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Item 1 gyue to my sister Agnes perso' my next best gowne. Item 1 gyue to my brother vmphraies wyff my shorte gowne. . Item I gyue to thomas pereson my graye fillie stagg. Item I gyue to george marley the yonger my other colt stagg. Item I gyue to hewe pereson my other read stirke. Item I gyue to Edward wrangh’m my best Jackett. Item I gyue to my vncle Jeffraye my Jackett wch I wore on the worke daye. Item I gyve to wailes wyffe xija. Item I gyue to John sclaiter ijo. & my worset Jackett. Item I gvue to Agnes adde vjd. to Rauff crawes maid vjų. to Agnes willie eight pence. Item I gyue to Symond wrangh’m viij®. wch Ralffe brabent oweth vnto me. The Resydewe of all my goods moveable & vnmoveable not legait ne gyven my fun'all expences discharged I gyue it to Richerd wrangh’m Ralff wrangh’m will’m wrangh’m, Jenett wrangh’m m’gerye wrangh’m Isabell wrangh’m, Custance wrangh’m my bro' vmphraies childringe and to heughe pereson, Elizabeth Rayne, Jenett peresyn & katherine pereson my sister agnes peresons children whom I maike my hole executors & executrices equallie S Jointlie to be devided emongs them for y' owne p'fett & the dischairge of my soull provided allwaies that Edward wrangh’m and Jenkin wrangh’m my brothers childring shall haue the ou’sight & rule of the p'ts of my said brother vmfray children for ther vse vntill suche tyme as they shall come to lawfull yeres to rule it ther selffe. Also I will that ther mother haue a p’ferment or helpe to the maintenance of the fermhold by th’occupacon of ther p'tes at ther discrecion but that she shall neye sell it lenn it, or put any p'te thereof awaye by any other meanes. In Wyttnesse whereof Thomas pereson Jenkin Wrangh’m Edward Marle Edward Wrangh’m Will’on Myddleton John Sclayto' wth other

TH'INVENTARIE of all suche goods as was s' thom's Wrangh’ms appraised & vewed by iiij honest me' that is to saye xp'ofer sothern Will’m wethreld thom's pereson Edward Wrangh’m as folowethe.

In primis one oxe two kye jij —one fole & a stirke xx horse a stag a meyre liij. iiij. -Seaven shepe xiiij®—for his Rayment xx. S’m viij! vijo. iij. DEBTS OWING UNTO SR THOMAS. Item Will’m pennema’ for a bowll of haver malt lent to him xxd_henrye Aresome

Will’m lassells vs Will'm wilson vs_Willm Dowson vj. viija_Mihell fauwell iij'. iiijd -vx' Watson xxd_wlin tomson for halff' a bushell of rye ijo. ija --cuthb'rt hope, wimwethreld vs —John Robinson of myddleston viij carter of forsett ij® —will’m gowndrie xvje-edward cargrave a busshell of rye ijjø. iiij".—Isabell home xs_henry foster xxx—the vicar of forsett xviij®. x4. ob. qu.— Rauffe blaixton vs



-staffurthe for waiges vi-henrye heidl'm iij. ijd-thom's cackhill for corne iij! —edmond em'son wyffe of wardell xạij$. iiijd -hewe carlell ij*. viija_henrie brakenberie for a mare liij". iiija »-m' pickerin for wags a q' xxvjø. viijd— Robert hobson of barton for a loid of malt viija Sm xix'. xüijs. S’m Tolis xxviij'. xvja. Debts WCH S THOMAS DOTHE OWE.

Item Cuthbert Baynbrigg xije — Maister Staffurthe iiij co’cning the corne wch thomas cakhill went away wth desyring hym of his woorshipe to be good m' unto my executors being poore children iij'.—to will’m myddleton for a q're bourd waigs xx*—for fun’all expencs xl_willm Atkenson xij®----to John wrangh’m viij. S’m vij' xije. And so Remanethę xx'. ix. iiija.

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In no'i'e Dei Ame' the xxvjth of november An° D'ni 1565 I Richerd Atkinson wthin the towne of southe sheills fysher ma' wthin the p'ishe of S Ildes hole of mynd and p'fett of Remembrance maiks this my testament and last will after this forme and man' ffyrste I com'end my soule to god allmightie & to all the holie co’panie in heaven my bodie to be buried in S Ilde churche besyde my wyffe my mortuarie to be gyven after the quenes Matic lawes accustomed. ffyrst I bequithe to my sonne george Atkinson ij old rialls in gold. Also I bequithe to my doughter Jenett Atkinson a angell in gold. Also I bequithe to my doughter Annes Atkinson a cowe, and my wyffe to haiue the custodye of my doughter Annes Atkinson and of hir goods yf my wyffe & my doughter ca’ agree well together whills she come to lefull aige and if my wyffe & doughter caʼnot agree well together then I will my frends put my doughter to guyding & hir goods for hir p’phett: And furder if my wyffe will taike my doughter Annes Atkinson to bring hir honestlie vp I will that my wyffe shall haiue the best sea coble in hir custodye And yf my wyfte and my doughter agree not together then the coble to go in p'te emonge them all as other goods dothe. And also I bequithe to my wyff Jenett atkinson one old riall in gold. Also I will that my wyffe Jenett atkinson shall haiue of my goods as the lawe will. "All the Resydewe of my goods after my debts & legaces be trulie paid & geven I gyve them to my son’e george Atkinson Jenett atkinson Jane atkinson annes atkinson my doughters whom I maike my full executor of all my goodes they to disponde them as yei thinke best to the pleasure of god & weale of my soule and all xp'en soules. And also I maike order and co’stitute my two brethren Richerd robinson robert robinson to be sup’visors of this my "estament & last will to see my children to haine ther right in'all cawss & that my wyffe & children agre well together as my trust is in them. Wytness' thom's taylier thom's assell robert robinson wim cuthb'te Robert walche &c.

THE INVENTARIE of all the goods moveable and vnmoveable that was Richerd Atkinson at his deathe praised the xxiiijth of december by yes iiij honest me' thom's pu’shon, thom's laylier, thom's chamer, John herrison ano d'ni 1565.

ffyrste praised iij Kye iij'—a Swyne iij". iiijo_thre cobles wth thapp'tenn’es xx®—ten netts, two ropes xls

. -sea geare lynes great & small viije–fyve kists vs—A fether bedd iiijor blankets ij lynn sheits, ij sheits, inj cou'letts—ij bed cou’ings xij fedder codds xxxiij". iiij—thre bedd stoks xvją_Item THE HALL HOWSE. A yring chymney wth ye prten'ncs perteyning to it, a meat borde x—xvjih puder dublers, vij puder dyshes, ij puder saucers, a potteger, a salt xxvje viij--viij candlesticks, ij lavers vs—v brasse potts, a chafer, a little bottell, ij yetlings, iij litle panns xxvijs viijd—a old brewlead vs_a litle a'merie, à hall a'merie, a counter, a chaire, ij formes, a long settle, brew vessel xxj*:--a yring hacke, a yring ga’lok ijs — fyve old rialls, ix angells in gold, iij soigtts & some viij!. vs.

The debts yt is owing to Ric' atkinson at his deathe Item Edward hilton wyffe xls—S'm bonor' debitor? xxiij' ijeThe detts y said Ric' was owing at his death fyrst for a loid of wheit to a wiff of tynemothe xvijs iiijd—to James otwourthe of tynemouth for iij bowles of malte xxvjø viija—Allen wouff of his waigs iiije — James Smithe ijs.-Anthony cuthbert ij$_John walche for hs forme xiijs iiijd_owing in newcastell for iiijor weiks bord for george atkinson iiijs—for his lairestone in ye church iijs iija_for his mortuarie iij' inja. S'm debitorij' xvjø S'm oum' bonor' de clar' xix' xviij.

cxcvi. JOHN OGLE, OF oglecastel, GENTILMAN.' In the name of god Amen the iiijth day of aprill in the yere of our lord god A thousand fyve hundrethi threscore and five I John ogle of oglecastel in the Countie of northu'b'rland gentilma' Being holl of mynd and of god mymmorie doith mak and orden this my p’sent testament Contenrng herin my last will in

1 A cadet of the noble faniily of Ogle, and tenant of Ogle Castle, which its owners had forsaken for Bothal.

man' and forme following that ys to say ffirst I com'end my soull vnto Almyghty god and my body to be bured in my p’ishe churche of whalton win the porche commonly called our lady porche wthin the said church wth deuts dew and accustomed It'm I will geve and Bequith by this p’sent to my sonne clamet ogle all my holle lease Intrest right title and terme of yeres yet to come that I the said John ogle have of in and to ogle castell aforsaid and all my holle teythes and halfe teithes that I have in Eglingh’m p'ishe and the lease of the same wthall man of profitte and comodite coming of the same providet alwayes that I will and bequith that my sonne mathe ogle shall haue the holl teith of west lilburne rent fre and I will and bequith to olyver ogle my sone the halfe teith of old benely and Eglingham payng the p’snall rent therof during all my said terme of yers It'm I will and bequith to olyuer ogle my half teith of benelay and paing the old rent Also the wardshepe and marage of marion redley I geve to olyu' ogle sonne to my sonne Lancelet ogle. It'm I will geue bequith by this p’sens to my two sonnes mathe ogle and gaberill ogle all and singler my lands and tenaments in Bradfurth metfurth and newbigen in the countie of northu'br'land wth all yssheus com’odits and p'fytts therto belonging to be devided Betwixt them according to the trew menyng of two s'y'all deds .as more at large it doth appere It'm I geve and bequith by this p’sents to my thre sonnes clemet ogle cuthb't ogle and lewes оgle and to lyonell ogle sonne to my sonne Alexandre ogle all my lands and tenemets in south dissington in the said countie of northu'br'land wth all lands medowes pasture and co'mon of pasture thereto Belonging according to the trew tenure of foure severall deeds of geft therof maid thre of them bering dait the xijih day of august in the fyft yere of the regne of our lait sou’erng of famis memorie King Eward the Sext and the fourt dede of geft

the second yere of the regne off our sou’and lady quene Elsabeth And yf my sonne gaberill ogle lyke Dissington better then Bradfurth than gaberill to have dissington and lionell to have bradfurth making sufficient assuras ather to other for Exchang off the same It'm I will and mynd and intent is that my son clamet ogle shall have the kepyng order and rull and governance of my sonne Cuthb't ogle and his brother during hys lyfe naturall wth all his lands tenamets and goods to hym lemited bequethed and geven It'm I geve Bequith to my sonne cuthb't ogle Eight oxen, Eight keye and twentie yowes. It'm I geve and bequith to my sonne Lewes оgle Eight oxen eight kve and twenty yowes. And I will that suche raknings and gysts as hath b'ne betwixt me and my sonne Clamet before the making of this my will shalbe clerly void and at no tyme herafter to the hendans or trowble of the said Clemet by any p'sone. The rest of my goods unbequeth and my detts paid I geve bequeth two my two sones Clemet ogle and gaberell ogle whom I mak my full executors of this my last will and testamet to be equally devided Between them. I'm I orden and mak sup’visors of this my last will and testamet Robt medilton of belsay esquer rog? heron of abshealls gentelma’ John ogle of newsham and olyu’ ogle humly Beseching them to se this my last will and testamet p'formed for the behove of my cheld'ing and the helith off my soull according to the trewe effect of this my last will and testamet maid the daye and yere abovesaid thes being rob’t medilton Rog heron bartraham barklay p’son of whalton wth other.


CXCVII. ELIZABETH HUTTON, OF HUNWICK, WIDOW. In nomine Dei amen xx marche 1566. I Elizabeth Hooton, of Hunwicke- wedo I give vnto ye right honerable and my very good Ladye Ladye Ewrie ? a gold ringe wth a rubye for a token, beseching hir good ladyshipe to be good ladye vnto my daughter M'gerye hir made and servaunte besechinge hir to reward hir for the goodness she haithe my children in my life time to my sister Tunstall xs for a token, & to hir doughter Margarett and my God doughter vij'. vjø. viija. for a token. - to my doughter Margarett Athye of my porcion of my husbands goods lxvj!! xiij®. iiijd. John Stephenson shall have to him and his wiffe my yongest childs nurce for nursinge the sayd child the remander of the lease of the fermold in Hunwicke to everye servante that shall serve me att the day of my deathe xijd a peice for a token to praye for me-my six daughters Margarett Athye Jane Hootton, Margerye Hootton, Elizabeth Hootton Custance Hootton, Anne Hootton executors.--I assigne the order of them to my dearlye beloved vncle M Robert Dalton (&c.) I have herevnto putt the seall of the Daltons armes


Inv. 1567. AT THE HOWSE AT HUNWEAKE. The Hall. · A cownter

| Widow of John Hutton, Esq., whose Will and Inventory are given under the year 1565, No. CLXXXVI.

2 Margery Lady Eure, of Witton Castle, widow of Sir Ralph Eure, who fell in the battle of Pannyerlaugh or Ancrum Edge, in the year 1545.

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