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mathew bay’brig & xp'ofor short inj lode of vre & iij horse lode pric iij'— The workmen of allersyk j lode of vre xviijs – John gibson ij lode of vre xxviije--gvy fetherston iij lode of vre xlijs

Ric cuthbart j lode & a half vre xxjo-Ravfe fetherston ij lode of vre xlijs—myhell fetherston iij lode of vre xlijs —thom's shell ij lode of vre xxviije — Ric' watson j lode of vre xiiijwedowe Richardson half j lode of vre vije_thom's blacket in mony xx_wJacson half

j lode of vre vije—Ric' watson in mony xl_Rowland nattres in mony xxjs-georg burddese in mony xxs_thom's grise in mony ixs-georg Robinson in mony vj' viija - thom's raice in monye ijs -thom's Robinson in mony xlvj* viija_S’ma totals cxij viij®. xd Prased by thes iiij sworne men lanclot lanchestr Raphe fetherston John em'son & John gib


CCXXI. RAVF CLAXTON. In the name of god Amen the iiij day of fabruarij ye yere of our lord god 1567 I Ravf Claxton of en'thornton (? enner throston] of ye p’ich of hart wtlin ye countie of durhame of wholl mynd & good reme'branc thanks be to god maks this my testament wherin is conteyned my last will in man' & furme folowing ffirst & pryncypally I bequieth my soull to almightie god my maker & redem' & to all ye holye c'pany of heven & my bodie to be buried in the church of hartellpolle wt my mortuarie dew & accostomed by the lawe I geve to ye porc mers boxe xijd. I geve to Agnes Claxton my wyf all my household gere boith in the hawll house & in the cha'ber. I geve to georg claxton my sonne one bay meire I geve to xp'ofor Claxton my sonne one whyt felly stagg two yeres old. I geve to thon's claxton my sonne a folle of a yere old. I


to hewelson one yewe & a lame & vjø viijd in monye I geve to esabell claxton my doughter iiij bz of wheat iiij bz of bigg iiij bz of peese & iiij bz of otts when god sends yt of the ground. Also I geve to my wyf Agnnes claxton the leas of my fremhold during hir lyf naturall iť she mary not but & yf she mary then I will that georg

claxton my sonne shall have the said lease & fermhold during all my yeres to come I give to ye said georg my sone the leas of my fermhold aftr my wyfs decese I geve to bryane Claxton one Jackett I geve to my said wyf Agnes claxton my steaplead & one gray amling stagg the residewe of my goods not bequieth my debts & legacs paid my funerall expencs deduct I geve one thyrd of my said goods to agnes claxton my wyf one other thyrd of my goods to georg claxton

to thom's claxton and to xp'ofor claxton my somes & one other thyrd of my goods I geve the one half to agnes claxton my wyf whome I mak the one half executrix of this my last will & testament & the other half of the said thyrd pt of my goods I geve to georg claxton thom's claxton & to xp'ofor claxton my sons whome I mak the other half executors of this my last will & Testament providet allways that yf agnes claxton my wyf & georg claxton thom's & xp'ofor sones have no troble vexac'one nor busynes by Ric' Claxton my sone nor by h’s meanes nether as į the said Ravf Claxton standith bound to one win heron of london in one band obligatorie in a certene some of xx' the wo obligac'on the said Ric' claxton haith co'fessed to me his father yt ye said obligac'on is discharged all redie & yf it be so according to ye saing of the said Ric' Claxton my sonne & yf he do according as before reheresed yt then I will yt the said Ric' claxton my sonne have as much & as larg a part of my goods as any as my iij sonnes yt is to say georg thom's and xp'ofor claxton my sonnes other wayes the said Ric' Claxton have no porc'on nor p’t of my said goods Thes witnesses of this my last & testame't wm merman Rob Swalwell wm hereson wm hett Ric' tood wt other moy.



In the name of god Amen the xxyth day of Julij in the yeare of our lord god a thowesand five hundreth sextie and seven I Jane haule of the p'ishe of sothe bayle Ine the citie of durh’m wedowe hole of mynd and In good and perfect remembrance praised be god ordayne and maike this my p’sent testament and last will in maner and forme folowing first I geve and bequithe my soule to almightie god my redemer and savior my body to be buried in my said p’ishe church wth my mortuary according to the laudable custome of the lawes of this realme etc. It' I geve and bequithe to my M, Mr will’m bennet' ij of the greatest candlesticks and a pair of linen sheats wth a pillober vj twilt napkings a silver spone and the riall weh his nece gave me It I geve to Thomas Sehame ij doblers, ij dishes. It I geve to phillopp perkinson a dubler a dishe, a saucer, and a pother basing. It' I bequithe to Edward Writer a dobler a dishe, a saucer, a candlestick. It’ I geve to John welche a dobler a dishe and a candlesticke. It' I geve and bequith to bartolemew florence my brothers sone a fedderbedd ij coverletts ij blankets a bolster and a codd. It’ I geve and bequith to my sister Margrett my best deny, my long belting best crooks my rede mantle and my almer beads 'It' I bequith to George Smith a silver sponn li' 1 bequith to Sir John pearson a silver sponn It I geve and bequite to Margrett harwood my sister doughter ij brass potts ij panus ij dishes, ij doblers. It I geve and bequith to Richard Wilkeson ij basings, ij lavers, ij candlesticks an almery and a counter. It’ I geve and bequithe to Jennett paxton one mattres wth the hole bedd and the clothes all my worke daye Rament, ij kircheves, ij railes, iij yerds of strakin clothe iij yerds of harden and ij yerds of lin' clothe. It’ I geve and bequith to Elizabeth Johnson my god doughter a long towell sewed in the end wh black silke. It’ I geve to francs fawell a brasse pott and a litle pann. It I geve Jane hucheson a yerd of lining clothe It I geve to Coltman wiffe my hatt and capp a kircheffe and a raile that I wear one the workday. It' I geve to Esabell yonger a kirchiffe. Iť I geve to whithead wiffe a kirchiffe a raile and vja in mony. It’ I likwise geve to dame Simpson a kircheffe and a raile It I geve to hir doughter a dobler and a dishe It I geve to Thomas fawell ij* It’ I geve and bequith to Ricard wilkeson aforesaid a yong kowe and a hen It’ I geve to bartholemew flourence aforsaid an old cowe It I geve to Eliner wilkinson a yong why vj doblers and vj dishes. It i geve to Jennet paxton th’en wth the birds and ij caupons. It' I geve and bequithe to my curet M' person iij yerds of line clothe & a half a kirchiffe a codd wth a pillober and a line sheate. It I geve and bequithe to John dixon a silver spone. It’ I geve to Richard Johnson half a crowen in gold. It' I bequithe to barbery heweson a kirchiffe and a raile. It’ I geve to Agnes fawell a kirchiffe and a raile of my small line. Il' I geve to Thomas Jvinson iij yerds of linne clothe a codware and a pillober. It'I geve to Agnes Whitfeld a yerd of linn. It' I geve to Agnes Watson a yerd of harden. It' I bequith to Agnes Carter a linn Apron. It' I geve to Dame pentland my black hatt wch I did were one the workdaye. It I geve and bequithe to Anthony haulles wiffe my best kircheffe and raile and my best velvet purse having gold knoppes. It I geve to John paxton iij yerds of straking clothe. It I geve to Anthony halls doughter a basin and a hewer. It I geve to John Tripp iij yerds of strakins. It' I geve to Jennett Massain ij doblers and ij disshes. It’ I geve and bequith to Elinor Wilkinson aforesaid my seconnd demye and my seconnd crucks It I geve and bequithe to Mald Wilkinson my doughter my currell beads. It’ I geve and bequithe to margrett harwood my second gowen and my best kirtle It'

| The first Prebendary of the Fourth Stall.


geve to Jane Marshall my best silk hatt. It I geve to Thomas Gibson a litle gold ring for a token. It I geve to Thomas Seaham an old fether bedd and a bolster. It’ I geve to Anthony flourence my brother sonn a litle chist and a brass pott.

It I geve to Ann Thomson a basing & a laver a candlestick and a yerd of my small linne. It I geve to dame sehame a yerd of my small linne It I geve to will’m Oliver my godson a yerd and a half of harden It I will that the day of my buriall ther be a lodd of wheat baked and distributed to the poore people. The residew of all my goods not above bequested nor legaced my detts paid and funerall expencs performed I geve and bequithe to my doughter Mald Wilkinson and to my brothers sonn bartholemew florence whom I mak my full executors of this my p’sent last Will and Testament desiering my especiall and singular good frend M bennet as my faithfull trust is in hime to be supervisour of the said will and se it p’formed and fulfilled to the trew meaning and effect as is aforesaid Thes witnesses being p’sent Richard Johnson— Thomas Gibson_ Thomas fawell.

AN INVENTORY of all the goods moveable and vnmoveable of Jayne hall of the p’ishe of southe bayle in the Citty of Durh’m wedo deceased apprased the xj day of september Anno d'ni 1567 by Jasperr horsly Thomas Gibsonn Richerd Johnson and Thomas Fawell.

IN THE HALL. It in p’mis iij almeres xvje viiją—two counters viije —two litle bords xxd_iij chaires, ij formes iij®— iij buffett stolles xijd—an Iron chymnay, one Iron porr, and one pair of tonngs, à gallous of Iron wth inj croks ix-one carpett wth vj quissons iij iiijd-four old panted cloths xijd—iiij litle wood skewells xija_v laten bassings ix candlesticks vij laten ewers a water laver of laten one brass morter wth a pestell xxvjø viija. iij chairs, and v basings, an ewer, one pottle pott iiij quart potts, iïij pynte pottes, iij gill potts, iij salts, and one peace of puder xvij xa—xxlie puthere doblers xiiijtene puder dishes xx saucers xxxviij viij— vị cruces and wood platers xija—one litle caser vja -ix panes of glasse windowes x®. Sum’a xj' xixs and iiijd In THE KITCHIN-iij little old almeries & one cauvell ij*.-two wessing tubbes, a baking tubb, ij skills, iij milk meales, vj tre doblers ij$ -_vij brasse potts, ij posnetts, vj batter pannes, a brasse yetling, one batter kettill, and a brasse chaffer xvijo — xj puther dublers v dishes ij saucers vj potingers a puder basinge xijo:-one pair of Iron Rackes, a greate spete, iïij lesser spets an Iron brandrith, a droping pann, a fring panne, a rosting Iron, a pair of gibbes, iij pair of pott clipps, a ladell, a scum'er of laten viije—a stone trowe, a litle can, ix tre disshes xij trancers


inija_a puder peace, ij chopping knyves viija-ij glass wyndowes xijd. IN THE MILK Howse an old almere a chirne wth a staffe, a litle lyne wheale, ij pair of yerne windings wth stocks, iij old strists ijs — one candle caise of brasse vjo. viija. IN THE CHAM

A counter, a long chist, iij other chists, v coffers, xijo—ij pair of bed stocks, ij hamp's iij heckells, a pair of laten weights ije—a father bedd, a mattres, a pair of blanketts, vj cov'letts, a covering, ij mantells, a pair of lin sheats, ij bolsters, iiij codds a teaster a fringe, one peace of a father bedd tecke liij* iija—an Iron Chymnay, a pair of tongs a prong va gowen, iij pettecotts, ij clothe kirtells, iij cotts, ij black and a russet, ij black hatts, one capp xxs-ij silk hatts & ij cappes vjø viijd—one table clothe, ij towells, xiiij napkings all of dioper xx—hir nappere for hir bodie xls—one pair of currel and silver bedds, ij velvett purses, two girdles wth two demies, ij pair of silver crokes, one pair of knyves, one silk rybon, one perle fillet xl_ix silver spones xxs_iij pair of harden sheats, and an od sheate & a head sheate ix pillobers liije iiijd—thre table clothes and ix towells xij napkins and ij harden towells xxvje viijų–a new almery, iij wandie flacketts, iij cruses ij”. IN THE LOFT above yo p’lor. A closse pressour a standing bedd, ij pair of bedstocks, iij chares, inj chists, a litle bord, ij futt formes, iij bedd teasters, a stole of ease & hangings xxiija—ij fether bedds, a mattres, iij bolsters, vj fedder codds v blanketts & a coverlett, ij coverings of bedds frings, v hangings iiij quishons, an old carpett, iij classe wyn. dowes liij® iiija—hir ij best gownes, and hir ij tatches, ij kirtells of worsett, a scarlett petticott iij-vj yerds a q'ter of fin lynne, one peace of lyne, one peace of strakens, and a peace of hården xxxj$ iiiją—ij candlesticks ij. IN THE LOFT above ye kytchen. iij pair of bed stocks wth teasters, one ark an old pressour vje– iij bolsters, a coverlett, ij old blanketts, one happin, ij glasse windowes, a chist, a lede mell iijs inja. IN THE LOFT next the gate. vj secks vjø. IN THE LARDER HOWSE sex littell barrells one wth ye verges one tubb, a chist and old chirne xj". iiija. Ir IN THE GILE HOWse one gile fatt, ij tubbes ij barrells, a leven tubb, a meale & ij erthen pott inije. It' in the BREW HOwse one brewe lead & mask fatt & old tubbes xxvjø. viijd It' in the loft above one futher of haye x'-one stepe lead, an Iron chymnay in the kilne iiij two kyne xxxiijs iiij".-one cowe vs_wodă and cole v8_xxjte thraves of wheate at maynforthe xls. As muche Rye xxxiijs inija. Sum'a totalis xlviji vij' viija. Detts WCH SHE OWITHE. Inp’mis to Sir John Person xx'— to George Smithe xx—to Edward hall wiffe xxs-to wedow nycholson x' --to Sir John browen vje-the funerall charge xxx. Sum'a vi

vj'. *

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