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oswolde freere my beste cappe It’m I gyue & bequithe ento Elizabethe briggh’m yf she cotyneve in lyfe a olde angell yf she die shortlie then yt to remayne to myne executors lt'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my M' iij childringe my beste coalte beste dublett & best hossen to be parted amongst theym as my Mr. shall thinke beste It'm I gyue & beq: vnto my father in laue Anthonye Coxson my blake hefted dagger & my neue botts. It'm I gyve & beq: vnto my brother leanord Johnsonn my clothe coate It’m 1 gyue & beq: vnto my vncle Roger Chickin in gaytshede A load of ryghte li'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my

s'unt Robert chickin on this codic' yt he s've my wyffe for meat drinke & rameint vj full yeares aft' his coming home frome warde house thre vj viijd. It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto my sister M' garett ijo stones of lynte Itm I bequithe & gyue vnto my sister Anna cooke one olde angell It'm I gyue & bequithe vnto ye childe yt my wiffe is wth all at this p’sente fortie to bye paide & delivered vnto him when he shall come to laufull aidge by the hands of his ovne mother or hir execut or assignat And in caise the saide childe shall not come to laufull aidge or enjoyinge of the said fortie then & in ye caise I will ye to my wyffe whome I doe maike cos'titute & ordeyne my full & soale executrix of yis my laste will & testmente shall paye vnto my mother or my ijo systers or longest lyveste of theym ye some of x pounds good & laufull monye of englande to be p’ted amongest theym It'm I gyue vnto Thomas thomson habberda in london an angell a token. It'm to my frende Edwarde dirricke my nyght govne It’m I Gyue & bequithe to John magbray an olde angell. Itm I gyue & beq: vnio my cosinge Agnes styll vs. It'm to Roger Rawe bearbrewer vs It’m I gyue & bequ: vnto my cosinge xp'ofor bridg’m my nexte beaste hoase

all suche recknyngs as remayne betuixte my m" master gofton & me frome the begyinge of ye worlde vnto yis p’sent daye aswell somes of monye of a fore my mariadge as also fo' iny voyadge to warde housse et ct I refere it hoallie vnto his own conscience nothinge douttinge but yt he in ye feare of god & co'science will declaire him selfe no lesse frinde to my wyffe & childer then I in ye sighte of god wolde declair my werye beste towards him & his children. It'm I will ye my sup’uisor shall to gether reade viewe & caste all myne acco'pts ryrtings & billes of debtes & see y euery credetor be freelye paid & no ma' by me hurte or hyndred as also my dettes discretlye craued & recaued All other my goods movayble & vnmovayble not heare aboue bequethed & also my dettes & funerall expencs paide & discharged I gyue & bequithe ynto my wyffe & childe equallie & portion licke to

due vnto my

be parted amongst thaym. Last of all I doe appoynt constitute & ordayne my m' master gofton & my cosinge George Styll or falinge any of theym my frende Thomas she will & Roger Rawe beere brewer the sup’visors of yis my last will & testme'te ye daye & yeare a boue writtinge In wyttnes wheare of I haue subscribed my name wth myne own hande to this my laste will in ye p’sence of thes wyttnesses George styll Leanord Johnson Anthonye cockson & John magbraye & others. Nota y: I forgyue all suche monye as vmfraye bridgh’m was owinge vnto me fo' wyne & others dealings. It'm yt George styll shall haue yt dagger wch ymfray bridgh’m in his will dyd bequithe vnto me on this codico' yt he ye saide George shall in his laste will bequithe it to Robert brigh’m yf hes lyue so longe. It'm I bequithe & gyue to Isabell my wyffe a peace of golde of xx' for a token.

CCLVI. ALLISON LAWES, OF GATISHED, WEDOW. In the name of God amen. The v daie of October 1570. I Alison lawes of the towne of gatished wedow being visited wth the plage I thank god of the saym yet being in posyte remembraunce praised be god maiks this my last will

last will_ffirst I com'itt my sowll to Almightie god who created me into this worlde and to Jesus christ my Savior who hath redemed me wth his most pretious bloudę And yf it shall pleasse almightie god of his great goodness & m'cie to call me and all my children in yis visitac'on vnto his great m'cie Then I will that my bodie and all my childrens shalbe buried in the churche yard of Gatishead_my house shall come after the deathe of me and all


children to my sisters son Thomas smithe-1 besyche god of his great mercie that this my present will may be to hys glorie and my sowles healthe


In dei nomine Amen 15 die februarij Ao dn'i 1570 hawkesley of ye p’ishe of all sancts wthin ye towne of newcastell

I wim

! This poor woman, at all events, died of the malady which she anticipated. Whether her children survived her we know nut. The plague was then raging in the North of England. 2 A cook who had lived in the family of Sir Robert

ling, to whose widow he bequeaths his morter and pestle. He seems also to have

been in the service of the Collingwoods of Eslington. His book of crookery in print seems to have had importance attached to it.


vpon tyne cooke hole & p'fytt of memorie althoughe I be sicke in bodie makith this my last will & testa in man' & fourme folowinge ffirst I gyve & bequithe my soule to almightie god & my bodie to be buried in my p'ishe church besyde my two wyfes. It'm I gyve to thomas sympson of tynemothe shells an old gell & to his sone John sympson vs in money. It'm I gyve to James Dalton of gaitshed vjø viija. It'm I gyve to İsabell dickeson xx°. It'm I gyve to dame coolle & hir ij" doughters xxx It'm I

It'm I gyve to wim dalton my father in lawe a franch crowne. l'tm I gyve to Isabell dalton my mother in lawe vs. It'm I gyve to Agnes dalton my mother in lawes dought' a sylu' belt wch was my second wyffes It'm I gyve to grace dalton a silke rybben. It'm I gyve to m'gett harbotle a womans cape. It'm 1 gyve to John dalton vs. It'm I gyve to my lands ladie vjø vinja. It'm I gyve to will’m white vs. It'm I gyve to luce myeborne half a crowne in gold It’m I gyve to henrye lightfoot xx & my gowne It’m I gyve to be distributed to y poore Xxvjø viijd. & all ye money ye my m" S Robert brandlinge was behynde wth me wch is for my wags xx*. and xxo wch he gave me by his will & xiijo injd wch he gave me by yere wch is ij" yers behynd at ye discretion of sr. george gray my Curat, henrye lightfoot & John hodgson whome I make supervisors of this my laste will & testa' It'm I gyve to dame Atcheson ye mydwyffe vs. It'm I gyve to marion hawkesley xxo. & a read kirtle. 'It'm I gyve to m’gett atcheson my s’unt xxxiijs iiijd & a worsett kirtle. It'm I gyve to george graye clarke a franche crowne. It'm I gyve to wlm cowkson half a crowne. It'm I gyve to helyn myln' ije vjk. It'm I gyve to my m" brandlinge my marble mortle

ye pestell. It'm I gyve to my s’unt bartheram shotton iiijor calfes skynes dressed in whytt lether a blewe leu'y cote & a booke of kouckerye in prent & to his mother xxd It’m I gyve to elsabeth dynnyng x*. It'm I gyve to agnes morlya a pewther platter & a yeard of lynynge clothe of xd price & to Jane morlia a puder platter & a yeard of lyn clothe of ye same p'ce. It'm I gyve to m’garett ryshe ije vjų. It'm I gyve to heppe hynche ijs vja & to hir sone Robert a gynger bread prente. It'm I

gyve to John robison ijo gylle (jeliy) pokes It'm I gyve to John hodgson a gold rynge & a gylte syluer ringe It'm I gyve to m" collingwood of haslington half a crowne in gold. It'm I gyve to katheryn barnes ije vja. It'm I gyve to thomeis hynde ye was my p’ntice an apron & a new fyshe knyfte It'm I gyve to thomas capstone a napron. Itm I gyve to thomas boswell

' a napron. It'm I gyve to luke hanynge a napron & a fyshe borde. It'm ye ryste of my workin gear not bequested I gyve vnto my p’ntice Robert dalton a blew Jackett & vs. in money It'm I gyve to


thomas spawdon vj viija. It'm the ryste of all my goods my detts & legacs paid I gyve vnto thomas redehead wim redehead & ane haxley my bayst begotten doughter whom I maike my executor Wyitness's & records hereof wim cokeson m'chant & John gybson m'chant with others george gray clerke. I will yt all my goods aftr my deathe shalbe canted & sold at my foredore & then to be distributed in money by even portions to my executo" abouesaid at y discretion of my supvisors of this my will. *


In the name of god Amen on yo xxvel of Julye 1570 and of He reigne of or sou'inge ladie quene elizabeth by y grace of god &c the xijih yere I Vnfray Brigh’m of ye towen of new castell vpon tyne m'chant seeke in bodie but holl in mynde & p’fytt reme'brane praysed be my lorde god do make my last will & testame't in man' & fourme ffolowinge ffirst and afore all things I do bequitle & comytt my soule into thands of ye same god our heavenlie father into wheis hands Jesus christ my onlye hope staye redeam" & saveyor hanginge vpon ye crosse did comend his sperite & my bodie to be buried in alhallowes churche. It'm I bequithe & gyve vnto Robert brigh’m my sone ye full third p'te of all my goods in default of whome I will ye same third p'te to be p’ted equallie porcion & porcion like betwixt my brother xp'ofor & my two susters. It'm I gyue & bequithe ynto my doughtr Anne the other third p'te of my goods in defauld of whome I gyve & bequithe ye same third p'te to Anne my wyffe It'm I gyve & bequithe vnto my said wyffe fo, a token yt goblett ye wch hir moth' did bequithe vnto me. It'm 1 gyve & bequithe unto my sone Robert my gould rynge wch haith ye horse head vpon it weyinge one vnce of gould. It'm I will yt my brother george styll shall haue yo custodie of my said sone & of his goods vntil he come to lawfull aidge and in default of my

said Robert I gyve & bequithe my said ringe to my brother xp'ofor brigh’m. It'm I gyve & bequithe unto ye poore & p’son" iij üija. It’m I gyve & bequithe vnto my broth' xy'pfo' brigh’m my beste cloke. It'm I gyve & bequithe vnto my frynde andra goffton my blake bagg wel I had of Jorom benett. It'm I gyve & bequithe vnto my cosinge John haveloke my gylted dager. It’m I gyve & bequithe ynto my wyfes thre brothers will’m diconson Andro Bewicke & xp'ofor cooke to etche of them vs. It'm I bequithe to Roger berebrewer vs. It'm to my two susters two Jewells of precious stones and to Anne ye vnicorne horne. It'm to m'garett litle viewell of ev’aude. It'm to Isa


bell gefton als' haveloke one old grote. It'm all my detts & fun'all expencs discharged I do gyve & bequithe vnto my sonne Robert all others my goods moveable & vnmoveable not hear above bequithed and hym my sone Robert I do constitute ordaine & appoynt my full & sole executor of this my last will & testament In Witness wheroff I haue sett wih

myne hand myne owne name to this my p’sent will in ye p’sence of my brother styll my cosing John haveloke & of Jolin magbray mynister ye

year above written. *

day and

CCLIX. MYCHAELL TOMPSON (OF DURHAM, SMITH). In the name of god amen The xxyth daye of Maye et Anno d'ni 1570 I Mychaell tompson in ye p'ish of Sanet Margreats Beinge visited by ye hands of god seake in my bodye But p'fytt & sunde in my remembranc thanks be vnto almightie god doithe maike this my last will & testament in man' & fourme folowinge ffyrst I do comytt my soule vnto my saueo" Jhesus Christe my only redemer By whos merrits I trust to be saved And my bodye to be buryed in Sanct M'greats churche yeard upon ye sourthe Syd wharas my childe was buryed Itm I do gyve & bequiethe vnto my sone John tompson my best stewdy wth the leasse off my howsse yt I dwell in payinge yearely to my doughter An tompson Sexten pence dewringe ye said leasse It’m I do

gyve and bequiethe vnto my Godsonn mychiell tompson one pair of bellowis an vice a great hamer wth a great naill tull & a straicke nail tull It'm I do gyue more to my sonne John tompson an Singnett of sylver Itm I do gyue & bequiethe vnto my doughter m'greatt dychbourne a brasse pan vnbanded It'm I do gyve & bequiethe vnto will’m more a studye a pair of bellowis a trew ieron wth a lesser great hamer & a nailling hamer. It'm I do gyve vnto John Dycheborne a pair of bellowis wth a tewe Ireon It'm I do gyve vnto mychul tompson my godson thre pair of tongs provided always if yt shall chaunce ye said mycheill to dye then I will ye all ye gear ye I haue gyven vnto hym shall come vnto ye rest of his bretherin It’m I do gyve & bequiethe vnto my welbeloved doughto' An tompson one hawket cowe It'm I will yt mergreat Dychborne shall haue the house in Alu' tonn gait wth ye gressings belonginge to yt pay'ng therfor to An tompson my daughter two shillings in the yeare duringe the leasse provided always yt when soeu' ye said m'great shall dep'te & dye wthout childrin I will then y' ye said house aforesaid shall come to my doughter An tompson & she to inioe yt It'm I do gyve & bequiethe vnto xp'or Tompson one great candlestike It'm I

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