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we must contend in a coat of mail, and with the weapons of him who fought the life of the Son of Jeffe, Be prepared to meet every kind of oppofition; we must be attacked on every fide, the adverfary will not leave one ftone unturned, nor a weapon, in his armor, untried. Be cautious of any fyftem of divinity; remember "the path of the juft is a fhining light, which hineth more and more unto the perfect day." The moment we fancy ourfelves infallible, every body must come to our peculiarities, or we caft them away. Even the truth may be held in unrighteouínefs. Daniel's God was undoubtedly the true God; but I do not conceive Darius any more the real friend of that God, when he made a decree that all people fhould worship him, than he was when he made the decree, that no petition fhould be asked of any God or man, for thirty days, fave of himfelf. The caufe of truth wants nothing in its fervice but the fruits of the Spirit, which are love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodnefs, faith, meeknefs, and temperance. All the divifions and fubdi. vifions which now exist among chriftians, or ever have exifted, were caufed wholly for want of thofe graces. Should we be tenacious about certain fentiments and peculiarities of faith, the time is not far diftant, when univerfalifls, who have fuf

fered every kind of contemptuous treatment, from the enemies of the doctrine, will be at war among themselves, and be trodden under foot of the Gentiles. Having begun in the Spirit, do not think to be made perfect by the flesh. In order to imitate our Savior, let us, like him, have compaffion on the ignorant and thofe whom we believe to be out of the way. Attend to the exhortation, "Let brotherly love continue." If we agree in brotherly love, there is no difagreement that can do us any injury; but if we do not, no other agreement can do us any good. Let us keep a ftrict guard against the enemy" that fows difcord among brethren." Let us endeavor to "keep the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace." May charity, that heaven-born companion of the human heart, never forfake us; and may the promife of the Savior be fulfilled concerning us, "Lo I am with you even unto the end of the world."


You have now, kind reader, caft your eye over these pages; perhaps you feel to fay, the doctrine of univerfal holiness and happiness cannot be true, notwithstanding all the author has faid in favor of it; and if fo, I condemn you not. The time has been, when I believed as little of the doctrine as you now do; I never adopted the belief of univerfal holinefs and happiness


out of choice, but from the force of real or supposed evidence. And I know you can. not believe it on any other ground. hope, however, you feel no enmity to fo glorious a fyftem of God's grace; I hope you have the fpirit of Chrift, and with well to mankind. I have, befure, great confolation in believing that my Redeemer has many faithful fervants and loving difciples in the world, who do not believe in the extenfiveness of falvation as I do, and I often take great fatisfaction, in feasts of charity, with fuch brethren. St. Peter was undoubtedly a lover of Chrift and his gofpel, before he was taught by the fea of Joppa to call no man common or unclean. The reft of the difciples, who were diffatisfied with his preaching the gofpel to the uncircumcifed, were doubttefs poffeffed of the fpirit of Christ, which caused them to glorify God when they had more extenfive views of the gospel, through Peter's communications. As far as I fee men walk in the spirit of love to God and one another, I feel an union with them, whether their particular fentiments are mine, or not. Men cannot believe at will; we believe, as evidence appears to our mind. The times have been, when each denomination has been profcribed, and, in fome measure, perfecuted. Each as it rofe has been cenfured by those who

could not fall in with their doctrine; and what does all this condemning one another prove, only the imperfections of all, and the badnefs of the human heart? You will not think evil of me, kind reader, if I exhort you not to feel too hard againft what you may find to be your duty to acknowledge. It grieved Peter, when his Lord afked him the third time, if he loved him, as he had denied him thrice. There are many univerfalifts now who have frequent occafion to confefs how hard they have been against the doctrine, and how much they have fpoken unadvisedly with their lips against what they now rejoice to believe is truth, and humbly adore the Savior of finners for opening their eyes to behold fuch unfpeakable beauties. If you attend to the exhortation, to grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord Jefus Christ, undoubtedly you may fee more of the riches of his goodness than you now do. The prophet Ezekiel's knowledge of the holy waters was progreffive, and obtained by degrees: When he was firft led into the waters, they were only to his ancles; but he went ftill further, and they were to his knees; he went ftill further, and they were to his loins; he went further, and the waters were risen, waters for men to fwim in, a river that no man could pafs. Had the prophet refused to travel

in these waters, after he firft entered them, he would not have known nor believed them to be fo multitudinous as they were. A foul, in the earliest moments of heavenJy love, is first unfpeakably charmed with the untold beauties and graces of his Redeemer; next, wife, children, father, mother, brothers, fifters, all friends, di. rectly enemies, and finally all mankind. are embraced in the extended arms of heav. enly love and divine benevolence.

I close this work, humbly hoping and expecting the glorious increase and extenfive growth of what I have, (though feebly) contended for, viz. the holiness and happiness of mankind. I look, with strong expectation, for that period, when all fin, and every degree of unreconciliation will be deftroyed, by the divine power of that love which is ftronger than death, which many waters cannot quench, nor the floods drown; in which alone I

out my truft, and in which my hope is anchored for all mankind; earneftly praying, that the defire of the righteous may

not be cut off.

The fulness of times will come, and the times of the reftitution of all things will be accomplished. Then thall truth be victorious, and all error flee to eternal night. Then fhall univerfal fongs of honor be fung to the praife of him who liveth for.

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