Autobiography of Miss Cornelia Knight, Lady Companion to the Princess Charlotte of Wales: With Extracts from Her Journals and Anecdote Books, Tom 1

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W.H. Allen, 1861
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Strona 334 - I. by Vandyke, by which it had been made familiar to us. It is true that the minds of the spectators of this interesting sight were well prepared to receive this impression, but it is also certain that such a facility of belief had been occasioned by the simplicity and truth of Mr. Herbert's narrative, every part of which had been confirmed by the investigation so far as it had advanced : and it will not be denied that the shape of the face, the forehead, an eye, and the beard, are the most important...
Strona 327 - ... peculiarly unfortunate. She who is destined to be the Sovereign of this great country, enjoys none of those advantages of society which are deemed necessary for imparting a knowledge of mankind to persons who have infinitely less occasion to learn that important lesson ; and it may so happen, by a chance which I trust is very remote, that she should be called upon to exercise the powers of the Crown, with an experience of the world more confined than that of the most private individual.
Strona 329 - ... highness your opinion, whether, under all the circumstances of the case, it be fit and proper that the intercourse between the princess of Wales and her daughter, the princess Charlotte, should continue to be subject to regulations and restrictions," " Their lordships adjourned their meeting!
Strona 323 - If I could think them so — if they related merely to myself —I should abstain from a proceeding which might give uneasiness, or interrupt the more weighty occupations of your Royal Highness's time. I should continue, in silence and retfrement, to lead the life which has been prescribed to me, and console myself for the loss of that society...
Strona 327 - ... to your Royal Highness, is such as I should in vain attempt to express. If I could adequately describe it, you might be enabled, Sir, to estimate the strength of the motives which have made me submit to it; they are the most powerful feelings of affection, and the deepest impressions of duty towards your Royal Highness, my beloved child, and the country, which I...
Strona 334 - The hair was thick at the back part of the head, and, in appearance, nearly black. A portion of it, which has since been cleaned and dried, is of a beautiful dark...
Strona 324 - I find that my unwillingness to complain has only produced fresh grounds of complaint; and I am at length compelled either to abandon all regard for the two dearest objects which I possess on earth — mine own honour and. my beloved child— or to throw myself at the feet of your Royal Highness, the natural protector of both. " I presume, Sir, to represent to your Royal Highness that the separation, which every...
Strona 325 - To see myself cut otf from one of the very few domestic enjoyments left me — certainly the only one upon which I set any value — the society of my child, involves me in such misery, as I well know your Royal Highness could never inflict upon me, if you were aware of its bitterness.
Strona 338 - When we arrived, I informed her. a carriage was at the door, and we would attend her home. But home she would not go. She kicked and bounced: but would not go. Well, to do my office as gently as I could, I told her I was sorry for it, for until she did go, she would be obliged to entertain us, as we would not leave her. At last she accompanied us...

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