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Kennedy rectified Usher's primary term in computation, but retained all his subsequent misarrangements. » · In the foregoing Analysis, the Hebrew text of the. Pentateuch has been adopted as the model of computation prior to the birth of Abram, in the 130th year of his father Terah. To the critical annotations of Wall, Kennicott, Mill, Kuster, Wetstein, Bowyer, and others, the author acknowledges his obligations for various readings in the printed and manuscript copies of both Testaments, by which several numerical mistakes have been rectified. In some cases parallel texts, in others the course of nature, or historical connexion, have been admitted, as equivalent to the authority of approved various readings in particular texts or their versions, especially those of the earliest dates.

The writer of these papers restricted his enquiries to those numbers alone, which he judged subservient to the elucidation of the Sacred Annals, with a reference to chronology, genealogy, and history. Few and inconsiderable are the proposed emendations, which rest on no better authority, than his own private conjecture.

The texts where these emendations have been proposed, the numbers to be corrected, and the subjects to which they refer, are specified as below.

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This yery diminutive sum of discordant numbers, in the pedigrees, and chronology of the whole Bible, does not exhibit so bulky and portentous a figure, as might be presumed, from the loud and frequent clamours of modern free-thinkers, who would not hesitate to apologize for errata far more numerous and important, in the puny volumes of Eutropius or Florus.

THESE ftri&tures, on this great man's last bequeft to the literary world, might have been extended to a much more minute specification of articles susceptible of improvement, or transcendently excellent. A small specimen of either kind was intended to be set before the public, with quite other views, than to disparage a character, every way respectable, and whose renown his own valuable works will transmit to a very remote pofterity, with increasing honour.

Sir I. Newton's principles of computation are applicable to many more historical synchronisms, than are mentioned by himself, or can here be enumerated. Those who wish to see the subject prosecuted more diffusively, from the time of the Judges in Israel to the captivity of Zedekiah, may consult Dr. Winder's History of Knowledge, chiefly religious, 2 vols. 410, 1746, a work now almost forgotten.

Froy the faas established in this chapter, natural is the inference, that the fall of Troy is the rise of the true historical era anong the gentiles. For, in a very short time after, commenced four famous national eras as in the subjoined scheme of their dates.


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A. M. 3108
New Salamis built by Teucer
Dido lays the foundation of Carthage

Source of computation by the Olympiads
First Varronian year of Rome
First year of Nabonallar's era

6 Sir Isaac Newton's chronology ends

416 A. P. J. 4383. A. M, 3678. OnE general reflection, though obvious, is too important to be omitted. The arts of computation had made such progress in the pagan world, that the four principal fixed periods of gentilism commenced before the Annals of the Old Testament were concluded. These periods are called the artificial chronology. But the Greeks had calculated eclipses about the time of the 70 years captivity, which is the era of astronomical chronology. Before the close of the Hebrew canon 49 of the 490 prophetical years had elapsed, so that the remaining 341, ending with the crucifixion, run parallel with the corresponding years of the Olympiad, of Rome, of Nabonaslar, and of the Seleucidæ. Such was the providential care of overruling Wisdom in appointing fit and efficient means for explaining the oracles of prophecy by the chronology and history of kingdoms.

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FALCONER's Chronological Tables.


W H ILE this last feet was under the compositor's

hands, this publication was advertised for sale. Its professed design is to construct a chronological chain, uniting the common history with the sacred, from the demise of David to that of Alexander the Great, by the late Thomas Falconer of Chester Esq. The title prompted curiosity, and even impatience, to peruse the volume, so secently announced.

IN a PREFATORY DISCOURSE of 134 quarto pages, “ are explained the principal columns in the Tables, which were intended to fill up the dark period between the cessation of the Jewish, and the certainty of the Greek history. Those on the left hand, representing the kingdoms of Judah and Israel, are regulated by the admirable system of A. B. Usher, but without following him implicitly year by year. The first column on the left hand is the Julian Period, which may be compared with that on the opposite side, denoting the years before the birth of our blessed Saviour, according to the vulgar era ; and the other column of numbers, adjoining on the right hand, to the chronicle of Israel, is meant to prove the truth of Ezekiel's prediction of 390 years, and may serve as a register of time, from that noted epoch, the separation of the two kingdoms." Pref. p. 6. &c.

On the plan and execution of this work, it is judged expedient to suggest a few cursory remarks.

1. USHER's admirable system, assigning a false date both for the creation, and for the vulgar era, takes four historical years from the age of the world, and by the same quantity anticipates the true year of our Lord's birth. Thus the interval, which comprehends 4008 astronomical years, is reduced to 4000.

To give, if possible, the figure of scientifical precifion to a mutilation so violent, the Primate was obliged to retrench four years from the reigns between David and the oth year of Zedekiah. Hence the chronology of the Annals, erroneous in the beginning, middle, and end, forfeits every claim to the character of an accurate and infallible directory, for the interval.

The great Sir Isaac Newton, projecting a well pro; portioned and durable fabric, had not the precaution to clear away the rubbish of the old building, before he laid the new foundation. For this reason, certain imperfe&tions, inherent in the composition of the ANNALS, are derived to the CHRONOLOGY of ancient Kingdoms AMENDED.

Mr. Falconer, not suspecting fundamental oversights in the principles assumed by his predecessors, and eager to reach the conclusiun of his work, transports his


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