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A blake horse vj! A littill baye mare xxvj.. viija. Draught oxen xiiij. xij'. Long wains wth iron wheels ij xls. Short wayne bodeys iij, vs.

CORNE. Otts xx score thrave viijxx bolls xx!. Beyr viijxx bolls xlij' xiija. iiij".

Wheat viij. thrave xxx bolls xviiij'. RAYEMENT. One damask gowne lyned wth coneis iij'. iij®. injo, One cloithe gowne xxs.

One broke skyn gowne xx". ij velvet Jakketts vjl. Sum (of raiment) xj}. iij*. iija.

cvill. MARGERY TUNSTALL, OF THE OLD PARKE.' In the naym of God Amen I Margerye Tunstall Wedowe of the Holde Parke of hoil mynd and p'fythe memorey the wij day of Aprille the yere of of Lord God 1553 ordaynes and makes thys my laste Wyll & Testament in mainer and forme folowyng first I gyve my sowle to God Almygthy my bodie to be buryed win the Churche of Sancte Andrewe Auckland as ner to my husband Wyll’m Tunstall as conveniently may be. It I gywe to my sone Franceys Wandysford xls. & to my dawghter Anne hys Wyffe one angell of golde and to xp'ofer & J'hn hys sons eyther of thaym one angell

. It I gywe to my Sone Wyll’m Wandysford vl & to hys Wyffe xx' & to hys chyldren every one of thaym vjø viija Iť I gywe to my sone P'sone all the bedding ye he haith and one long chyste It’ I gywe to my sone Mychaell Wandisford iiij' & to my dowgter hys Wyffe vji vilija. It’ I gywe to my sone xp'ofer yownger chylder y' y

Jhn Wandisford xp'ofer Henry Sussans & Elsaybeth to ev'ry one of them vjø viijd It I gywe to my Sone Ambrose Lancaster one angell for a remebrance & to Thoms hys sone anoitther angell & to J’hn Lancaster a noither angell & to ev'ry one of hys iiij chylder yt ys to wytt Francis Esaybell Margery and Gyffray Lancaster vjø viijd a peice It I gywe to my sone Robt Claxton one holde ryall & to hys Wyfe vjø. viija. and to Elsaybeth hys dawgter vjø. viijd. and to Margaret and Esaybell Claxton either of thaym one angell It I gywe to Sr. Roger Wylle vjo. viija. It' I gywe to St. James Hedworth ijo inja I gywe Si Řychard Robyson ijs It I gywe all my share at the Holde P’ke to Margaret & Esaybell Claxton & to J’hn Lancaster equallye to be devydyd emo'ges thym iij It I gywe to ev'ry of

my dawgter Elsaybeth Sarwans xijd It I gyve to Anne

to say


| Daughter of Henry Pudsey, of Barforth, married first to Thomas Wandisford, of Kirklington ; and secondly, to Tunstall. See the Inventory. of Ralph Claxton hereafter, No. CXVII.

Layssyngbe vjø. viija It I gyve Sancte Androwe Auckland Churche warks vje viijd It I gywe to Kyrklyngton x!. forgotton tythes It’ I gywe to Sr Raffe Smyth injs iiijd It I wyll ye thayr be distributed to ye moste powrest in thys p’ishe at the discrecyones of St. Roger Wylle & S“. James Hedward xls. and to be distributyd in the P’iche of Kyrklyngton at the syght of my sone

P'sone iij'. vjø. viijd. I' Í gywe to my sone Wyll’m Wandisford & my Sone Ambrose Lancaster iiijxx marks in Maist" J'hn Norton hands and xx marks in ye executors of Authur Preston as dett and p'cell of the mariage goods wnpayd of my dowgter in lawe deu to me by my husbands Wyll desering my Sone Francis Wandisford moste hertly of my błyssing to suffer thaym to sewe yt in hys name and to hawe thayrof xiij' vjø viija. It' in the hands of the executors of Wyll’m Tunstall xx marks. The resydew of all my goods my funerall expenses maide my detts dischargeyd I gywe to my dowgter Hellener Lancaster and Elsaybeth Claxton wh’me I maike my Executors of thys my laste wyil & testament and I mayke my Sone P’sone & my Sone Mychaell Wandisford Sup’wsors to se ye my wyll be fulfyllt and eu’ry thyng dewidyd according to my wyll and I gywe eyther of thaym one angell for thayr payns thes Witness Maist' Psone Wandisford Maist' Mychaell Wandisford S Roger Wylle Wyll’m Haykforth Antony Layburn Tohms Uttory wth other mor. [Pr. 1558.]

cix. EDWARD YOUNGER, CLERKE. In the name off gode Amen. The nynt day of Septemb’r in the yere of or lorde gode a thowsand ffyve hundreth fyfftie and thre I Edward Younger Clerke hole bothe in myend and bodye maks & ordaynes this my testame't conteyninge therein my last Wyll in man' and fforme ffollowinge ffirst I bequieth my Soule to Almightie god of ladye Saynt Marye and to all the felloship in hevon and my bodye to be buried where god shall please. Also I gyue to the churche of Saynt Ilde at the southe sheills all the impleme’ts and ornaments belonginge to a churche wch I haue wt a table nowe stondynge vpon the hye alter. Also I gyve to Richerd Carter all my Rayme'nt now in my chamb' and my shottynge bowe. Also I gyue to Richard Bowmaker my Might bowe And my quyver and my arrowes to be p'tyd betwixt Rich bowmaker and the said Richerd Carter And also I to my hoste bowmaker my best handegonne The Resydew off all my goods vnbeqeith I gyue to my brother hecto? Thomson Christophe' ffenwick off the sheill mylne and John bowmaker

gyue whome Joyntlie togyther I doo make my Executor to dyspone all my goods for the welth off my Soule And to haue my lease off the p’yshe church off Jarroo and to receyve all my debts and to pay all my debts. And also to receyve for me and in my name all suche p'te and portion as app'tenith and belongith to me ffor the third p'te of my brother Arche Tomson goods. And also to paye and discharge all the third p'te off the portion off goods p'teyning to Rob'rt Tomson sonne to Rob’rt Thomson off Newcastell vpon Tyne Maryner att such tyme when ytt ought to be payd att accordinge to the said Robrt Thomson th'elder last Wyll In Witness whereoff to this my last will and testament I the said Edward Younger Clerk haith subscribed my name and putto my seale the day & yere above written.[Proved in 1553.]


Amen The Syxt daye of maye in the fyrste & second yere of the Reigne of Phillipp and Marye by the grace of god kinge and Quene of Englande france naples Jherusalem & yreland Defenders of the faythe Prince of Spayn & Cecilye

Austridche ducks of Myllane Burgonye & Brabant counts of hauspurdg flanders &

& in the yer of our lord one Thousand fyve hundrethe fyfty & fyve I Odnell Selbye of Twedmouth wthin ye countye palentyne of Norham Gentleman And of the Kynge & Quens mats towne of barwyke upon Twede Burgess in holl and sound mynd & of p'fect remembraunce although syke in bodye maiks this my laste wyll and testamente in maner & forme following fyrst í gyve my soull to Almyghtye god my maker & redemer and to the holy Companye of Heauen and my bodye to be buried wthin ye parishe churche of Twedmouth wth all my morturaryes dewe to ye same. It'm I do gyue & bequethe to Jennet Selby my wyff during hir lyfe naturall & she contynew soll & do not marye (to mayntain & keip her howse and my childrene togyther wthall tyll the tyme that they do optaine & come to some other honest & worldly lyving as it shall pleas god to send them by the helpe of my frends & ther honeste behauores) the

I The Testator was Mayor of Berwick in 1536, 1539, and 1540 -M.P. in 1539.24 Jan. 30. Henr. VIII. 1539. “ We XII wyll that master Odnell Selby shall go

for us and the welfayre of the towne of herwycke and be on of our burgyss' of the p’lament and shall haue for eu'ry daye ijs. viijd. of the chargs of the town. gyff at the gild the daye and yere abow said."-Berie. Guild Book.

towre that we do dwell in the barne the byer the henhowse and ye kytchene the plewghe gaite of land Oxen nags & all other things therto p’teyning & belonginge. Also I wyll she shall haue the tethe corne of goswyke for the yers as it is deu to me by a lease of ye pryor of holy yland Also I wyll that she shall haue Crabwater for the farme paing as that she must do for all the rest saving the close & ye medow therof And if that it fortune that she do marye then I wyll that she shall haue as the lawe wyll of all my goods lands and farmholds after that my debtts and legasyes be dyscharged the thyrd parte And besyds for a memorye of me A token towards her İyung as it may be spared by the consent & advyce of my sup’visors during hir lyfe naturall And after hir disease to come & retorne to my sone & Heyer. It'm I gyue to my dowhgt Isabell Selby forty pounds towards hir maryadge to be takene of ye nerest of my other Lands & farm holds when that god shall send hir one partner that she cane be contented wth all by th’advisemente of hir mother her brother Willm and all other my frends & hyrs It'm I gyue to my sone Olyver Selbye ffortye shillings by yere during hislyfe naturail & after his deathe to retorne to my heyer Will’m Selbye. It'm I gyue to my sone John Selby the howse & land that I dyd purchase of Henry browne during his lyfe naturall & after his deathe to retorne to my heyre as is aforsayd Also I gyue to my dowghtr Elyzabethe Reveleye & she be alyve A memorye as shal be thought good by hyr mother & hir brother Willm It'm I gyue to Margerye Ryveley dowghter of the aforsayd Syxe pounds thirten shillings & four pence And to hir syster Jennet Reveleye thre pounds syxe shillings eyght pencc And also I wyll that all suche Leass as I have made to any man shall stand in full powre and streingthe according to ye tenor of ye same Leasses wth out hurt or hynder'anc of my Executo's or any other in my name or thers And that all suche landes howses waters & all suche

purchased by my sone Selby being my heyr shall with blyssing enioy the after the naturall deathe of his mother & according to ye tenor as befor is mencyoned And in lyk maner so shall the heyrs males of his body lawfully begotten And fayling of the heyrs males of his body lawfully begotten I will it shall go to my son Olyver Selbye & to his heyrs accordingly & fayling of hym & his heyrs to my sone John Selbye & to his heyrs & so fayling of them & ther heyrs I wyll that It shall all successyovslye to the nerest of my kynne & blood of ye name called selbye for ever

And of this my last wyll & testament I do mak my wyfe Jennet Selbye & wlm Selbye my sone my executrixe & executor to order & dispone upon all my worldly goods movable & Im


movable lands & farmholds whatsevr they be to ther most p'fect & advantag by the counsaill consent & assent of my faythfull & trusty frends John selby of Twysell Esquyer & porter of barwyk will’m Selby of grynden & Robert Small Burges of barwyk And by ther aduyse I wyll that my Executrixe & executor shall pay all my debtts that I am owing And as the law wyll to axe & demand of all thes that do owe to me as dothe

appear in my compt book & in other specyaltyes by wrytings And also I wyll that they shall accomplish & fullfyll by the counsell above wrytten all my bequests & legasyes as that I haue bequestede them in this my last wyll & testament as that they wyll answer befor ye face of Almyghty god at ye last & terible day of Judgment wrytten at Twedmouth ye day & yer abovesaid before theis Wytnesses Richard Atkinson my curat Thomas landells clerke Olyver Selby my son & Alleson Chester wth others. Goods movable & Imovable xx'. xiij. injd. --my corne on the ground xiij'. xiij. inje.- Debbts owinge to me xx'. iij. Mrs. folbery my mother in law for a house in brydgait depending the law at barwyk xviij barrrls salmon Thomas morton for his father as doethe appere by a byll oblygatorre of ther hands.

of Anthony pawpert for half a last of Salmon as apperithe by a bill oblygtorre - A byll oblygatory of Edward payntor of lyne wich is in ye handes of Wm bucken th'elderThe executors of lennard Selby as doethe appear by a byll of ye said lennard his hand—John Crawford of barwyk for ye whyte rent of a house and a dovecoite ye space of xij yers as dothe appeare by the rental of the same-- - The sume of

my debtts knowen owine to me xx'. iiijo:-George brown for a lofte hyer vl. viije. inja.—more George brown for a threugh stone iiij!:--for a furring of black budg iij!. --for a rapere v--for canves as apperithe by the boock x'. vj$. viija.—Mr Rauf Gray of Chillingham for iiij ye rent of ye half tythe of sowthe middleton viij!. Marmaduke shafton for three yers corne of Scrymerstone that he entered wth me DEBTTS by me To Mr Hawll

xxiij'. xiij .— To Christofer of Lundon ix'.--To Thomas

of london the younger vi'.- To Thomas

the elder a barrell of salmon xx'. -To John duncon of london xls.- To Robert Smyth besydes his plait xiij'. ij$. mjd.— To Mr Anderson th’elder of Newcastle v!. vs.--To Robert davesone for one oxe xxvjs. viija. - To Mr Jacson one bowll of wheat & in money xj".- To John beadnell ij bowls of wheat & ij booles of Rye.—To Rychard Wylsone of beill in money xls - To wedow Atkinsone xlvij'. vija. To Mr Burrell of Barwyk half a last of salmon orels viij'.

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