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in Durham Witnes Sir John Browne sir will’m blenkynshope rychard byneley Thomas Chilton wth other moo.

The Inventory of all and singuler the goods of Sir John Byndley layte petticannon in the cathedrall chureh of Durham prased by iiij honest men viz. Jasp' horsley, Rychard greyne Cuthbert hogg and Thomas Knyghton the xxth of June 1565.

Impmis one Iron chimney wth a bake poore tongs fiershoel spette and a littell rakc p'tening there to viije-one gret close p’sor xx' viija_one littell cobord wth loker vinjs —one long standing ambr vs viijd one other ambrye wthout a loker vje viija_one wanskott table vj viija--one wanskott chayre ijo vj« one cou’ed forme & iij buffett stoils vs—one flander chist & ij lesse vjø vilja_one cou'd bed wt the teaster & courting of the same xiij". inja-one other cou’ing of a bedd of carpet wroght xl-one other cou’iug of a bed lyned we harden of carpet woorke xx&_one overworne fether bed wt a good boster x one mattresse vs—ij fether codds wih their pillobers ve-one cou'lett of red & yellowe whyt & black iij --one pare of blankets vs—ij paire of curse sheets vs. iijd—ij bige quisshing of carpet worke stope wt fethers ijo—other ij much lyk of one fasson th’on having a pappynyay ther on xvją_iiij other thrommed quisshings ij of them good & th’other curse ije viija—ye hangings of the cha’ber we the prent pap's injo inja. Suma ix' xjø xd. HHIS APPERREL One sid gowne faced wth black lame xxv_ one other sid


of lewe faced russett xxs-one clok faced wt russett x-ij other old sid gownes th’on faced wt fiches & other facd wt russett x--ij other cloks th’one of them w'out sleeves viije-ij calliber queir hoods lyned wt mynever one good other wo’se xiijs iija-one old Jacket & a pare of hose ije--one old dublet sleeved wi fushine, one other sleved wt clothe xija-one sarpleshinje-ij ca’delsticks_xvjd._one brasen morter w a pestell xj”. Sum vl xxų. The Dets owing to ye said Sr John bindleye the day of his deth apperith by this debts book of his owne hand wryting: Inp’mis John francklen of aumerston vj!. John Marley of aclyffe xlvjø viija—John tood of Kirk merington xjø vj- Rob't som’son of mugleswicke xiij®. inja - will'm hopp of the same vj'. viija Rob’t m'shall of Darwayne xiij. inija _wedow selby of framwelgat ix® iiijų–Rob't rain webster inj—John smyth of rowlye x__wilkinson xx_-Ric gryne xije-thomas march of edebrig vjø viija. Rob't Rycheson of buttisfeld vinje-John layborne of muggleswick xxs_simond smyth of gyllygat taner injl. vjø viija_ye deane & chapter of the cath' curch of Durh'm for ye said sJohn pension dewe at ye feast of pent' last past xxxiij*. iiija—yo said s* John wags for his stall in ye quere dewe



at ye feast of midsomer next ensuing 1-gilbart suynborne of mugelswick lijs—John smyth of cauldrowley for is tith iij' inja —Joh' palyster for is tythe xx^_John pallyser for his pts xiijd ob—wm pallyster ye said John some for his tyth vjų–Jaine watson ij$. iija. Sum'a debit' xxv' xiij. iiija. Suma tot' om' bonor' et debitor' xl'. ys ixd. LEGACES GEVEN IN HIS TESTI

First to the poure pepell of sanct Nicolas in Durham vjo viija—to the poure pepell of the Southe baylef & north balyfe vjø. viiją—to the pepell of sancte giels parrish in Durham vje viija —to the poure pepell of sanct oswold in Durham vjø. viijd—to the poure pepell of saint margerets in Durham vjø. viija—to the poure pepell in merington p'ishe x—to eu’y child the said sir John gave cristendon vnto xijd. to eu’y one of David fosters children vjs viija—to eu’y one of rychard byneley children wijų, vs—to Ric byndley wyffe one old angele x-to will’m myddelton wyffe vs.

S'm of all the funerall and legaces vj' xix iiijd-S’m remaneth clare xxxj' xviij®. j4. *

CLXVIII. EDMOND BEAN, PARSON OF STANHOPE. In the name of god amen the xixth day of Aprill in ye yeare of our lord 1564 I Edmond bean p’son of stanhope in wardell holl of mynde & good remembrance doo maike my last will & testamente in man' & forme followinge. ffirste I giue & bequithe my soul to allmighty god my creator & redemer trustinge in his infinite micye & grace to be one of his electe children. Also I will that my bodye shalbe buried in ye churche of stanhop wthin ye quere wth ye dutyes therto belonging payd. Also I geue & bequite to henry beane my cosin x®. It'm I giue and bequithe to my cousyn Mighell beane x®. Itm I giue & bequithe to my cosin Rob’te bean x®. It'm I geue & bequithe to my cosin John hill xxs. It'm I giue to my cosin Margaret litster xxs. It’m I giue to my sisters daughter one of binlays daughters x. It’m 1 giue to my cosin John horne xx*. It'm I giue to ye poore folke of stanhope xls. It'm I giue to John marshall vj”. viija. It'm I giue to my curate thomas benson clerke xl'. It'm I giue to my ostes the wife of John Marshall vjø. viija. It’m I giue to Elizabeth my mayde xs. It’m I giue to george marshall my man vj. viija.' It'm I giue to thomas greansweard my hinde xiij.inija. It'm I geue to Will'm beane my sonne xx!.

It'm I giue to my daughter Alice bean xiij'. vjø. viija. It'm I giue to my daughter Susanna xiij'. vjø. viija. to be

1 Presented to the Rectory of Stanhope in 1560.

payd to my sayd two Dawghters at such time as they shall come to lawfull age or be maryed. It'm I giue to Cuthb'rt em'son x'. to be a help to my cosin peter hill and to my sonne Willm beane whom I take to be my true & faythfull executor to dispose vnto y poore. Also I require my good lord of Winchester to be sup’uiser of this my last will & testamente Witnes of yd same will Thomas benson clerke curate of stanhope peter hill, Cuthber em'son, John marshall & John hindme's.


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In the name of god Amen the sixth day of Aprill in the yeare of our lorde god 1564 I Margaret Cottom wedowe layte wyfe of James cotton gentelman off p'fite memorye & sownde will do make last will & testate as followeth ffirste to almightye god I giue & bequithe my soull trustinge by Jesus Christes Redempc'on & mercye only' to be saued I will that my bodye be buryed in gateshed churche besydes my husband ther to be comelye buryed & brought furthe wth the costes of my goodes ffirste to be levyed & to y® poore of this p'ishe to be distributed by ye collectors I giue x'. Also my debts to be payd wch be at this day writton in a bill subscribed wth gentelmens hands & others as they arise in my siknes & can be prou'd It’m I will that Richard wheteleys goodes shall be payd of my goodes to xp'ofor hixons handes for the boyes vse wch is a xj'. xjø. whome I put in trust wth him according to a bounde herein Also I giue to my daughter Isabells children xxø a pece that is iij'. Also to my daughter Jayn & hir husband ffoure kyen. Also I giue to Anne shele a cowe. It'm to margaret whitfeyld an other cowe. It'm to Anne white a cowe. It'm to euerye one of my seruantes besydes ther wages xijd a pece my raymente to my body I giue to my daughter Jane. The Residue of my goodes I giue to be equallye devidet after my debts beinge payde & legacies giuen & ye boyes Richard whietleys p'te payd oute betwen my two children Mathow white & Jayn hixon & of this my last will & testament I mayke myn executors to execute truly this my

last will my naturali son Natho whyte & my son in law xp'ofor hixon iointlye & yf ether of them refuse the executorshipe & office yo wch I haue put them in trust wth, the other shuld haue the full authorite only & alone to be the executor of this my testament. This to be my will. Thes witnesses hearafter writen & assigned doe recorde-John Lumley Will’m birche & John colston.

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1 Robert Horne, appointed Bishop of Winchester in 1561, having been previously Dean of Durham.

THE INVENTORY of all ye goods & cattels movable & unmovable of Margaret Cottom late wyfe of James Cottom gentelman of Gaiteshead as it was praysed by the inj men Richard Jackson Will’m Dicson Alixander berlay, xp'ofortedcastell ye 8 of Joune 1564. IN YE HAULE. Imp’mis one Iron chimney, one porr, one payre of toynges, gibcrokes rakincroke, & racks xxs.

One table, ij formes wth a littell stole x-One cownter injeij carpent clothes vs—ij chayres viijd —xiij candelstiks viij'.-One morter, one pestel, one chawfindish ijije — One Almerye x®One copborne vjs viijd- vij littel tinpotts & a salt ijs viijd—ij great peuter potts & a buntin pot iijs. injd_One basin and vre of pouter iij' -Xv puter dublers xx-xj puter dublers viij-vj puter dishes iiije-x pottingers & iij sawsers iiijs — One pottel pot, on can of puter one quarte pot, a pinte pot, a gil pot wth others ij viijd- One lauer inje_v quicians & a carpent clothe xx°-One bread grate vjd.-ilij stone potts ij pep’quernes viija_One glas case & iiij glasses viija—xj sylver spones xx°-One lattes viija One paynted clothe xijd. - One hall house Almry ij formes ijo. vjd. IN THE KITCHINGE. ffirst one Iron chyney wth rackes two Rayckincrokes & iiij spetes xxo.-one brasse pot wth an Iron bowe xvs — vij brasse potts & two Iron potts xx—two droppin pannes ij*. viija. -an old caldron & an old catell iije —viij brasspannes vs—two cawels & a bread brayk iiije—ij sayes & a chayre xija—ij payre of pothokes & in flesh hokes and a pot lid of Iron viijd—one brew lead a maskin fat one gilefatt & a woort tub xviije —a flesh tub & a bulting chiste iij. iiijd.-a flesh kit, ij lauyn tubbs xvjd_iij washinge tubbs xijd. Milke HOUSE. First a pan wth eares ve--ij yetlinges iiije, a kirne & a varges barrel xiiij—a bandreth, a payre of toinges viij._ all ye milke vessell vjö viija_xvj old chesis, v stone of butter xiiij'.-xvij new chesis ixo.-ij trestes on varges brake xijd.-ij bordes viija_one hairle bed xvjd. In yPERLER.

One inner bed of waynscot x-a stand bed viiija—a p’sser of way'scot xvjø.-iij chestes vije -a dannc' coffer ijs vja_iij line shets, iij old sheats, iij han’gis viijo_iij borde clothes, ij towels, vij napkins vs—ij harden towels iiijd-v payre of harden sheats viije -- ix pound of heklid linte vjø. -- tallocandle & wood dishes vjö —ij vestaments, ij tonakles, ij stoles one albe wth iij hangers xx®-vj yeards of new lin & iiij yeards of new harden clothe vs—the reu’sion of brode clothe ije vja-xix yeards of sake web iij. inja—ix hespes of line, & à xj hanks of harden yarne xiiij".-one harden shete xija -a fether bed a boulster & a code xij”.— iij couerlits, ij happinges, iiij blankets, iij coddes wth an old matres x—v quicians xvid--a stele capp & a couering xxma tin bottel vja_a capcase wth a looke viij. In ve Lorte ffirst ij stand bedds wth postes vj'. vinja—iij chistes iij'. inje-ij cotes of plate xiijs inija_ye best fether bed & a boulster xs-another fetherbed & a boulster vjø -one matres ijo. inja—vij fether coods v-viij couerletes xv' one quilte &a bed coueringe inj' - ij blankets vj'. viljoone payr of woll comes vjd—a basket & iij kreles xija_a batiell axe, a blake bill and a mall viij— iij old blankets iij®. iiijd—a fether bed & a bouster iij$. inja-ij somes a cowter a rostin iron & a spade iij -a presser a cownter a stand bed vj'. viija. --wolle spon & tobe spone xije—ij leapes xijo—a pale, & a milke syle inja—iij sakes xija— vj yeardes of white clothe vjø.-vj yeardes of blacke clothe vj vije-iiij Jackeis x'. In y* FEYLD AT Y: READ HEUGHE. xxiij kye a bull & vj calves xxx':-xxj yowes, & iij topes linje. inja—v lambes iiij -a stone & a halfe of wolle vje-xix yeards of lin, & x of harden xv.-all wood about ye house xs-inj kirtles of worset, & one of clothe, & a petticote xxvjø viija-ij frokes one of worset & an other of clothe wth a yard of veluet xxx—one trayned gown wth a gard of veluet xxvjø. viij. -a cassok of worset wth a gard of veluet & an other of russet a froke & a cloke xxvj$. viija—ij kye xlvjø. viij".-iij why stirks xxj.-ix patles & four payre of roffes vj$_-v linen colier cheffes xvj. vijone hare broshe inja--a faune skine, a payre of sere plathes injo—a quarter & a halfe of lin' clothe vja. -halfe a bend of lather, & a waistecote xxd. *

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CLXX. JOHN COPLANE, OF WITTON GILBERT, In the name of god Amen the xxij day of fabruari in the yere of ou’ lord god 1564 I Jhone Coplane ye elder duelling in Witton gilbert toune being crased in bodie yit in good memori maks

my last testament in man' and forme fouloing first I bequith my soule to Almighty god my maker & redeemer and my body to the earth in christians buriall in saynt michaels church yard according to the lawes of this realm now vsed I bequith to my son Jhone Coplant x shepe and my brone cowe also to the sayd Jhone my grete brass pott and to his doghters amonghst them inj peace of puder It' I giv to my sone thomas coplant x shepe wth my takked cow and a litle brass pott wth a puther dishe to his doghter and I will ye my third cow be sold to any ye will giv most for hir and wth the prc therof to bring me honesly forth wth all when I am dead and buried and ye rest of the mony y remanes of ye cow p’ce be equalle devided be

1 This Will is valuable for the simplicity of its arrangements. The Inventory is also of an interesting nature.

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