xv®—to John baills of shotton injs—to thon's pereson of Rabye ijxd to old pereson wyffye of Rabie xxix'.-to John dothwhate for v kye jeast xx®-to will'm cokefeld for a meyre xxx3 4d_to old geoge bailes for j pake saddle & v pennce worth of clowt lether ijs xd_to roland phillope iiijs viija —to Thomas Birkdell x'—to barberie nevell for the ferme of v yowes & ye p’ce of ye same xxiiij®—to Bern’d nattresse xviij®—to James lawson for dressing of a saddle xijd—to henrye Thompson xijo injd to vx' wim brabant for a chease xijd—to Arthur wodm's wif wedo viijd- to Ric pickerin for v bz of rye vjø xj"—to Johu Em’son of shotton iije — to John fed'stone for vj pecks rye ijs ix'—to ye said John for one bz bigg xvjd—to John Ewbanke for strawe iije--to the said John for ij bz of otes & half A bz rye injo ijd- to Cuthb’rt bales for one arke & one lodd of malt xiiij viija—borowed of wm herison iij viija_borowed of nicholas barber injs—to xp'ofor dent xiiij® iiijd—to Thomas Wilson xijs—for the fun'all expenss vijs—to Ralf Watson for his hand labor & fyve lodd of dong xvj_for repac'on of ye howse vjø vilja—for ijo of his sisters childre' porc'ons of goods whose names are Eliz lon' & Margarett lon' xx* a peice eys of them xl. S'm to'is Debitor xxvj' xij ja.

i Unquestionably of the family of the Earl of Westmoreland, who, in the year before the date of this Inventory, had forfeited his estates. Times with the deceased must have been greatly changed, when instead of paying his rent to the head of his house, the Queen became his landlord. Inventory seems to prove that at the time of his death, which was probably hastened by the misfortunes of his family, he was exercising the humble vocation of a miller.



Inventory 20 Nov 1570. Inter alia, In money xviij' vj". In gold iiij flaunders crownes v old angels & two new ryalls iiij' xiiij". A silver salt, a silu' peace weying xiij ownce & iij quarters at iiij' the ownce lix®. ix silu' spones, a silu' whissell, a tablet, a silu' hart, iij silu' gaudies, beeds, a crucifix, ij paire of crooks a tach, ij small kepers, xvj old penne all co'teyning in weight 17 ownce & a qrter iij' ixs. ij women belts wth ij heads & the berers 17 ownces & a quarter iij' ixo. A Ribben of grean silk a purse & a belt of french wyer xvją.—a chalder sand coles xx°-a black bill & ij staffes viija ij stones of occam tow xija

Pledges being in his hand. Of will’m waughes wife a frocke wch lyeth in pawne of xviij". A paire of ambers beads wth ix silu' gaudies in pledg at viij".--ij salt fish & an half xvd. *


In the name of god amen the xviijih of Decembre 1570 I will’m Dagg of the towne of Gatisshed spurrier being sicke in my body but yet I praise god being p'lit in remembrance make this my last will & testament after this man' & forme folowing, first of all I co’mit my soull to almightie god who hath created me in to this word and to Jesus Christ my holy savior and redem' who hath redemed me wth his most p'cious bloud & if shall please almightie god of his m’cy and goodnes to take me vnto his m'cy from this p’sent world then I will that my body shalbe buried in the church yard of Gatished. Item I geue to yo poore mans box ij$. It’m yt Gerard fennicke of haterton is owen vnto me for one bay horse xx'. John Retterforth of Morpeth is owing me xxxvjø vilja. John coupr of angherton xxs. Gerard Cutler of Angherton xiiijs. thomas tailer of Alnwick xvj$. viija. John Neilson of berington xxvs. Richard heworth of hartley for one horse xvjø and one sevmond Robert Jackson of Duddaue for one maire xxs. Thomas selby of gryndon for one saddill inje. Rob't Du’ne of

owes ynto me inje. Item Will’m Jolinson of Burston viij®. Edward humble of chirton xiij". ilija. Item tho' pu'shon of Pelay xiij'. & inju. It Will’m neilson of hartborne xx'. Jeffrey Reyne of Darlington xls. John Richardson of kirkley vj". viij". Roger blythman of Newcastle xxiij. iiijd. Anthony Stappleton oweth me as co'cerning one reckning liij. iiijd. the lord of Newton in Glendall' x'. these be the debts that I will’m Dagg doth owe as foloweth. It'm to Rohard Rea clark xxxiij". iiij". Also I giue my house yt I dwell in af' my death vnto my wife Alleson dag during her wedowhed and if she chaunce to mary then the said house to come to my sonne Andrewe Dagge & his heires lawfully begotten of his body failing that he haue no ishcwe of his body then the said house to come to the rest of my men children All the rest of my goodes movable and vnmovable I geue to Allison Dagg my wife and all my children whom I make


holl and full executors of this my last will & testament & they to see all things truly discharged to the trew meaning therofwch I pray god it may be to his glory & my soulles helth witnesses & recordes of this my last will and testament Nicholas Allen, Thomas hobson, Robert Black, John hutchinson clerke.

The INVENTORY of all the goods movable & vnmovable of Will’m Dagg prased by inj men will’m Donkin laurence stampe John Becke Will’m potts ye yong' ye viij of february 1570.

Imp’mis one Iron chymney ij rost Irons, one spete, one por, one paire of tonges one recken crooke vję—one kettill, iiij pannes viij—iiij brasse potts, a frying pan vje viija— iij pottell pottes, j

! The Strothers were at this period owners of Kirknewton, or Newton in Glendale. The deceased appears to have had very extensive dealings from the Tees to the Tweed.

O'rt pot & pint pot ix-Xv peace of puther vessell, irj saltes and ij pottingers xijo—j table, j basing, vij ca’dlesticks, one long settle, ij fourmes vsaj ambry, & a drinke ambry viije — xiiij paire of hose vje_one cloke, & one gowne xvje–ij dublets vje ij Jackets and one Girkine vję—j shart, j cap, j hat, iij viije—ij fether coddes, inj flocke coddes vjø-iij coverlets & iij old happins viijs-xxtie yardes of wollen cloth xxix pound of happin yarne iij*—one chist, & one coffer vijo ijo-one paire of buts & an old swerd ij viijd—j paire of bed stocks & j old p’sser iiij®v old quissions viija-ij paire of bedstocks & the hangings vs xxtie stone of old butter xxxiijs inja—ij bowells of Ry vs ijijd-ij peckes of malte xijd_vj tubs one little sea iij skeales, iij litle tubs inje—one old cont', j chist, j peck & a fyedle mije-inj old skeales & j pakcloth xxd—ij paire of wood skeles one bilstaffe inje-one trusse in hay ijs-one horse & one mare xl—one cowe xviije—ij pack saddles & ther gere iljø —the work gere belonging to ye shopp & one little of Iron xiijs iiijj old hauling & one forme viije —fouer lynnen sheats ix harde' sheits xx-viij pillowers wij coddes vs ija-one bourd cloth, ij towels iiij napkins ije-ij dosen trenchers, ij croses vj dishes, one paire of teymes viija. Sum'a xvl viijs viïja. DEBTS OWEN TO will’m dagg as foloweth Gerard fennicke of haterton xx-John Rutterforth of Morpeth xxxvjø. vjd—John

of Angerton xxxGerard Culter of Angerton xiiijs—tho' tailer of Alnwicke xvje viija-Geffray Reine of Darlington xl-John Richardson of Kirkley vjs viija—Roger Blythman of Newcastle xiije iiija — Anthony stappleton lij* iiija_will’m strotter the lord of newton in Glendall x _John Neilson of Berington xxv - Rich' heworth of hartely xvje – Rob't Dune of Etell inje--will’m Johnson of Burston viije – Edward humble of chirton xiije iiijų– Thomas Punsheon of Pelay xiije iiijd_will’m wilson of hartburne xx'. Sum'a xvji x ija. Debts yî ye said will’m Dagg oweth. To Richard Rea xxxiij jijd_ To Margaret Rannd xx*—for shop ferme injeto Richard whitfeild one yerd & iij quarters of lynen elothijs vj-thomas wigh’mije_To Nicholas Teisdell as co'cerning one gray mare vjd viija—to Richard Acrig for j yerd and a half of white iije – Peter bell for a dublet iije - thomas howes for shering xxd. Suni'a iij' xvij“. vja.

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