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According to which principle (or hypothesis), all the objections against the universality of Christ's death are easily solved; neither is it needful to recur to the ministry of angels, and those other miraculous means which, they say, God makes use of, to inanifest the doctrine and history of Christ's passion unto such, who, living in those places of the world where the outward preaching of the gospel is unknown, hare well improved the first and common grace; for hence it well follows, that as some of the old philosophers might have been saved, so also may now some—who by providence are cast into those remote parts of the world where the knowledge of the history is wanting—be made partakers of the divine mystery, if they receive and resist not that grace,

“a manifestation whereof is given to every man to profit withal.” This certain doctrine then being received, to wit, that there is an evangelical and saving light and grace in all, the universality of the love and mercy of God towards mankind—both in the death of his beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, and in the manifestation of the light in the heart—is established and confirmed against all the objections of such as deny it. Therefore 'Christ hath tasted death for every man:'? not only for all kinds of men, as some vainly talk, but for every one, of all kinds; the benefit of whose offering is not only extended to such, who have the distinct outward knowledge of his death and sufferings, as the same is declared in the Scriptures, but even unto those who are necessarily excluded from the benefit of this knowledge by some inevitable accident; which knowledge we willingly confess to be very profitable and comfortable, but not absolutely needful unto such, from whom God himself hath withheld it; yet they may be made partakers of the mystery of his death—though ignorant of the history—if they suffer his seed and light-enlightening their heartsto take place; in which light communion with the Father and Son is enjoyed, so as of wicked men to become holy, and lovers of that power by whose inward and secret touches they feel themselves turned from the evil to the good, and learn to do to others as they would be done by; in which Christ himself affirms all to be included. As they then

11 Cor. xii. 7.


Heb. ii. 9.

is not lawful for any whatsoever, by virtue of any authority or principality they bear in the government of this world, to force the consciences of others; and therefore all killing, banishing, fining, imprisoning, and other such things, which men are afflicted with, for the alone exercise of their conscience, or difference in worship or opinion, proceedeth from the spirit of Cain, the murderer, and is contrary to the truth; provided always that no man, under the pretense of conscience, prejudice his neighbor in his life or estate, or do any thing destructive to, or inconsistent with, human society; in which case the law is for the transgressor, and justice to be administered upon all, withont respect of persons.'

THE FIFTEENTH PROPOSITION. Concerning Salutations and Recreations, etc. Seeing the chief end of all religion is to redeem man from the spirit and vain conversation of this world, and to lead into inward communion with God, before whom, if we fear always, we are accounted happy, therefore all the vain customs and habits thereof, both in word and deed, are to be rejected and forsaken by those who come to this fear; such as the taking off the hat to a man, the bowings and cringings of the body, and such other salutations of that kind, with all the foolish and superstitions formalities attending them; all which man has invented in his degenerate state, to feed his pride in the vain pomp and glory of this world; as also the unprofitable plays, frivolous recreations, sportings, and gamings which are invented to pass away the precious time, and divert the mind from the witness of God in the heart, and from the living sense of his fear, and from that evangelical Spirit wherewith Christians ought to be leavened, and which leads into sobriety, gravity, and godly fear; in which, as we abide, the blessing of the Lord is felt to attend us in those actions in which we are necessarily engaged, in order to the taking care for the sustenance of the outward man.?

* Luke ix. 55, 56; Matt. vii. 12, 29; Titus iii. 10. * Eph. v. 11; 1 Pet. i. 14; John v. 44; Jer. x. 3; Acts x. 26; Matt. xv. 13; Col. ü. 8.


(This is the chief Confession of the Church of the UNITED BEETUREN, commonly called the MORAVIANA. It was originally composed in German, and was translated and slightly modified in 1749. The text is taken from the Liturgienbuch der Evangelischen Brüdergemeine, Gnadau, 1873. It has been kindly prepared in both languages for this work by my friend, the Rt. Rev. EDMUND DE SOHWEINITZ, S.T.D., Bishop of the Moravian Church, Bethlehem, Pa.]

Pitaney am Dfter morgen.

; EASTER MORNING LITANY.. Ich glaube an den Einigen Gott, I believe in the One only God, Vater, Sohn, und heiligen Geist, der Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, who alle Dinge geschaffen hat durdy Je- created all things by Jesus Christ, sum Christ, und war in Chrifto, und and was in Christ, reconciling the versöhnete die Welt mit ihm selber. world unto himself.

Ich glaube an Gott, den Vater I believe in God, the Father of unsers Herrn Jesu Christi, der uns our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath erwählet hat durch denselbigen, ehe der chosen us in him before the founWelt Grund geleget war ;

dation of the world; Der uns errettet hat von der Obrig Who hath delivered us from the feit der Finsterniß, und hat uns ver- power of darkness, and hath transfeßet in das Reich Seines lieben lated us into the kingdom of his Sohnes;

dear Son; Der uns gesegnet hat mit allerlei Who hath blessed us with all spirgeistlichem Ségen in himmlischen Gü-itual blessings in heavenly places tern durd Christum ;

in Christ; Und hat uns tüchtig gemacht zu dem Who hath made us meet to be Erbtheil der Heiligen im Lidst, da Er partakers of the inheritance of the uns verordnet hat zur Kindschaft ge saints in light: having predestinatgen ihn selbst durch Jesum Christ, ed us unto the adoption of children nach dem Wohlgefallen seines Wil- by Jesus Christ to himself, accordTenø, zu lobe seiner herrlichen Gna- ing to the good pleasure of his de, durch welche er uns hat angenehm will, to the praise of the glory of gemacht in dem Geliebten.

his grace, wherein he hath made

ns accepted in the Beloved. Das ist gewißlich wahr! This I verily believe.

Wir preisen dich, Vater und Herr We thank thee, O Father, Lord Himmels und der Erden, daß du fol- of heaven and earth, because thou

dhes den Weisen und Klugen verbor-hast hid these things from the wise gen haft, und hast es den Unmündigen and prudent, and hast rerealed offenbaret. Ja, Vater! denn es ist them unto babes. Even so,

Father: also wohlgefällig gewesen vor dir. for so it seemed good in thy sight.

Vater! verkläre deinen Namen ! Father, glorify thy name.

Unser Vater in dem Himmel! Our Father which art in heaven, dein Name werde geheiliget; hallowed be thy name; thy kingdein Reich komme; dcin Wille dom come; thy will be done in geschehe auf Erden wie im Him: earth, as it is in heaven; give us mel; unser täglid Brod gieb this day our daily bread; and uns heute; und vergieb uns un- forgive us our trespasses, as we sre Sdulden wie wir unsern forgive them that trespass against Schuldigern vergeben; und füh- us ; and lead us not into temptare uns nicht in Versuchung, tion, but deliver us from evil: sondern erlöse uns von dem Bö. for thine is the kingdom, and the sen; denn dein ist das Reid) und power, and the glory, for ever and die Kraft und die Herrlich feit ever : Amen. in Ewigkeit, Amen.

Vater! habe uns lieb, darum, daß wir deinen Sobu lieben, und glauben, daß er von dir ausgegangen ist.

Ich glaube an den Namen des Ein I believe in the name of the only. gebornen Sohnes Gottes, durch wel begotten Son of God, by whom are dhen alle Dinge sind, und wir durch ihn. all things, and we through him;

Ich glaube, daß er Fleisch ward I believe that he was made flesh, und wohnete unter uns ; und nahm and dwelt among us; and took on Knechtsgestalt an :

hin the form of a servant; Durch den heiligen Geist empfangen By the overshadowing of the von Maria der Jungfrau ; wie die Holy Ghost was conceived of the Kinder Fleisch und Blut haben, ist Virgin Mary; as the children are er’s gleichermaßen theilhaftig worden, partakers of flesh and blood, he also geboren von einem Weibe ;

himself likewise took part of the

same; was born of a woman; Und an Geberden wie ein Mensch ers And being found in fashion as a funden; ist versucht worden allenthal- man, was tempted in all points like ben, gleich wie wir, dody ohne Sünde : as we are, yet without sin:

Denn er war der Herr, der Engel For he is the Lord, the Messendes Bundes, deß wir begehrten; der ger of the covenant, whom we de. Herr und sein Geist hatten ihn ge- light in. The Lord and his Spirit sandt, zu predigen das angenehme hath sent him to proclaim the acJahr des Herrn.

ceptable year of the Lord; Er redete, was er wußte, und zeugte, He spoke that which he did was er gesehen hatte ; die ihn aufnah: know, and testified that which he men, denen gab er Macht, Gottes Kin- had seen : as many as received der zu werden.

him, to them

gave he power to

become the sons of God. Sebet! das ist Gottes Lamm, das Behold the Lamb of God, which der Welt Sünde getragen hat: gelit- taketh away the sin of the world; ten unter Pontio Pilato, gefreuziget, Suffered under Pontius Pilate, gestorben und begraben; ist im Geiste was crucified, dead, and buried; bingegangen, und hat geprediget den Geistern im Gefängniß ;

Am dritten Tage wieder auferstan The third day rose again from den von den Todten, und mit ihm viele the dead, and with him

many Leiber der Heiligen, die da schliefen ; bodies of the saints which slept;

Aufgefahren gen Himmel, lißet auf Ascended into heaven, and sitteth des Vaters Stuhle ;

on the throne of the Father; whence Wird wiederfommen, wie man ihn he will come, in like manner as he gesehen hat gen Himmel fahren. was seen going into heaven.

Ef spricht der Geist und die The Spirit and the bride say, Braut: Ad komm!

Come. Und wer es höret, der spreche: And let him that heareth say, Romm!

Come. Amen! ja, Herr Jesu! tomm, bleib nicht Amen! come, Lord Jesus! come we implore

lange! Wir warten deiner, uns wird fast bange. With longing hearts we now are waiting for Komm, fomm doch, komm!


Come soon, 0 come! Aud) wird er mit einem Feldgeschrei The Lord will descend from und Stimme des Erzengels, und mit heaven with a shout, with the der Posaune Gottes hernieder kommen voice of the archangel, and with vom Himmel, zu richten die Lebendigen the trump of God, to judge both und die Todten.

the quick and the dead.


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