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viiij'. vj buffett stooles vjø. A chaire viija. A long table on a frame vs. A porre and a paire of tongs ij'. viij". A square cupborde iiij". vj quishyngs wrowght in the frame viij®. xij old quishings vs. ij formes xvja. A course carpett clothe for the longe table and a cupbord clothe ij". Sm’ xlije. viija. Item xij silverspones gilt at th’endes iij!. iiij. xij sylv' spones wh J. H. on th’endes iij'. Twoo tynne saltes viij. xv lattin candlesticks xx. Certen stone potts and glasses xviija. A latten basen xija xij pewther playtes wth trenchers for ye same vjø. vija. A litle cupborde ij'. An almerye wth iiij doores & ij shootts xiij®. inija. Twoo graters viijd. Twoo hoggeshedes iij di' hoggesheades & ix barrells xj". Twoo gallon flaggons th’one of lether th’other of wod xxd. Sm’ix'. ijo. vja. THE HIGHE CHAM

In napperye in lynen sheites xvj paire, certen old harden sheites & xvj pillowbers vjl. xiij. inja. Twoo diaper borde clothes, th’one fyve yerdes longe, th’other iiij yerdes longe, foure lynen boorde clothes thre harden boorde clothes, three diaper towells, ix diaper napkins, ij doz & di’ of lynnen napkins wth blew barres, vij lynynge towells & ij cupbord clothes iij'. vij". iiijų. Two Danske chistes, a litle chist bound wth yron, a candle chist & an other old chist xxiij". iiijd. A presse wth ij floores & v doores xl. A foldinge table ij*. vij litle quisshines & ij longe quisshings of croole wrowght wth the nedle & a carpett clothe that is in workinge withe crooles for the same vj'. xiij". iiijd.-vj fetherbeddes withe vj bolsters & a course fetherbed tyke vl. vjø. viija. - viij mattresses and ix bolsters linje. iiijd. xij pyllowes xiij. iiija.—xij paire of blanketts & viij happings xlij.-In coverletts xx vi. In coveringes for beddes iij of tapestrie and ij of dornix vij'. A carpett clothe of tapestrie worke v yerde longe & a yerde and a quarter depe xxxiij®. iiijd.-v standinge beddes wth cordes 1. Twoo testors wth curtens of saye & ij testors wth curtens of croole ls. Three cotes of plaite & iij stele cappes xl. A press of waynscott in the nurc'ie xiij. iiijd. The hangings there and in the p’lor vj$. viija. S'm lij!. viij. THE BREWHOUSE. A brew leade & a culinge leade in a frame vj! A maskefatt, twoo gilinge fatts, a lytle tubbe & stone trowghe xls. Certen stuffe in the bultinge house iij. inja. S’m viij'. iij®. inja. The KitchINGE. One great cawdren wth an yron bande xls. Three little old cawdrens, v pa’nes, v brasse potts, a possenett, ij yren potts, ij fryenge pa'nes, a drepinge panne, a girdyron & iij paire of pott clips iij'. v speitts, a payre of cobyrons, a paire of tonges, a porr & a fyer shule xxvjø. viija. A fleshe axe, a choppinge knife and a mynsinge knife and a gullye iij'. mj“.-iij garnishe of pewter vessell, a doz’ & di’ of pottingers and twoo hand basens v. iij'. inja. A new basen & ewer of tynne vjø. viijd. S’m xj'. x'. The LaRDER. Twoo tubbs for saltinge fleshe xx'. A hoggeshed for otemeale xviij mij emptie kaskes iiij". S’m xxv*. vjų. 'The MilkHOUSE. xij chesfatts, xx bolles, viij butter cuppes, a butter kytt, a sove, ij skeills, ij kirnes, ij standes and certen vessell that was in the wollhouse xxs. A candle case, a pair of musterd wherns, ij spynynge wheles wth certen boordes vs. S’m xxv$. The ProR. A cupborde ij'. A chaire viija. A cupborde clothe of dornix vj$. viija. S’m ix'. iiij. APPARELL. A damaske gowne without ly’nen wth a laice of Gold xxxiij®. mjd. A newe clothe gown furred wth white laʼme and faced withe blacke conye xl'. One grene clothe gowne faced with blacke conye wih laice of silu' xx'. A blacke cloke with a spanishe cape & a old blacke cote vjø. viija.

A woman's gown of damaske with a yard of velwett xxxiij*. iiija. A woman's gown new of fyne pewke faced with blacke conye xxxiij. inja. An olde clocke gown garded with velvett xiij®: inija. An old scarlett pettycote x'. S'mix'. ixr. Corne, &c.

CXCVIII. JOHN BLAXTON, OF SEATON.' In the name of God Amen. the xxviij day of Julij Ao. 1566 witnessithe that I Jhone Blaxton of Seaton wthin the p'ishe of Seh'm—my bodi to be buried wthin the quere nighe vnto where mine ancistors lieth. It'm I giv vnto Margret Blaxton my wif all within the hall and chamber, and the litle house she dwellithe in att this present wth outen payng any rent during hir naturall lite. It'm I giv vnto every of my childers children a yow and a lamb. It'm I giv vnto Adam Blaxton my sone xxs. It'm I giv to Denes Littest' and his wif xxs. It'm I ġiv to Rauf Blaxton my sone xx'. It'm I giv to Richard Collin and his wif xx'. It'm I giv to Isabell Sampton xx'. It'm I giv to will’m Rede ij oxen & ij stotts, wth yoke & some belonging to the same, and also to the sayd will’m ij horses, one long waine & a coopwane & half the corne winter & ware of the odd land in the feld. It'm I giv to Anes Snaudon xxvjø. viijd. and to George hir sone a yow & a lamb. It'm I giv to Thomas Wright my curate iij". iiij". It'm I will yt mine executors have th’occupation of this farmold one yere after my discease.

The residu of my goods (&c.) I give ynto Migret Blaxton my wif, Rauf Blaxton my sone and willm

| See his Pedigree, SURTEES I. 276. Mr. Surtees had apparently not seen this will.

Blaxton whome I doy make my hole executors_and my trusty frend George Blaxton of Farneton Hall to be sup'visor :-unto whome I give xx* for his counsell and paynes thereinAlso I will yt if Adam my sone be not favourable & kind vnto my executors that then he shall pay the sum of lx' debts vnto them.

Inventory_His lair stone vj'. viij". Funeral expenses xls &c.*

CXCIX. WILLIAM CLAXTON, OF BURNEHALL, ESQUIRE. In the name of God Amen. The xxjth of Decembre Ao. D'ni 1566. I will’m Claxton of Burnehall in the Countve of Durh’m Esquire my bodye to be buryed in the p’ishe churche of St Oswolds in Durh’m wher the executors of this my last will and testament shall thinke good by th' advice of my sup'visors—I will also that my vncles Robert Claxton clerke and Roger Claxton shall haue my hole manr house at Burnehall (with lands, &c. described] for the bringinge vp of my five younge children vnto suche time my heyr whome so ev: God shall appointe cume to full & lawfull'age. [He next makes a provision out of his lands to raise a fund for the marriage portion of his three daughters Katherine, Ellenor, and Margerye.] I give to Ayles Midelton my sister in law two Kyen and two calves. And also I give to xp'ofer Hutchinson one queye wih calue. Also I give to Thomas Tedcastle my s’vant my whyte amblinge nagge. (Children, Robert, Anthonye, Jerrard, Katherin, Ellenor, Margery.) I will and bequith vnto Robert Claxton, Roger Claxton, Xp'ofer Chaytor, Cuthb't Rackett & Xp'ofer Mayre my best gray maire, one yron gray meare and a sorel nagge.

Inventory. IN THE GREAT CHAMBRE Y hangings of read & greine viij. ij new cov’ings of bedds xxvj“. viijd. iij cov'letts ij*. ija ij pare of blanketts xixo. vij happings xvj. viij linne shets xxj. vj pare of harden shets ixs. ij fether beds & ij bolsters liij . iiijd. v Codds & v codwares x'. viija Thre mattresses xij. iij old bolsters ij”. Thre testers wth hangings of read & greane xij. IN THE BUTTERI & PARLAR ij bord clothes inje. v candelstickes inije. ij harden towells nija. xviij table napkins viljø. ij chares xvja. A stone cruse wth a cov' and vij other cruses xvija xij pewther trencher viijs. & silvr spones ls. iij pewthyr salts & a dossen sawcers viij®. viija vj spice plates ijo. xjd iiij dublers ij dishes and a basinge x*. vja viij great platers xv. inja. Five pottingers iij'. vj“ vij bigger dishes vj$. vd. A pewther basing and an ewer vjo. vinja. One ambre x'. ij cupbord clothes ijs. xj quissions vija. One chiste for spice and à candel chiste xx«. IN THE KITCHIN One great cawdron xviij . ij lesse cawdrons xs. ij brasse potts, a little pott and a posnet of brasse xvj. One great panne & ij lesse pannes xvja. One brasse morter v. ij spets & a payre of rakes iij*. A brulinge yron xijd A brandreth of yron xija. A rost yron xija. One pare of tongs ij raken croks & ij pott clips iij®. A fryinge panne vja. IN THE BREWHOUSE Gilefatts & iij mashing fatts iij". 40. v standes & a pott for drinke iij". iiijd. vj tubbes iij". irija. iij wood dublers inja IN THE MILKE HOUSE xij milke bowells vs. ij kirnes xxd. One great bowell vja. iij skeylls xija. A milke skeyl, a kitt to put milke in & a tunnele inja vij chesfatts xvj. IN OTHER HOUSES One hamp' & ij basketts xijd. One kitt for salt butter viija. ij hogesheads or tun'es ij®. virja. One temes for corne vjų. ij spinning wheles ij. A payre of wolle cayrds iiij. A bus' & a peke of wood xxa. ij seves & ij wheat ridles one ote riddle iij scuttells & ij lepes ij*. 8d. ij window clothes & viij seks ixo. Thre payre of bedstocke jije. One bed wth wheles ij®. The WAYNES (&c.) His APP'ELL One

gowne x®. iij Jackets xxxiij. ij payre of hose vjø. viija. A dublet of canvise & a waiste cote of fustian vs. One blake cloke & one old cloke viij". Four yerds of meld frese iiij®. vjd. A taffyta hatt vs. A paire of boots & a pare of shoes iij'. ij shirts vj. Two cotes of plat cov'd wth read xl. Hır appaRELL. Three linings for a gowne coller iiij. One patcott sowed wth read silke and gold vs. A strayt gowne of worset gardid xxxiij®. iiijd. Two lose gownes of cloth xviij®. A kirtle of blake taffetay aud one of read xvs. An old kirtle of wosset ij. A petticote of read viij'. A varinngale & a quissionet of fustian in apres ij". Two fraunche hoods xl. CATTELL &c. ij stele cappes.

cc. WILLIAM WALTON, OF DURHAM, DRAPER. In the name of god Amen I Will'm walton of the city of durham drap' being in p'fect and good remembrance the xij of May An'o Dom' 1566 being sick of bodi and hole of m’nd & in p'fect fayth of Jesus Christ make here my last will and testament as in forme folowthe first I do bequith my soule to almighty god and my bodi to be buried in the church of saynt nicholas in Durh’m or els where it shall please god to call me to his mercye I giv to eu’e one of my children weh ar vnmaried thirty pounds of lawfull inglish moni for ther children portion ye is to say Richard Walton Jhone Walton Will’m Walton Kateren walton alleson walton Annes walton and m'gret walton I will y Jhone walton will’m walton do follow the scole att vnuersite & there mother to helpe them besids there onen portions according to her descretion Also I giv to Elener my wife the leace of

1 A Durham merchant, of great opulence and trade, whose name occurs as a creditor in almost every Inventory of his period. His stock in trade is singularly curious.

my house during her naturall life and it Richard my sonne do mari in the tone he to have the one half of the sayd house equally devided or if he duell in the sayd tonne and att hir deathe to remane all in his hands during my leace. Also I bequith to annes walton my doghter the leace of thomas clener farmhold in hutton during my yeres also I giv to euery one of my children ij silver sponnes Also I giv to Robert cooper a cole clothe for his wife another of Yorkshier marbell I giv to my brother hew walto' and his wife' my ij woorkday gounes to mak eather of theme a cote & to hew walton I giv my new colered cote Also I giv to georg walton and Elizabeth walton his children everi one of them v shillings Also I giv to gillian my sisters children and alleson my sisters children everi one of theme ij shillings for a token also I giv to the alderma' to sustene the toune xx* also I giv to be destrebuted to poore housholders wthin saynt nicholas p'ishe xx Also I do giv to the poore scolers wch do lerne at the scoole xs Also I mak Elenir walton my wife full executrix of this my last will and testament and of all my goods moveable & vnmoveable my dettes & legaces payd and descharged I mak M'. Jhone Pilkenton M'. will’m birche p'bendaries christofor surtis and rich' coop' sup'visors of this my last will and testament and for there paynes I giv to euery one of them xx®. Also I giv to hew walton xiij. iiija. euery yere yntell vij yeres ended to pay for his house rente to be geven after to hime or to his wife whether levith longer for seven yeres be ended also if my wife will nott stand to be full executrix but stand to hir thirds I giv hir over & besids hir thirds a silver pece, a silver salt ij silver spoones and all the insight gere as presser collered ambroy & all vessell wth all bedding as fatherbedds mattrasses with all that p'tenithe thervnto during hir life and thayeto remane to the children now vnmaried Also I giv to the prisoners xls. ather in mete or mony according to my wifes descretion Also I giv to my wife my ambling gelding which is att M' evers I giv to Richard walton my cote of playts my stele sappe my sleves of mayle my poll axe

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