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of my soull iij iiijd. It'm I giue to the upholdinge of a brige in the our towne of wolsingh’m xija. I giue to my brother Edward herrison my best Jackett my best wild leather dublet my best hoose my best shert & my best hatt. It'm I giue to his sonne Edward herrison one whye & ij yowes. It'm I giue to the doughter of my brother Edwards wiffe one yow And I giue to my sister margarett herrison one cowe & v yowes.

It'm I giue to ye children of Lancelot marlye that is to say Anthony Cuth'bte & thomas eu’ye one of them two yowes.

It'm I giue to John Grinwell sonne to thomas grinwell of ye new Raw ij yowes. It'm I giue to Raphe vasye my brother in Law myne owne siluer spoone It'm I giue to his brother John vasye of witton one of the other thre silu' spoones and to his sonne Cuthbert vasye one yow & one lambe. It'm I giue to my doughter Anne one whyell’m I giue to my doughter Elsabeth marlye one yow It'm I giue to my doughter margaret grinwell one yowe It'm I giue to my youngest doughter Allice herrison


whole interest & title of one Jease wch I toke of Gregorye butler one meare v kine wth a calfe 1 weathers and yowes one almerye & a cawell wth a cownter. Also I will that this

my doughter Allice herrison wth hir porcion of goods remaine in the custodye & keapinge of thes my ffrends that is Raphe vasye Robert garthwhate & John vasye and they to se that she vse hir selfe vertouslye as a younge woman owght to do vnto suche time as they canne prouide her a fitt & honest mariage and for ther paines thus taken I giue to eu'ye one of them xs. It'm I giue to the curate Ric. Rawlin for his paines taken iij* & iiij". It'm I giue to my wiffe Alis herrison my best meare for a memoriall to be good vnto my childrenge wth my fine in the ou, tonne of Wolsingh’m duringe her liffe Also I will that she haue her thirdes of all my goodes according to the quenes maties lawes accustomed the residue of all my goodes moveable & unmoveable wch god haith blessed me wth after my bodye honestly buryed & my debts & legaces we ye costes my funerall trewlye payd wth the lease aforesayd excepted & alwaies p’served furth of parte onlye to my sayd doughter Alice & hir assignes Also I giue to my wiffe Alice herrison & to my doughter Alice herrison equallye, ye wch Alice my wiffe & Alice my doughter I do constitute and make my full executors Jointlye to gether to execute & accomplishe this my last will & tes

Also I make sup’visors of this my last will and testament my well beloued frends aforesayd that is Raiphe vasye of lumlye p’ke Robert garthwate of braydlye and John vasye of witton to se that thes my executors agre well to gether in executinge of this my testament & last will the wch to be trne &


effectual I the testator haue sett my hande marke to this my testate the day & yeare aboue writtinge & testes huius testamenti Raiphe vasye Robert garthwate Robert Watson John Clerke wth Richard Rawlinge curate & writer herof wth others many.*

gyve to


In the name of god Amen the yth day of Julie in ye yere of Or lord god 1568 I Will’m Wealand of gatished in ye countie of Durh’m quarrellman being crased in bodye; but of good & p'fit remembrannce, thanks be to god do make & ordyne this my last will & testament in maner & forme following ffirst I gyve and bequiet my soule into ye hands of almightie god my onlie saveio" & redem" And this my bodye to be buried in the church yarde of gatished afforesaid secundlie I will yt my executors. shall well & trewlie content &


debts to all & d suche p’son as shalbe indebted vnto at yo tyme of my deathe whose names wth somes I am owing to them so far as I can call to remembrannce I shall trewlie not heareafter. thirdlie I gyve vnto the pouremans box of this p'ishe for ye better releafe of my poore brethrein in the same vs. It'm I ye the repayring of yo decaied glasse windowes of ye Churche ije. It'm I

gyve & bequieth unto Jenet my wiff this howse wth the appu'tnancs during hir life & wedohead and after hir deaithe or mariag to my sone Roland wealand & his heyres laufullie begotten for ever And for defaulte of suche yshew to my seconed sone will’m and the heyres of his bodye lawfullye bygotten for ever & if boithe my said sones happ to dye wth out lawfull yshew I will that ye said house wth thappurtynancs shall come to my dowghter allye & ye heyres of hir bodye lawfullye begotten for ever and 'if it fortunne yt boith my said dowghter dye wthout laufull isshew as is afforesaid then I will yt my said howse wth ye appu'tynannces shall come to my nephew John wealand & his heares laufullie begotten fo' ever and faling of this lawfull yshew to his susters my neces & theyr heyres for ever ffurther mor I gyve vnto my said wiffe by waye of legacye twentie shillings Itm to every of


childre' I

gyve and bequiest a rose noble. Itm I gyve vnto everye of my brother Rauf childrin xije. a pece. It'm I gyve vnto Elizas Wealands The resydew of all my goods moveable & vnmoveble my debts & legaces paid & my funeralls discharged I gyve them to my wiffe & my thre childring whome I make my exe

1 Quarryman.


cuto's well & trewlie to execut & p'forme this my last will and testament in man' and forme as I haue before devised Whereas I haue let fourth & solde c'ten chalders of stones

vpon credit & others by specialtye I haue thought good to mak speciall declaration of ye same to thend that my

abovesaid cutors crave no more of my creditors then is dew nor they to be defrawded of ther right. ffurst John tompson of newcastell m'chaunt owethe vnto me a xj' xjø & viijd being ye rest of a byll for xxxj' iij® & iiija as by ye said byll apperreth It'm more that ye said John is indebted vnto me as apperreth by another bill of his hand being dat ye

of octobre ye whole some of xviij' viije dew to haue bene paid at whitsondaye last past as by the same bill it doith appere. It'm m francs anderson oweth vnto for gryndstones iiij' xjø. ijd. It’m John Watson ye maister owethe me in lent monys fyftie shillings. It'm Roger Raw m'chaunt owethe me for grynestones xxxvs. It’m ye said Roger more for a chald' of stone xiij

$ 4d. It'm he owithe me more for a 4-foot 3 foot & a 2 foot stones ijs viija. It'm Christofo' bugham oweth me for stone viijs ixa. It'm m'is brigham oweth me for stone xvj$ iiijd It'm John batman for a fower foot stone xxd. It'm Edmond herison oweth me for stone vjø viijd. It'm more for surtishipp for will’m apelbye iiij & ye costes of ye law. It'm Richard fyvf for a two foot stone vja. It'm David blitheman for two foot stones xijd. It'm thomas browne of sandgate oweth me for a thre foot stone viija. Itm John wealand of sandgat oweth me in lent monye vj. and his wiff stone for a thre foot stone viijd. It'm Roger watson for sauetiship iiijs vd & more ye said roger owethe me for two thre foot stones xvjd. It'm Ranold cookson oweth me in lent monye x'.

It'm John maddison owethe in lent monye x'.

It'm Robert white owethe ijs & viïj pecks of oytes.

It'm will’m wilbye owethe me ixs viija. It'm Edward Johnson oweth my wiff xjs and to me viijs one waye & iije a


waye he owethe to me vij chaulder of stones. It'm Richard iackson of pilgrame streit oweth me for a iiij foot stone xxd. It'm Alexander sparling oweth for a iiij foot stone xxd. It'm willim wharye oweth me x. It'm george yaites oweith xd. It'm wilI'm smythe owethe me ije vjd. A Not of all suche debts as I doo owe so far as I can call to remembraunce. ffirst I owe vnto my suster in lawe Jane Weland v marks.

It'm I owe to gawyne millure a chalder of stone. It'm I owe to John hobson xvjø. It'm I owe to Roger nycolson xxd. Itm I owe to Anthony comyngs xija. Thus haue I trewlye declared ye debts owing to me and also all suche as I ow to others at ye making of this my said last will wch said will & declaration was done before thes

and more

witness will'm thomson will’m blytheman John cockson will'm willy wth dyvers others. *

CCXXVIII. ANTHONI DALYVELL, OF CETONDALYVAILL.' In ye name of god ame' ye day of agust. A° d'ni 1568 I Anthoni dalyvell of Cetondalyvaill being of p'fect reason & memorye praise & thanks be gyven to all myghtye god do maik & ordein this my p’sent Testame't contey'ing therin my last will in man' & forme following ffirst & principally I gyue my soull to almightie god my maiker & redemer my body to be buried in ye Chappell at Ceaton by ye lycene of my singli good mast? m" John Daliwaill & as for my worldly goods ye god haith endewed wth I gyue ym to my injor children Arthure Dalyvall, Edward Dalivall

, agnes Dalyvaill & mary Dalyvaill whom I doo maike holl & full executors of this my said testament & last will they to order & dispose my goods to ye hono' of god & welthe of my soule & ther most p'ffet & I desyer my said singl good m' & tho' bell & oswyne pereson to be sup’visors of this my said will and se ye same put in execuc'on as my trust is in them desyering my said worshipfull m' to be good to my said children & se yt they be v’tuously brought up & honestly vsed during yr none aidg Witness hereof John Dalivall esquier Richerd And'son clerk Thomas bell Tho' benley & Edward ffyfe with other mov.


CCXXIX. JOHN DOCKETH, CLARK. In the name of god the father almighty amen the xxiiij of August in ye yere of oure lord god Ixviij I John Docketh clark curat in Whitworth not knowing ye houer of my deth p'videth for my souls health making my last will of testament as folowithe. 'ffirst I forsack this miserable world ye pomps and all ye glorys of yt And I geue wth a fre harte & a fre will my soule to ye father of heavene besechin for his greater mercy saik & for ye love of his sone Jesus christe to have mercy vpon me p'don & for geve me all my synnes yt ever I have com’ytted & done against ye goodness of god & all the world which world I yet & euermore forsaik And my bodye to be buryed wthin

suere of saint margarets in Duresme in ye same place where


1 A younger son of the family of Delaval, of Seaton Delavall, and perhaps a farmer on the estate.

& to

my brother was buried and to be brought furth honestlye as y use of ye churche is. It'm I geue to yo repac'ons of ye churche of whitworth x'. Item I geue to yo poure people of sainct Margarets in Dureme xle. Item I geue to ye poore paople of saint nicholas xl. It'm I geue to the poore people of sainct osvolds xls. & I geue to ye poore people of sainct gyells & ye two bayllyffes so much as my mynisters of my goods shall thinke meate nedful to geue ym. It'm I geue to eu'ye one of hanbuy lax childring a gemer lambe & I geue to Robarth semar of awk. land a cowe & eu'y chyld ye he haithe a gemer lame It to annes darneton a gemer lambe & alleson pickering my s'uands a gemer lamb & I geue to my cosyng allse lacke vs. or a quy And I geue to my cosing margareth Docketh lait dowther of wlm Docketh xxs' And I geue to my cosing margareth turping all my bedding boith in Duresme & in wyttworth & all yt belongeth to them owt of pt & I will that my cosing margareth turping shall have my howse in Duresme during her naturall lyfe & after her dessese I will yt my cossing John Docketh shall have it & if John Duckethe shall dye we out lawfull isshewe then I will yt it shall come to his father wlm Docketh of tuddo. Itm I geue to annes Docketh & margareth docket dowthers of wlm docket of tudo & to margareth apple elleng hyneson I will y' thes iiij maydyngs shall haue all my pottes & panes wth Dyshes & puder vessells in defferinglye to be p'tyed emong them the rest of all my goods not bequyeth so yt I be honesly brought fourth my dettes paid I geue to John Ducket wlm docket his father and to margarett turping whom I make my full execotors all in lyke stat.

It'm I wyll yt my frynd nycolas turpinge shall have Jhon ducket the bringin up of hym & the custodye of hym & his goods duryng hys yong age & to brying hym vp in lerning & he shall fynd surtye to pay hym his goods agane when he shall come to lawfull yeres wthout any rebayting for his bringing vp and ye ye said nycolas turping to se this my will of testament be fulfilled as my trust is in him Witness's hereof anthony lax of waisterton, thomas whytte, Robart doucket, thomas moaresbye wth others will'm melln'by curat.

INVENTORY, inter alia, Funerall expences. To ye minister of S. Margaretts churche xvją To iij oy' prests iij". To ye churche of St Margaretts churche xviija. For a dinner to frends & neighbours xl. To oy' p'ishe clerke xvj. To ye scholers of S. Margarets churche xxijd. For ye makiuge of a chiste (coffin) iiij". For ye makinge of ye grove and lainge downe of ye stone viija. For ye layr stall vjo. viija.

De claro iijxx vl. xvija. ob.


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