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v. 17-21.

give sins, but the blood of Christ Jesus: the pope says, Yes, or at least he will not do it without money. St Peter had his own wife; the pope will none, nor let his clergy. but whores as many ye will. St Peter said, he had neither gold nor silver; the pope will do nothing without gold or silver, as it is said, Quicquid Roma dabit, nugas dabit, accipit aurum : “Whatsoever it be that Rome will give, trifles it will give, but gold it doth receive.” St Peter was subject himself unto Nero, a wicked infidel tyrant, and teaches other to be so in civil matters; but the pope will rule all christian princes by rigour, depose them at his pleasure, and obey none, but his own lusts. Therefore it is plain to see, what is to be thought of his kingdom, and of such men as will rule with rigour over the flock of Christ, and will not feed God's sheep with his word, that the Lord may rule in his own kingdom by his own law and word, and his sheep hear the voice of their own true Shepherd, and flee from strangers, hirelings and wolves. It is not meet that God should be king, and the pope to make laws for him to rule by; but God rules by his own laws.

“Pray therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will thrust out workmen into his harvest,” that they may work truly for the setting up of his kingdom, and pulling down the pope's; and that we may grow to good corn, to be laid up in the Lord's barns, and be not light chaff, blown away with every puff of doctrine; but grounded upon the rock Christ Jesus, may surely stand against all storms; that we be not cast into outward darkness and everlasting fire, but may enjoy that unspeakable joy that he has prepared for them that love him and look for him. Amen.


Most righteous Judge, God of all mercy and comfort, which by thy secret judgment and wisdom suffers the wicked to triumph and increase for a time, for trial of the faith of thy well beloved little flock, and the mortifying of their lusts, but at length to the utter confusion of the enemies, and joyful deliverance of thy people : look down, we beseech thee, on thy dispersed sheep out of thy holy habitation in heaven, and strengthen our weakness against their furious rages ; abate their pride, assuage their malice, confound their devices, wherewith they lift up themselves against Christ Jesus thy Son, our Lord and Saviour, to deface his glory and set up antichrist. We be not able of ourselves to think a good thought, much less to stand against their assaults, except thy undeserved grace and mighty arm defend and deliver us.

Perform thy promises made to Jacob, and stop the mouths of the cursed Edomites: call them to repentance whom thou hast appointed to salvation : bring home them that run astray, lighten the blind, and teach the ignorant : forgive all those that wilfully and obstinately rebel not against thy holy will ; let thy fearful threatenings parse' our stony hearts, and make us tremble at thy judgments. Make the examples of them, whom thou hast overthrown in their own devices, to be a warning for us, that we set not up ourselves against thy holy will. Grant free passage to thy holy word, that it may work effectually in us the blessed hope of our salvation, to the eternal praise of thy majesty, through our Mediator Christ Jesus, to whom with the Father and the Holy Ghost, three Persons and one God, be praise and thanksgiving in all congregations, world without end. So be it.

Jaco. P. Ep. D'.

[Parse: pierce. Ed.]
[ Jacobus Pilkington, Episcopus Dunelmensis. Ed.]


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dum solum. ...

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ters of Nehemiah, written by that worthy
Byshop and faithfull Pastor of the Church

of Durham Master IAMES




In the latter end, because the Author could not finish that treatise of Oppression which he had begonne, there is added that for a supplie, which of late was published by ROBERT SOME D. In Diuinitie.

Psal. 127. 1. Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vaine that build it: except the Lord keepe the citie, the keeper watcheth in vaine.

Psal. 122. 6. Praie for the peace of Ierusalem: let them prosper that loue thee.

Psal. 80. 14. 15. Returne, we beseech thee, O God of hostes : looke downe from heauen, and behold and visit this vine, And the vineyeard, that thy right hand hath planted, and the young vine, which thou madest strong for thy selfe.

Imprinted by Thomas Thomas printer
to the Vniuersitie of Cambridge.


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