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Hr. 1.20


In Two Parts.

By Sir MATTHEW HALE, Knight ; late Chief

Fustice of the Kings-Bench.


Antonius Saunders,
Reverendissimo Dnó, Domino

Gilberto Archiepisc. Cant.
Ex Ædibus

à Sacris Domesticis.
Martii 13.167


Printed for William Shyowsbury at the Bible in Duck-

lane ; Dan. Midwinter and Tho. Leigh at the Rose and
Crown in St. Paul's Church-yard, 1699.

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HE Author of these Writings is a Person of great
Learning, great Judgment, and Wisdom, and of

great Virtue and Piety. He hath written divers learned and compleat Works upon other Subjects; but for these Writings bere published, they were written, as were also many others of the like nature, ex tempore, and upon this occasion;

It bath been bis custom for many years, every Lord’soday in the Afternoon, after Evening Sermon between that and Supper time) to employ his Thoughts upon several Subjects of Dia vine Contemplations; and as things came into his Thoughts, so she

put them into Writing: which he did for these two Reasons, 1. That he might the more fix his Thoughts, and keep them from diversion and wandring. 2. That they might remain, and not be lost by forgetfulness or other interventions.

And as this was the occasion and manner of his writing them, so this, doubtless, was all that he intended in them, unless moreover to communicate them to bis Children or some particular Friends in private upon occasion: but for publishing them, certainly be bad not the least thoughts of any such thing; much less bath be revised them for that purpose; nor so much as read over Some of them since he wrote them; nor indeed so much as finished some of them. Nay so far was be from any thoughts of publishing them, that when he was importuned but to give bis consent to the Publication of them, he could not be prevailed with to da it. And therefore that they are now publiffed, the Reader must know that they are published not only in their native and primoges nial fimplicity, but without so much as the Author's privity to it.

And thus much I thought my self obliged, even in justice to the Author, to acquaint the Reader with, and ingenuously to acm knowledge, and take upon my self the fault, if any ibing, less perfect and compleat, or any wise liable to exception, fall appear in these Papers, seeing they were neither written with any intention to be published, nor revised by the Autbor, nor are published with his Knowledge.

But this again on the other side obligeth me to render some account of my doing herein. I confe)s, I approus not the thing



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