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an ancestor whom I never saw. I That I would prepare for the use had no evidence that even he had of my son and successor (whom procured the goodwill of the genius alone, after my death, these mysby illicit means.

teries could concern) a clear acNotwithstanding that I thus count of the power which he would made a good case for myself, I possess as the heir of Angus Camthink I should have ended the eron, of the place where the treasdoubt by destroying, as summarily ures of the said Angus were now as old Prospero did, all relics and deposited, and of the manner in appliances of the weird studies, which (so far as my experience had it not struck me forcibly that went) the heptagonal box was to this sprite, this influence, was an be used. heirloom. Though I might, through The instructions to my son and tenderness of conscience, choose to successor under this head will be separate myself from such a power, found by him in paper No. 8 of had I any right to deprive the the blue series. eldest son of my line, for as long as Having now stated, for the inthat line may endure, of what had formation of my posterity (who are proved in my own case to be a po- not to peruse these papers until tent and beneficent auxiliary? sixty years from this present 1825,

The end of this self-communion my eldest son being elsewhere inwas, first, That in future the inter- structed as to matters which concourse with the

invisible world cern himself separately), these should never be resorted to by curious passages in my history, of myself except in the most urgent which no human being save myself necessity; second, That I would is at the time of this writing con

I remove from their present place in scious, I go on to narrate an interthe study at Quarda, and carefully esting circumstance in the life of secure, all the remains of my grand- my brother Donald, the sailor. father's mystical studies; third, He, &c., &c.

[The MS. here turns to a totally new subject, and it is thought convenient to extract no more of it for the present.]

[blocks in formation]

In the summer of 1880 I happened force, obliged to content themselves to find myself in the lovely little with very modest quarters in buildtown of Gastein in Austria. Only ings calling themselves inns, but courtesy, and the fact that there ex- being in fact hardly much more isted a portly, red-faced dignitary than houses of well-to-do peasants. claiming the title of mayor, could Together with some friends I had excuse the irregular, untidy, beauti- rooms at one of these extremely ful little spot being called a town; primitive establishments, and our for a few straggling houses of the landlord informed us, with no little very plainest kind, one large edi- pride, that the Hof-Prediger, who fice called the Baderschloss, and a was to be sent from Berlin to contolerably comfortable hotel oppo- duct the Church services during the site, with the old Roman Catholic Emperor's stay at Gastein, would church on one side of a turbulent also reside under his roof. In stream, and a new German Pro- pretty German fashion a Wilkomtestant chapel on the other, were men was prepared for the divine, the only buildings in the place. as well as for the Kaiser; and flowA great roaring waterfall, tum- ers were arranged in his room, bling and splashing into this same some of them forming the friendstream, divided the quaint little ly word of greeting upon a broad settlement into two distinct halves, band of green across the door. and high hills rising on either side I was out at the actual moment of shut in the smiling valley, green the Herr Prediger's arrival ; but the with luxuriant verdure, and gay following day, when writing by my with a multitude of bright-coloured open window, I noticed a man of wild flowers.

venerable and dignified appearance, No railroad came within miles with long white hair, walking in the of the place, and to reach it one garden, and concluded he must be was obliged to drive in rumbling the pasteur appointed to minister diligences, or queer conveyances to the spiritual needs of the Emwhich were neither cart nor car- peror. A little later I laid aside riage, drawn by horses harnessed my pen, and opening the ancient on one side of a pole, in a curious instrument which did duty for a fashion peculiar to Austria.

piano, began singing some favourite To this out-of-the-way valley, bits of Schubert. Scarcely had I hidden among the hills, Kaiser finished a verse, when the door of Wilhelm was to come for his annual my sitting-room was flung open, visit to the baths, and the excite- and, unannounced, the man whose ment among the inhabitants in- calm and dignified appearance I creased as the day of his arrival had just made a mental note of, drew near.

Triumphal arches were stood before me in a state of visible erected along the route by which agitation. he must come, and the word Wil- “You sing! and in German ! kommen awaited him on every Mein Gott, I am saved !" side. The occupants of the Bader- I certainly thought him lost, so schloss were turned out bodily to far as mind and manners were conmake room for the imperial suite; cerned; but truth, like murder, and fastidious travellers were, per- seems to come out sooner or later;

and in rapid German, which taxed opening chords from the organ, my attention to the utmost, the and then, in terrible earnest, the good man explained the situation. singing began. How or why it In all Gastein it seemed there were went smoothly on, I did not at the no voices to be found equal to the time, nor do I now, clearly undertask of singing in the Sunday ser- stand; but psalms, and hymns, vices—and in singing, I may re- and spiritual songs, whose nummark en passant, exists almost the ber seemed interminable, all came entire German form of worship. at last to an end, and nothing parBesides, his Imperial Majesty the ticularly dreadful had happened. Emperor William was particular The white-haired Hof-Prediger as to what kind of music he heard, was certainly the most grateful even in the wilds of Austria. human being it has ever been my

The perplexity of the case was lot to meet, and with beaming evident. With all his eloquence countenance he came to tell me the Hof-Prediger urged me to help that his Majesty had asked who him to solve the difficulty. I pro- had sung, and learning that it was tested, with an equal flow of lan- an American lady, had sent his guage. How could I-a foreigner, thanks, at the same time expresshaving spent little more than twelve ing a wish to make her acquaintmonths in trying to master a lan- ance. It seemed churlish to damp guage which Mark Twain assures the good man's pleasure in bringing us requires at least thirty years to this gracious message, by suggestlearn ? How was it possible for me ing the thought which had at once to face a church full of Germans, come to my own mind—namely, that to say nothing of the Emperor the Imperial ear had doubtless dehimself, and calmly to sing to tected the fact that, whoever the them in their native tongue ? But singer might be, she certainly was my resistance was all in vain : the not a native of the Fatherland; and old man's distress was piteous, and this conviction it was which had very real, and he pleaded eloquent- prompted the courteous inquiries, ly and well. Finally I consented, so I merely accepted the flattering taking my courage in both hands, thanks with proper gratitude. and remembering the Frenchman's At La Solitude, the pretty white receipt for success- .l'audace, tou- villa half-hidden in trees, where jours l'audace." If ever a case of Count and Countess Lehndorff were sheer and unmitigated audacity spending part of the summer, I had existed it was the present; there- the honour of meeting the venerfore devoutly trusting the recipe able Sovereign who to-day claims might prove a sound one, I ar- the respect of all Europe in his ranged to be at the tiny grey-stone ripe and vigorous old age, and church at a certain hour, and do whose ninetieth year of an eventful my best to help in the emergency. life has lately been celebrated at

Sunday came, and the limited the palaces in Unter den Linden. space of the building was crowded, When Countess Lehndorff preas the Emperor, tall and erect, his sented me to him, he began speakarm linked in that of his favourite ing in French, but so indistinctly aide-de-camp, General Count Lehn- that I could not comprehend a dorff, walked up the aisle, followed word of what he said. As he by the suite in attendance, to the paused, and evidently awaited arm-chair set apart for his use on some reply, I answered in most the right of the chancel. A few respectful tones, " Votre Majesté



est trop bonne,”—wildly hoping

So soon

as the music ceased he that the absolute vagueness of the would cross the room and take phrase might in some way apply possession of the comfortable armto the situation. Apparently it chair, which was placed in such did not, for the Emperor looked a manner that he could watch the trifle puzzled, and then, with a dancers whilst talking to any one frank smile lighting up the fine with whom he might wish to consoldier-face, he said inquiringly- verse; or else, before going to his “ You speak German ? Yes, of own particular corner, he would course ; you were good enough to make a tour of the room, stopping sing for us on Sunday.”. From to speak to those he knew, or rethat moment it was all right; and questing to have any he cared to in the course of the following three know presented to him. weeks, during which time I fre- At one of these sociable little quently had the honour of meeting dances a figure was introduced into and conversing with the Kaiser the cotillon which struck me under Countess Lehndorff's hos- rather a trying one, and which, I pitable roof, he invariably spoke fear, would hardly prove a success in his native tongue, which I had in a London drawing-room. Each no difficulty in understanding. lady had given to her, on a slip of

Every evening, when dining at a paper, part of a verse of some poem, little table on the terrace of the which she was to read aloud; and Baderschloss, we could see Kaiser the man who found on his slip of Wilhelm, who, having first finished paper the remaining half of the his own dinner, would smoke his verse was likewise to read it, and cigar at the open window above, then dance with the lady. Gerand look down in amused interest mans are passionately fond of at the various parties there assem- poetry, and I was often struck by bled; and when eight o'clock came, their familiarity with their native an open Victoria would drive up authors, therefore the responses to to the side door of the hotel, upon the ladies' readings were prompt the box-seat of which, beside the and ready, I rather doubt the coachman, was always the faithful same result were Young Engjäger who so bravely screened his land ” suddenly called upon to fit Imperial master from the shots of the remaining lines to the first the assassin at the time of the first half of a verse-even with the adattempt upon his life at Berlin. vantage of holding them written The Emperor, attended by his in his hand! Upon this particular handsome aide-de-camp, who gen- occasion, I begged that my verse erally went by the name of le beau might be of the shortest. As a rule, Lehndorff, and who was a brother I am thankful to say, I am not of the owner of La Solitude, would shy; but to stand directly in front enter the Victoria and be rapidly of the Emperor of Germany, surdriven to the evening's entertain- rounded by a room full of Germans ment, whatever it might be. Had and Austrians—myself the one the dance already begun, the aged only foreigner among them—and monarch would remain quietly amid deep silence to read aloud standing at the door beside his the words of one of their favourite hostess, smiling at those he knew poets in the German tongue.--I who in turn might pass him, but felt to be a trifle severe upon my allowing no interruption of the nerves. However, this ordeal, as dance on account of his arrival. the previous one of singing in the

church, passed off without actual would never have suspected his calamity. His Majesty was good great age when conversing with enough to applaud the perform- him, or seeing the active life he led. ance; and my destined partner When the time came for the read his part of the verse so Emperor to leave Gastein, he sent promptly, and whirled me off in

a message through his aid-de-camp the dance so quickly, that I scarce- to those whom he wished to assemly realised what I had done before ble in the hall of the Baderschloss it was all over.

to bid him adieu. I was reading At another time, when I returned in bed, about eight o'clock in the to my seat after a figure in the morning, when the message reachcotillon, I found the Emperor seat- ed me, coupled with the intimation ed beside me, he having taken my that I would be expected to prepartner's place during our absence. sent his Majesty with some flowers. The old man was charming-talk- The farewell ceremony was appointing so easily and agreeably, that ed for twelve o'clock. At once I I quite forgot any previous awe sent my maid to get some blue which I might have felt. He corn-flowers, which are the Emspoke of his beloved Berlin, ask- peror's favourites, and which in ing if I had been there; and my Germany go by the name of Kaiseraccount of the adventures which blumen, whilst I myself made as had befallen me in that notable rapid a toilet as possible. The city seemed to strike him as so girl returned with only a small comical, that he laughed heartily, handful of the flowers—they had and as though no cares of empire all been bespoken and bought up weighed upon his shoulders, no long since, in anticipation of the Prince Bismarck had fallen to his royal departure. To present a lot as Prime Minister, and no So- trifling little bunch was out of the cialists awaited impatiently the question, knowing how elaborate chance of shortening his venerable were some of the Aoral designs life. Yet others felt how care- and bouquets already prepared ; fully that life must be guarded if so I quickly made the flowers into assassins, already baffled, were to the form of a horse-shoe, fastening be ultimately defeated; and the in the gold hearts of Marguerites Emperor William never went for as the nails. This I tied with a a morning stroll along his favour- Prussian blue ribbon, upon which ite Kaiser Promenade, that armed I painted in white, Glück auf,' soldiers and sergents de ville did the German for Bon voyage.not precede and follow him, to see My humble offering completed, I that no dastardly hand lay in wait descended the steep hill from our to strike down the erect and sol- villa, and found myself among the dierly form. Surrounded by the little party at the Baderschloss, officers and gentlemen of his suite, where were assembled the mayor he would walk along the broad of Gastein, my friend the Hofpath named after himself, or wend Prediger, Count Lehndorff, and sevhis way up the steep hillside to a eral other officials, three German certain point de vue where a bowl- ladies and three Austrian. We ing-alley had been erected; and all stood in a line around the there he would watch the games, hall, and waited until the Kaiser or even join in them himself, de appeared, followed by his aidespite the fact that he carried the de-camp. To each in turn the Emweight of over eighty years. One peror said a few words, and the


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