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Western District ('ommittee Expeclient in interests of trout-fishing. Dumfries

Proposal desirable and wonld meet with acceptance.

Think time should be lst October to 1st March for
Dumfries; dates in other counties should be fixed by

local bodies-say, County Councils. Elgin

County Clerk says there is an unwritten law among

fishermen to observe close-time for trout during salmon

close-time. County Council thinks there is no necessity for an enact

ment on subject. Forfar

Approve proposal. Haddington .

Approve proposal ; suggest it should be extended to 1st

March. Kincardine

No opinion expressed. Kirkcudbright

In favour, but close-time should be from 1st October to

1st February: Linlithgow

Close-time would be very advantageous. Mid-Lothian.

Close-time should be from 1st October to 1st March. Nairn

s Close-time desirable, and could be enforced without Orkney }

1 much difficulty. Peebles.

Finance Committee consider close-time from 1st November

to 1st February, or during Tweed close-time, desirable,

and that it would meet with general favour. Perth

Four District Committees and Finance Committee approve

of the bill. One of the District Committees and Finance Committee in favour of 1st October to 1st March, It is believed that close-time would meet with general

acceptance. Renfrew

Close-time approved ; might be even longer. Would meet

with acceptance. Roxburgh

Approve; but think it should extend from 1st November

to 1st March. Selkirk .

County Clerk thinks all public bodies should favour close

time ; each County Council should fix close-time for its

own district. Stirling .

Convener of Council is of opinion that the matter is one

on which Council would not care to express an opinion. Sutherland

Close-time proposed would be in interest of trout-fishing.
Į Close-time considered advisable; not likely to be ob-

jected to. Angling Associations

Out of 44 circulars sent out, replies were received to 25,

all of which, with one exception, were in favour of the bill. Many expressed the opinion that the close-time should be even longer than that proposed in the bill, while some desired the extension to Ist March, but a larger number wished it to begin earlier-say on 1st, 10th, or 15th October. A considerable number of the secretaries made no reply as to whether there would be any difficulty in enforcing the close-time, but, with one exception, those who did send an answer anticipated no dilliculty.

Wigtown }

Summarising the reports from in favour of a close-time for trout, the County Councils in Scotland, while most of them wish the period it may be said that, with the mentioned in Lord Lamington's single exception of the Islay Board, bill to be still further extended. in which district there is com- This bill, as has been stated above, paratively little trout-fishing, the failed to pass the House of Comwhole of the County Councils have mons. So in 1896 Sir Herbert expressed themselves practically Maxwell brought before the House


of Commons a new Trout Fishing Maitland, whose fish-hatcheries at (Close Time) (Scotland) Bill, which Howietoun are known all over has the backing of, among other the world, as there was no exsportsmen, Sir John Kinloch, the ception in favour of such hatchLiberal member for the East Divi- eries made in Lord Lamington's sion of Perthshire. Sir Herbert bill. I have the personal auMaxwell's bill follows closely on thority of Sir James Maitland for the lines of that of Lord Laming the statement that he highly apton, but introduces one very im- proves of the present bill of Sir portant modification. The first Herbert Maxwell, and that he has clause is, to all intents and pur- signed the petition in its favour. poses, identical with that of the

And not only has this bill received bill above quoted, with the excep- the cordial approval of so noted a tion that the period proposed for pisciculturist, it has been welcomed the close - time is considerably with joy by almost every Angling extended. The clause runs Association throughout Scotland ; follows:

and the petition in its favour pre

pared by Mr Gordon Mason, the “ It shall not be lawful for any person, except as hereinafter specified, burgh Angling Clubs, contains

Secretary of the United Edinat any time after the passing of this Act, between the fifteenth day of October in

over 10,300 signatures. any year and the twenty-eighth day of

Further, in the report of the February in the year following, both Royal Commission on Tweed and inclusive, to fish for common trout, ... Solway Fisheries, appointed by or within such dates, both inclusive, Lord Rosebery's Government in to have possession of or expose for 1895, it is unanimously recomsale such trout."

mended, among other things, that Further, a special exception is the general law of Scotland should made in favour of stews and arti- be amended in this respect :ficial hatcheries in the addition

“E. A close-time for trout, of not “Provided that nothing in this Act less than 150 days, should be introshall render liable to a penalty under duced, to extend from the 1st October its provisions the owner, occupier, or

to the 28th February, both inclusive, lessee of any stew or artificial pond subject to variation by district boards, or other water where trout are kept with the approval of the Secretary for in captivity, or artificially reared and Scotland; and the sale and possession fed, nor any person employed by such of trout during such close-time should owner, occupier, or lessee, nor any

be prohibited." person to whom such trout may be consigned for sale or otherwise by In their report on the evidence the such owner, occupier, or lessee, or by Commissioners state :a person or persons employed by him.

“A close-time for brown trout was

strongly supported by almost all the It may have been remarked that witnesses, as much in the interest of the Convener of the Stirling the salmon as of the trout themselves, County Council stated that the inasmuch as it is said that salmonmatter of close-time was one on poaching is now often carried on in which Council would not care to fishing. One witness only, Mr A. L.

the close-season under cover of troutexpress an opinion. This course

Brown, who, when M.P. for the was adopted on the recommenda- Hawick Burghs, had introduced, with tion of Sir James Ramsay Gibson others, a bill to confer the right on the public to free fishing for trout it that Mr A. L. Brown and Mr with certain limited exceptions, object- Thomas Shaw are so anxious to ed to any close-time being enforced acquire this free fishing? Is it unless that right to free fishing were first legally established. According

for the benefit of the respectable to the evidence from all parts of the

angler in that Border constituTweed, it appears that the proprietors ency? Not so. I defy Mr A. L. in whom at present the legal right to Brown or Mr Thomas Shaw to trout-fishing is vested are extremely produce a single respectable angler liberal in granting facilities to the

from the Hawick Burghs who has public to prosecute trout-fishing to expressed himself in favour of such their hearts' content. Under these circumstances we are unable to recom

an enactment. I may here quote, mend such an alteration in the law as

as of more weight than any words Mr Brown suggests; but, though it is of my own, a memorandum regardsomewhat beyond our province to do so, ing the origin and progress of the we recommend that the general law of Upper Teviotdale Fisheries AssoScotland should be amended so as to provide a close-time for trout, and that ciation, the largest and most impor

tant association of the kind in the sale and possession of trout should be made illegal during the close-time.

Scotland, prepared for the Duke

of Buccleuch by the secretary of Mr A. L. Brown, having thus the Association on April 9, 1894.

, failed to influence the Tweed and These fisheries, it may be mentionSolway Commissioners in favour ed in passing, are connected chiefly of a bill for free fishing, has now with the very constituency which proceeded, in conjunction with had for its representative in Parliahis

in the Border ment Mr A. L. Brown in the past, Burghs, Mr Thomas Shaw, the and possesses Mr Thomas Shaw for ex-Solicitor-General for Scotland, the present. After showing that to concoct a scheme whereby to the Association was formed in defeat Sir Herbert Maxwell's bill 1881, so that "all respectable for a close-time for trout. In anglers could obtain liberty to order to do this effectively, he fish, for the payment of a small

, a has entered into an unholy alli- annual fee, and which Association ance with certain Irish members would have the power to enforce who have blocked the bill. It an annual close-time for trout, and may very reasonably be asked to protect the waters from unwhat the Irish members have licensed fishers and poachers,” the to do with blocking a bill for a report goes on to show what has close-time for trout in Scotland, been done in that direction since especially when, as I have shown the commencement of its operabove, the trout and pollen in Ire. ations. Licences have been grantland have the benefit of a close- ed, the waters have been protected,

The reason Mr Brown and the trout-fishing has improved has had the audacity to make enormously.

enormously. But a still further public in the press : it is that benefit has been conferred upon "the Border Burghs have helped all the decent anglers in the neigh- . the Irish cause.” Thus, for party

Thus, for party bourhood through the action of purposes, certain members of the this Association. The memoranIrish gang are blocking à bill dum thus puts it :about which they, in all probability, know nothing and care “By preventing any one fishing for less ! But in whose interests is a livelihood, by prohibiting any angler



allowing dogs to follow him to the wilful breach of the regulations of riverside, and by refusing its licence that society, have been publicly to all parties who have infringed its rules, or who are suspected of poaching,

debarred from receiving licences

to fish. It has been further of whom there are at present no less than 106 on the Black List, the Association

alleged by Mr A. L. Brown and has, in a great measure, put a stop to

Mr Thomas Shaw that the bill of poaching in the district.”

Sir Herbert Maxwell is one in the

interests of the landlords of ScotIt appears to me that this report land only. This, I consider, is a of the Upper Teviotdale Fisheries deliberate misstatement of fact. Association conclusively proves The bill has been carefully prethat the respectable angler will pared for the benefit of the respecthave nothing to do with the free able angling community, and has, fishing bill proposed to be granted as I have shown, the support of by Mr A. L. Brown and Mr the representatives of practically Thomas Shaw, and that the only the whole of Scotland. It is to be persons that will reap any benefit hoped that Mr A. L. Brown and through the passing of such a Mr Thomas Shaw employ more measure would be the 106, or sportsmanlike methods in their thereby, so-called anglers who, angling than they appear to do in from their poaching methods or dealing with political questions.

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